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Chapter 1: “Crane of Pain"

…It was supposed to be a secret…..

…..A Device made to help the world…..

……It was never to be unleashed in it’s condition….

……Now we must stop it before it gets worse…..

….We are….The Tokio Warriors.


It was a Dark and Rainy day in Kentucky, as a Certain Female Cat-girl was working on the strangest devices deep in her basement. You see, She had come across this giant capsule-like computer in her basement that wasn’t even described to her before she bought the house. This computer held tons of information that was highly encrypted and hard to decipher. Then again, she was still in college courses.

The rain hit the basement window hard as raindrops the size of gemstones hit , sounding like someone was throwing stones at the house. The cat-girl raised her head up from her latest Creation, a shield that could be hidden in a Microphone or a Drum set to protect someone from any kind of attack.

“Finally…But how the hell am I gonna test this?”

The Cat-girl was none other than 20 Year old Neko Twinkle. She had tiny White Tiger-striped cat-ears and a long white striped tail that was normally hidden by a long white Tokio Hotel T-Shirt and tight Blue jeans. Her long brown curly hair was pulled into a ponytail and black goggles covered her eyes as she lifted the purplish-black shield into her Black and white clawed hands and observed every inch of it for any type of imperfection in it’s design.

“I could always use my Tennis Ball launcher to test it….If it still works. Haven’t used this thing in a long time.” She said as she walked over to it and filled it to the top with light blue Tennis balls. Sliding the shield onto a toy microphone and wrapped it carefully so that it wouldn’t shatter, she clicked the machine on and stood back.

The machine made a strange growling noise and fired a ball at her with rapid speed! Freaking out, she put the microphone in front of her face, activating the shield by pressing a black button on the back and as it expanded to shield her body from the oncoming attack.…

There was a knock at the door.

“Wha--? Ooooof!!!” She wondered….Until the ball hit her in the face. She fell down and hit the carpeted floor.

“Ach….My head…Sheisse…That hurt….” She said as she got up. The Tennis ball machine clicked off as she walked up the stairs, covering her face.

She then walked to the front door and answered the knock. It was her friend Chris.

“Hey, hun. Whatcha need?” She said as she hid her cat-ears with a Buchi-Neko Cat eared hat and her tail underneath her long shirt.

“I need to borrow your Wiimote and Nunchuk. My sis is using mine and I need an extra.” He said as he chuckled.

“No problemo. Just hold on.” Neko giggled as she headed into the living room to grab the Wiimote and Nunchuk, hiding her bruise with her hat.

“Howdja get the mark on your face?” Chris wondered.

“Experiment gone wrong.” She lied, walking back to hand him the Wii-Gear. “Anything else you need?”

“That’s about it. I’ll be back soon to give It back.” Chris said with a smile. “Thanks!”

“No problemo! I’ll talk to you later.” Neko said as she closed the door behind her. Walking back into the living room, she clicked on her stereo that contained a Tokio Hotel “Scream” CD, her own version of Zimmer 483, and her own version of “Schrei: So Laut Du Kannst”.

“Thank god for Limewire and Youtube.” She thought as she swapped “Schrei: So Laut Du Kannst” for “Scream”.

Switching the song on the CD to “Rescue Me” and going back down to her workshop, she walked into a mysterious covered room that had a note on it saying “Keep Out” in German.

This used to be our secret…

Now I’m hiding here alone,

Can’t help but read our names on the wall,

And wash them off the stone…”

Bill Kaulitz’s voice blared through the house as she worked in her mysterious computer room. Four capsules surrounded the computer that were all connected to a mysterious console that controlled the data flow. She typed in long lines of code that were too complicated to understand normally….However she typed them out from a dusty old book whose pages were torn slightly and stained with time.

“I Trusted you in every way,

But not enough to make you stay…

Turn around, I’ve lost my ground….”

