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Hey y'all! i ment to do this post ages ago.. like.. a month ago....


 ........oops? hahahahaha


well anywho now i'm doin it :D


 As many of you know I graduated Highschool this year (Class 2010! REPPIN<3) and now have moved to TN to start art college! I'm excited about this and so far the move has been good. a bit tough transitioning to this new life and I miss everyone back in Florida, but I know they're all eager to see how well I can learn and adjust to this task.


Here's a couple pics from my trip :)


lol me and my siblings on the way to the airport. I miss them so much.


haha always gotta have your Cherrytree pins! :)


With you right here i'm a Rocketeer, Lets Fly!



always gotta bring good music with me ;)


Feelin so Fly. 3 Fingers up above the clouds of Nashville



 And now i'm in Tennessee :) I really do love Nashville tho. guess we'll see how far I get from here ;)



Well thats pretty much all I wanted to share for now xD currently I am busy with work and stuff so I havent been free to post new drawings on My Cherrytree Corner like I would like to. I do hope you check it out tho still, and maybe soon I can get new sketches with more of your favorite artist up :)


Much Love! <3



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