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What has been your favorite video to film so far?
"Back It Up" was so hectic, so crazy, genuinely insane people in a genuinely scary warehouse. It was a real life horror movie and I was very seriously strapped into a straight jacket. Had it not been for the invention of the straw I would have died. Richie Mac set up a dance floor for all of the extras and there was a break dancing contest going on. The food was horrible but the energy was electric and beyond amazing, more than I could ever imagine. That being said shooting "(We Do It) Primo" felt like it was my wedding day. Everything was so calm, everyone was so normal and nice and helpful. Everything was beautiful and magical and I was overjoyed with happiness. It’s a matter of opinions, and sometimes I prefer crazy amplifying chaos with round offs, and sometimes I want to just chill under blue skies drinking a mocha frap. Don’t make me choose.


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