Neko’s lips curled into a smile, her fangs poked out from behind her lips as she typed to the beat. “Come and Rescue me…I’m Burning, Can’t you see? Come and rescue me…Only you can set me free…Come and rescue me….Rescue me…” She sang out as her long fingers typed away on a large keyboard, configuring the data hidden within the files within the large Supercomputer.

No one even knows how it got there. Many people think that a scientist once put it there to help the world. Some think an evil genius put it there to help plan out the end of the world….and some people think that a nerd once lived there to speed up the process of his Xbox 360 download time.

“Ahhh….My Leibe…Bill Kaulitz…How I love listening to you….You and your brother, Tom…Your friends Georg and Gustav….Ohhhh…How I wish I could meet you guys!!!” She said as the song got louder….


“The Walls are coming closer….

My Senses fade away…

I’m haunted by your shadow…

I reach to feel your face….

You’re not here….

…Are you here?”

Placing a hand on her chest, her heart beat fast as her eyes closed happily. Then all of a sudden…She heard another noise.


“What was that?!” Neko said as she freaked out, falling out of the chair.


“Oh wait….I’m hungry! Hehe…” She said as she got up and dusted herself off. Heading upstairs, her tail clicked the lights off from downstairs and closed the door behind her.


Meanwhile, Heading towards the city was the tour bus of none other than Tokio Hotel. They just finished their vacation in California and was just taking a long drive up to New York to take in some more sights. It would be a while before they got there, so the boys relaxed as the bus went through many places and passed many people on the way through.

The band consisted of four guys, 20 year old Twin Brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, 22 year old Georg Listing, and 21 year old Gustav Schaefer.

Bill sat at the table, staring out the window with a bottle of ice-cold water in the windowsill as his green beanie that held his black and white dreadlocked hair bounced with each bump that they hit. His eyebrow ring shining in the sunlight and his tongue piercing was clenched in between his teeth as he looked through a copy of Popcorn magazine tiredly. His eyes were devoid of the usual Rust-red and Black makeup as his neck and arms were devoid of bling. He wore a short-sleeved red T-Shirt with the words “The Icon” on it and tight black jeans with no shoes on. Then again, they were on vacation. He looked up from his magazine and looked at the guys with a bored look.

Bill’s Older brother Tom, plucked at the strings to his guitar as his new Cornrowed hairdo was somewhat covered by a white beanie-like hat and a Black do-rag. He sat there and played with the lip ring in his bottom lip as he played a bit from the song “Hilf Mir Fliegen”. He wore a Black Miskeen shirt over a somewhat longer White t-shirt. The guitar he was using was propped up by his legs covered with baggy blue jeans. Oddly enough, he only wore socks on his feet.

His brown eyes then darted over to Georg Listing, who was busy listening to music on his iPod Nano. The long brown haired Bassist wore a white shirt that said “Sexy” on the front and somewhat loose blue jeans that were held up by a black and white checkered belt. He decided not to wear any kind of accessory today. Sitting next to him was Gustav Schaefer. Mainly because he drove the bus and Georg was right behind him. Gustav wore a tight white Metallica T-shirt and dark blue jeans. He also had his short black hair covered by a hat and wore his black-rimmed glasses today.

“I’m so bored! And it‘s too hot!!! ” Bill said, his head hitting the table with an audible thud.

“And you don’t think we are too?” Tom said with a pissed off voice. He hated hearing his younger brother complain too much.

“Just go do something other than sitting there on your a** and staring at that magazine! And take your beanie off! Maybe it will cool you down!” Gustav yelled from the drivers seat.

“And bore myself even more? I’d rather watch my nails dry. And if I do, I‘ll sweat more.”

“Your nails are fake!” Georg said.

“So? I also paint my real nails!”

“Whatever.” said Tom, groaning.

There was a pause after that…It was quiet for about twenty minutes until….

“Ummm…Anyone up for some Guitar Hero?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, I could go for that today. Hell, there’s nothing else to do today. We don’t have to be back in California until next week anyway.” Tom said, putting his guitar down and picking up the Playstation controller and turning it on after turning the air conditioning up even more.

