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WOOOO! experiencing the wonderful thing called LIFE.... no relation to the documentary they have on animal planet.......


All I can say is talk about a whirlwind. er.. or snowstorm as I have found out driving home in one today... -__- anyways back to the point, I felt the impending need to share some of my classwork (majority of it being homework) with you all showing some of my other styles :) 


yes yes I know it says the wrong form of "your" I didnt realize it till it was too late -___- aahahah that was a pun.. a sad one but a pun indeed... stay in school kids, failure can easily be prevented with the right training xD


really really am proud of this drawing :) I was always fascinated with dragons since I was little.



my first attempt with carbon pencils. I can't wait to learn more about all these different pencils haha. who knew there were so many styles :-|


haha alrighty so I "scared" my teacher with this one, as he said xD. It is one of my better colored peices of portrait. Yay prismacolor :)



 Yes this looks like something out of Colette Carr's crazy awesome brain, but it's actually just something me and my friend Angie came up with :) I really miss her so much, she's such a good friend to me, like another crazy younger sister. haha! <3




Another peice more on the Fine Arts side of my works. Very dark and somewhat graphic. I am Learning a lot about design more and more each week tho so be looking forward to more design based works compared to my usual sketches :)



Now all this was for my Basic Drawing class, I have a project for my Design Composition class that I'll share as well. I'm very proud of what I have so far and I'll be sure to share the chapters soon to come in this book.


 (Also very excited that what I have so far got a 100% Grade :D WOO!)


This here is the Cover I created for my "Design Book" :) also a hint of each tab that labels the section. Only have Unity and Focal Point at the moment, but more to come soon.



title page


ok! this is like one of my most FAVORITE peices ever :D reminds me of like the old art styles of the masters. hehe YAY!

Unity 2 page spread:



then this was a quickly done design of Focal Point. another 2 page spread :)




 Alright! That's all I have to share with all you wonderful Rec'ers right now :) just to show that tho it's been a while, I AM still drawing plenty of new pictures and will hopefully have a new peice within the upcoming week for my Cherrytree Corner.


Leave a comment below saying which one of Cherrytree's artist YOU want to see on my corner! :)  


Feel free to still check out all the other drawing's I've done here at: 


Much love always!

SarahLynn <3

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Comment by KiKi Freewired on February 12, 2011 at 8:50pm
they r beautiful ^^. yhu r talented


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