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AB: With so many different topics and emotions involved, what do you hope listeners get out of listening to Skitszo?

CC: I hope they get me. It's been kind of a struggle. Everybody wants to compare you to something. If you try anything new they find complications within it. It's like, this is art, you know? People forget that sometimes. I think everyone's so used to being fed manufactured, scientifically produced, music that they forget to let go and stop constantly trying to put something in a box, so the ultimate goal is for them to realize I am who I am. I tell stories of what I lived. They're vulnerable, sometimes they're very angry like "Delusional," sometimes they're funny and weird like "Like I Got A Gun" and "B**** Like Me," so if they can get my EPs then they'll start understanding me, and I don't know why I care so much about people getting me and not misunderstanding me, but being misunderstood and having to explain yourself constantly is exhausting, so if they can just f**king get it that would be brilliant.

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