“Why not? I’m just sitting here, bored out of my freaking mind anyway.” Georg said, headphones still in his ears. He picked up the other controller as Bill picked the Microphone up after taking a drink from his water bottle.

They started the game and chose a sweet set list. “Monsoon”, ”Electro Rock”, “Hot for Teacher”, ”Everlong” ,and even let Tom pick “Sweet Home Alabama” as a joke.

Gustav just chuckled and drove on ahead. Through Nevada, All the way to Kentucky for a rest stop. “Check this out, guys! Guess where we are now?” he said, gripping the steering wheel lightly.

Tom kept playing as he answered “Are we in New York yet?”

Georg asked “Are we at least close to a restaurant?”

Bill asked “Are we in Illinois?”

Gustav rolled his eyes and said “Nope. All 3 of you are dead wrong. We’re in Kentucky now! It’s a good detour to go through just to get to New York! That, and we can Refuel and rest here!”

“Awesome. At least we can do some laundry.” Said Tom.

“As long as Georg does his own.” Bill said, rolling his eyes.

“You know I don’t like doing that! That and baths.” Georg said, with a pissed off look.

“Yeah. And you seriously need one. Is there a car wash here too? Maybe we can pressure-wash Georg off!” Tom joked as Georg nearly hit him in the head with his controller.

Bill just fell backwards laughing onto the mini-couch they had in there and couldn’t stop as Tom kept ducking Georg’s attacks.

They drove through a few towns until they reached Paducah. A Cute little city that had a nice Mall, Loads of things to do…and at least a couple of hospitals.

“Are we at least close to a gas station?” Georg said as he put his controller back down.

“Almost…We just need to find one. So far I don’t see one….” Gustav said until…

*bang* *bang* *kaboom*

“What the hell was that?!” Gustav said, confused.

He parked the bus next to a street of almost-identical houses and got out. He got out a tool box and put it in the front ,lifting the hood up. A cloud of black smoke came out and hit him in the face almost instantly!

“Ugh! Wierderlich!” He said as he shook the smoke off.

“What happened, Gus?” Bill called out as he stepped down off the steps.

“Bus broke down somehow….Don’t know how….But it looks like we overheated and got a few parts that need fixing. We should’ve stopped in Indiana to get it serviced. Oh well.”

“What happened?” Tom said as he poked his head out.

“The bus broke down somehow.”

“Sheisse! Just great! How are we gonna get there now?!” He said as he threw his arms up in frustration.

“Bus break down?” Georg asked as he jumped down from the bus.

Both twins nodded as Gustav tried unscrewing the water-tank to cool it down with a large gallon of water they always kept in the storage compartment for just such an occasion.

He poured the liquid down into the h*** as it steamed the tank up. Hot steam poured out and nearly scalded the sides of his hands when he finished.

“Ow!" He said,shaking his hands."It looks like we’re gonna need to find someone who can come out here to fix our bus. I can’t fix it.” Gustav said, putting the toolbox back in the bus.

“And we don’t know any gas stations in this city…Maybe we can ask someone for a phonebook to call for a mechanic?” Bill asked as he walked up to a door with a Crystal doorknob/Lock set.

He knocked on the door…Not knowing who was behind it.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this….” Whispered Gustav.

*knock knock*

They didn’t know….It belonged to Neko Twinkle.

“And that’s all I need to type in today!” Neko said as she closed the book up. “ I can’t wait until I find out what the last line of code does!”

She had somehow found the world of Lyoko. Don’t know how though.


(flashback: Neko’s moving day!)

“Wow…This house is so beautiful! It’s even got a cute bedroom!”

Neko had walked into the house of it’s previous owner, a Mr. Hopper. That’s all it said on the contract. A beautiful Two-story Cream-colored house that had Two bathrooms, Three Bedrooms, and a backyard pool. She walked into the somewhat large living room that had already been unpacked with all her stuff. She walked into the kitchen with it’s Marble countertop and Sandstone-lined cabinets and stainless steel Refrigerator. Exploring the house even more, she found a very nice looking bookshelf with a mysterious Leather backed-black book on the 3rd shelf. It had the title “Lyoko Key Code” on the spine in gold letters.

“What’s this? It seems to be in German….Or something….Hell, I can’t even read it! Maybe I can look it up later.” She said, pulling the book off the shelf and flipping through it. It was actually in German with lines of Computer character code. “I don’t even remember owning this book! Hmmm…Must’ve belonged to the previous owner. I think I‘ll keep it. I might even decipher it soon!”

Her tail swished as she passed a mysterious door that was barred up with long wooden planks. Each one was nailed in with 6 nails each. And on each, It said “Unless you want to unleash destruction…Do not Enter.”

“And what do we have here? What is it, anyway? Is it a Basement?” And with that, Ignoring the warning written down… she started pulling the boards down. After pulling off all 4 planks, she opened the door. It was a basement alright…Complete with Water heater and nothing else. Just an empty room. “I can use this for my inventions! Alright! All I need are some shelves, paint….My invention table…just some other stuff….and this could be my Invention Room!” But…There was another door…But it was nothing but a black curtain…And when she turned around, she noticed the black velvet curtain in the very back of the room.

“And this house holds even more secrets?” Neko said, clutching the book even tighter in her hand. Walking through the mysterious curtain, she felt around and turned the light on….Only to reveal a giant computer station…And four Capsule-like towers around it....Linking each to the large Super-computer in front of her green Cat-like eyes….

“What the hell is this?! Some sort of computer?! And what’s with the towers? Some sort of Power source? This is confusing the sheisse out of me now!” She said, shaking….She then backed up into the console, Turning it on as it lit up a bright blue with a large, clear orb in the center of the screen…The words that flashed up were “Welcome to Lyoko. Please Input the codes now.”

“Codes? I don’t get it….Wait….Is that what this book is supposed to be filled with? Maybe if I start typing this in…Maybe I‘ll get some answers.” And with that…She held the book on her tail and started typing in very long lines of computer code…the many programs, numbers, Bits and Bytes…were all typed in as fast as she could blink.

And for one and a half years, she kept typing them in, line after line…Until Four zones appeared, similar to those on earth…An Ice Region, One that was made of Deserts, One made into that of a forest, and one that had many mountains. She learned so much stuff just by typing in all those codes….


(And here we are now!)

“Well, at least I’m almost done with that weird computer…Maybe I can get some answers soon…“ Neko mumbled, walking up the long staircase until she heard the knocking at the front door. “Oh! Someone’s at the door!” She said after closing the door behind her and freshening up. She hid her Cat-ears again and hid her tail underneath her shirt. Applying a bit more eyeliner to her eyes and a small amount of Rust-red Eye shadow as well as a light dab of Cherry Blossom Pink lip gloss to her lips, she bounced to the front door.

“Hello?” She said when she opened the door… “Oh my god….It‘s Tokio Hotel!!!” The voice In her head spoke.

“Hallo! Sprecken sie English?” Bill asked, almost stupidly…Noticing her Cat-eared Hat and Anime-like Eyeliner. He thought She was Japanese.

“Yes I speak English.” Neko replied. “I’m not Japanese or German. Just American, you stilly boy! Care to come in, Gentlemen?” She said, opening the door all the way to let them in.

“Do you think we should?” Tom whispered to Bill, almost freaked out by the strange girl.

“She seems nice. That, and we can call for a mechanic to come fix the bus!”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this….” Said Georg as he and Gustav walked into the Cooled-down house.

They stepped in as Neko led them into the beautiful Light-Green living room and all four boys sat down on the couch, cooling down from the extreme heat wave that was outside.

“Welcome to my Home, Gentlemen. May I ask who you are?” Neko said politely, lightly blushing as she looked at Bill, Her Green cat-like eyes shimmering.

“I’m Bill.”

:”I’m Tom.”

“I’m Georg.”

“I’m Gustav.”

“Well, My name is Neko. It’s nice to meet you. Haven’t I seen you four somewhere? Wait a second….” She said and looked at her shirt. “You’re Tokio Hotel, Aren’t you?”

“Yes we are!” Georg laughed, smiling.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! I’ve been a fan for a very long time! I even have 3 of your Cds!”

“And it’s nice to meet you too. I was wondering, Do you have a phonebook we can use? Our bus broke down and we’re trying to get to New York to take in some more sights before we head back to California to finish our new Album.” Tom said as he took his hat and Do-Rag off and put them in his pocket. (Thank god for large pants.)

“Yes I do! Make yourselves at home while I go find it. But be careful! Do NOT go into the basement. And I seriously mean that. There's something down there that should never be seen by moral eyes.” Neko said as she went into the middle room to search for one.

“Thank you so much.” Said Bill, taking his beanie off and allowed all his dreads to fall down. "And we won't go near it."

And as the four sat there, cooling off…Someone had a thought.

“I wonder what’s in that basement of hers?” Gustav said with a curious look on his face.

“You heard what she said….Do NOT go into the basement! You’ve got to respect her Privacy! And we promised that we would stay away!” Bill said, trying to be the voice of reason.

“Come on, Bill! Just a little peek! Who knows what might be there? Their might be a major secret down there! ” Said Tom, nudging his younger brother in his tattooed side.


“No! I’m not going down there! And that’s final!! We made a promise...and i'm gonna keep my end of it.”

“Whatever. You know you wanna peek at it.” Georg said and sneakily took Tom’s hat out of his pocket, running off with it with a laugh.

“Hey! My Hat! Get back here, Georg!” Tom yelled as he ran after him,racing through the entire house.

“Here we go again. Remember last time? Tom tripped and fell down a long flight of stairs back at our mom’s house, knocking him into the bookshelf and giving him one hell of a headache!” Bill said, snickering at the thought of it happening again.

“Let’s just hope they don’t open that door….But I have a strange feeling that they are.” Said Gustav.

They ran through the house, Upstairs and downstairs, until they reached the door to the basement. Georg opened the door and tossed it down the long staircase down into the darkened room.

“Give…Me…Back…My….Hat! Whaaaaaaaa!!!-----!!!” Tom Yelled as he tripped into the basement, flying down the long flight of stairs and landing hard on the cold carpeted floor that somehow cushioned his fall.

“Ow….Stupid Georg….Stealing my hat….Ugh…Where am I?” He said, wincing from the pain as he got up and searched the wall for a light switch. Turning it on, his brown eyes widened as he saw walls covered in weapons that glistened in the bright lights….Swords that had long handles, Shields that could be hidden in simple things like a Pencil or a computer keyboard….Exploding Cell phone bombs….He just couldn’t believe what he saw!

“What is this girl up to?! Is she crazy?! Weapons…A Strange hat….Is she from another planet?! Or another Dimension?!” Tom wondered as he backed up to the even weirder black covered room. He felt at the silk cover behind him as he turned around to notice the Black silk drape over the h*** in the wall that he lifted up and walked into.

He turned the lights on and then stood there, Open mouthed and freaked out at the giant computer before him, surrounded by the long towers that resembled Wind-chambers. “What the…Dude, What a Computer!! I wonder if she has World of Warcraft on here? Or maybe Counter-Strike?….No…I shouldn’t touch it…Or even Mess with it! If she found out…She would so blow a gasket! Besides…But What‘s with these tower-things? Are they Virtual Reality Chambers? Hmmm…”

Turning around to exit the room, he said…”Maybe I could just turn it on to see if it works! Yeah. That’s all I’ll do. Now where’s the On button?” He turned back around and After pressing a mysteriously shiny blackish-pink button that had a Heart-shape on it, it clicked on. A Large Orb-like interface came up, and a strange voice said:

“Welcome To Lyoko. Please Input Zone data now.”

“Data? What is it talking about?! I don’t know anything about Computer Code! Maybe Georg can help me? Hell, He knows more about computers than me…“ Tom said as he walked out and stood at the bottom of the steps.

“Georg! Komm Hier und look!!!” he shouted at him.

“What did you find down there? Anything good?”

“You are gonna Sheisse yourself when you see this!!!”

And with that, The Brown-haired bassist walked down the steps. “Ok, Mr. I’m-a-super-doofus, What did you want …to show…me….Holy Crap!!!” Georg said as he stood there at the bottom of the long staircase, amazed at the shelves of weapons that were down there. “Amazing….” He said, walking around and looking at every single weapon in there…From the Candle Shooters to the Instant Tornado Jars.

“Now…Why the hell would a sweet girl like her…Have all these cool weapons in her basement?” Georg said as he picked up a strange looking Double-Curved Bladed Boomerang-like Sword, Observing his own reflection in it and winking back at himself.

“That’s not what I wanted to show you!” Tom said and pulled him into the large Computer room.

He just stood there, confused as he was….Until he saw the Black and gold Leather-backed book sitting next to the keyboard.

“Now this day has just got weirder and weirder…First the Bus breaks down, then That girl wearing that cute, yet strangely-twitching hat….A Mysterious Basement with Weapons….and now a Giant computer in her basement? What in the hell does she do down here? Is she some sort of….Alien? “ Georg said as he flipped through the book. “Lines of Computer Code….Hey Tom, Let’s try putting in the highlighted part of the book and find out what in the world this thing does!”

“You do it. I seriously have no idea how to do this.” Tom Said as he kept the book open and propped it up against the screen.

"And this coming from someone who has a blog?" Georg joked.

"Shut up." Tom replied.

Meanwhile, As those two put in the final lines of computerized code, Neko came back with a Medium-sized phonebook and handed it to Gustav.

“Here you go! Hey…Where did Georg and Tom go?”

“Beats me.” said Gustav, taking the phone book out of the girl’s hands.

“Not to be rude, but where is your bathroom? I need to clean up.” asked Bill from the living room.

“Upstairs and to the right. Just be sure to watch out. The carpet is slippery sometimes.” Neko giggled.

As Bill went upstairs, and Gustav was looking up the number for a mechanic, the mysterious cat-girl walked into the kitchen.

“Would you four like to stay for dinner?” she asked Gustav.

“Sure. Knowing the extent of the problem, we’ll have to stay here for a few days. Is that ok?”

“Of Course! Make yourselves at home and when you can, get what you need from the bus until it can be fixed.”

“Thank you. We’ll only be here until the bus is fixed. Then we have to leave to finish up "Humanoid". ”

After a few minutes, Bill came back down with his hair up in a very high ponytail, almost like a Samurai’s ponytail. He looked around for Gustav and the mysterious cat-girl. He finally found Gustav in the living room with the phone in hand, and glasses over his brown eyes.

“Yes…Yes…Please come when you can. We are in no hurry. Ok. Bye.” Gustav said over the phone before hanging up.

“Where’s Neko?” Bill asked.

“In the Kitchen. She’s making us dinner. But the Mechanic isn’t gonna be in until tomorrow. We’re gonna have to stay here for a few days because of the extent of the damages.”

“Oh…ok. I’ve got to go find Tom and Georg and tell them. Where do you think they are?”

“I don’t know….Oh my god…Do you think they might be….”

“In the Basement!!!” Both of them said at the same time, wide -eyed in shock.

The two men ran to the basement door and walked down the steps, the sounds of Bill’s boots and Gustav’s sneakers made a loud clanking noise as they stepped down into the now-lit up basement of Neko’s house.


In the Basement….


“And…..Done.” Georg said, typing in the very last line of digital code. A mysterious symbol that looked like an eye appeared on the screen. “What the hell is this?” he said and pointed at the screen.

“No idea….” Said Tom.

“Welcome to Lyoko.” the words appeared on the screen, above the eye.

“Lyoko? Is this like a computer game?” Tom asked.

“No idea….But it looks like one…I wonder what this does?” said Georg, pressing the button that had the word “Transfer“ on it and a screen popped up saying “Please enter one of the chambers at this time.”…Until he heard Clanging and Banging coming down the steps.. “Who’s there?!”

“I don’t know….But it sounds like someone’s found us out!” Tom whispered loudly to Georg.

“Looks like it…Let’s try to get out without anyone finding us!” whispered Georg, trying to get the computer to shut down…But was stuck on that one screen. So The two backed away from the computer, until Tom tripped into one of the chambers backwards…and fell inside. The doors closed in on him and sealed with a flash of gold light.

“Georg?! Hilfe?! I’m stuck!” Tom called out as Georg stared at what had happened.

“How did you get in there?!” Georg said, trying to pry open the doors.

“I don’t know! I just tripped and the doors closed in on me! Get me the hell out of here!”

“I’m….Trying!!!!” and with that, he couldn’t get it open.

Bill and Gustav reached the bottom of the steps and overheard Georg and Tom yelling. They went through the curtain and saw that Georg was trying to pry some sort of chamber open…

“What the hell are you doing down here?!” Gustav and Bill said at the same time.

“No time! Help me get this open! Tom is in it!”

“My Brother is in that thing?! Get him out!” Bill said, freaking out.

“Don’t you think I’ve been trying?!”

However, they didn’t look on the screen. Tom’s Silhouette appeared on the screen as it was scanning him. And in 5 seconds, It teleported Tom into the virtual world. The chamber opened ,flinging Georg back onto his butt.

“Where did he go?!” Said Bill, peering into the chamber.


In Lyoko- Forest Sector


When Tom landed….He had virtualized and passed out from the trip. He was in the Forest sector of Lyoko, in which the only sounds around him were the sound of digital water splashing, the wind blowing and his own breathing. He had passed out from the trip because his body wasn’t used to being virtualized. When he awoke, what he saw was unreal. Everything around him was so beautiful…..But where was he?

“Ugh…Where am I?” Tom wondered as he rubbed his head, feeling his cornrows a bit as he shook off the landing. It took a while for his eyes to focus, but when they did….He looked around, noticing a small virtual lake. Getting up, he wobbled a bit over to the water and looked down. Half his face was covered in a bandanna, almost like a Ninja mask. He had on a Black and white striped Hooded Jacket with a dark purple shirt underneath that was zipped up to his neck, and the hood was down of course. He had on his Black Jeans and White Sneakers, But when he pulled the mask down, He noticed his black lip ring became Silver again as he stuck his hand into the water to make sure this wasn’t a dream.

“What happened to me? Where am I? The last thing I remember was that chamber….Then a flash of light….Then Nothing! Now I’m here!” Tom said aloud. “Bill? Georg? Gustav? Where are you?!” he yelled. No answer. Out the corner of his eye, he noticed a long, yet Folded up weapon on his back….He took of off and observed the mysterious thing. He unfolded it to reveal a large Windmill Shuriken with silver symbols engraved in it. He then looked at his own reflection in the blades, then looked close into his own eyes…. The black iris in his eyes had become that of a Dragon’s eye, Solid Brown with a bright gold slit in them. It was like…He was a Demon himself!

“What the hell?! What has happened to my eyes?! Someone’s gonna need to explain this to me!! Ooohhh…When I find out who did this to me…I‘m gonna….” He yelled until he heard a strange buzzing behind him.

A Wasp-like creature appeared behind him, Green in color with a long proboscis-like stinger on it’s face, small wings and a laser-point tail was flying towards him slowly, it’s single eye searching for it’s next target.

“Ok….Now I know I’m not seeing things…But I think I see a weird bug coming towards me.” Tom said, stating the obvious. “Hmmm…Maybe while I look for some answers, I can have a bit of fun. I’ve seen how they do it in the movies……But I wonder if I can do this? Well...Here goes nothing!” He said, arching an eyebrow in wonder.

The creature spotted him and flew towards him in a heartbeat. Standing his ground, he took the shuriken in hand and with a flick of his wrist, threw it and as it flew through the air; it started to glow a bright green as it split into 3 seperate blades. The three flying blades flew towards the bug as it struck and exploded. Then the 3 blades become one again as it flew back to Tom’s hand, folding it back into the silver case on his back.

“Now this…Is the Sheisse! I don’t know what’s going on here…But I’m starting to like it! Wonder what else I can do?”


Back at Neko’s House


Neko was almost done with dinner, As she had made a Tropical Pizza complete with Pineapple, pepperoni, and a bit of Coconut Juice in the Tomato sauce. She kept a cat-like eye on the oven as she used her claws to shred up lettuce for the salad ,along with Tomatoes and other vegetables. Humming “Durch Den Monsun”, she walked into the living room and looked around.

“Oh Jungs! Dinner is almost ready!” Neko called out, looking around the living room for the four boys. She looked in the middle room, Upstairs, and even outside…But when she walked past the open door to the Basement…..She knew what happened. “Oh…Sheisse! I told them not to open it!!!” Turning the temperature down on the oven to 2 to keep it warm without overcooking, she walked down the steps with her boots clinking and clanking with every step.

“Damn it!! She found us!” said Georg, panicking,

“What do you mean? Explain yourself, Georg.” Bill said, putting his hands on his hips and flicking his head back, pushing some of his dreads back, creating a bit of a bump in his hair.

“Well…Me and Tom were playing a game of “Catch the Hat” and I tossed his hat down into here, he fell down and landed…Then he found this and called me down here. Then after we typed in this last line of code that was highlighted in this book….This happened!”

“Great…Just Great.” Said Gustav. “Now what’s gonna--” He was cut short by someone clearing their throat behind his back.

“Ummm…What the hell are you doing in here? I thought I told you to stay out of here! And where’s Tom?” Neko said, arms folded across her chest as she tapped her foot on the ground.

“Ehheeee…Heh…Ummm…How to explain this….” Bill said, putting a hand behind his head and chuckled embarrassingly. “Hilfe Mich,Bitte Jungs?”

“And you finished my Lyoko Project? That was nice…But still…You shouldn’t be down here!” Neko said, looking down at the closed book as a strange wisp like shadow appeared from behind her, heading out through a crack in the window and started out towards a construction site.

“But…Well….You see…” Georg said as he pointed to the screen, revealing a Virtual screen that had Tom walking around in a strange Forest with his weapon on his back and a confused look on his face.

“He’s in Lyoko?! But How?! The towers aren’t even online….and…Well….I have no idea on how to return him to earth!”

“Say WHAT?!” Bill, Georg and Gustav said, freaking out.

“Well, That last line of code was supposed to reveal what I needed to know to return things back to normal! And since you and Tom did that….I don’t know how now!”

“Sheisse.” Gustav said. “Can we find out anything in that book of yours?”

“I don’t know. I can barely read German. I only know a few things and that’s it. Maybe you guys can read it?”

Bill took the book in his black and white nailed hands and opened it up. His eyes scanned the pages as he flipped though it slowly. It was a Diary of sorts….as he read one of the pages aloud in English.

Day 32, Week 3

October 6, 1989

Dear Journal,

I have almost finished my research on the new program I’ve been working on. I have decided to call this place “Lyoko”, and I have found out that there are only Three ways to escape. One way is to lose all your Life Points. And to do that, you must start a battle with a creature that’s located in one of 4 Realms. Ice, Mountain, Desert or Forest. I have created these realms to imitate the ones here on Earth: The Rocky Mountains, The Artic Ice caps, The Jungles of India and the Deserts of Egypt. I have created creatures that will give the person a challenge to defeat once they have stepped into the chamber and have been Virtualized into the world they have been assigned to protect. Another way to escape is to Deactivate a Tower that this mysterious virus that’s within the program has activated. You see, One day when I was creating the code to make the Core of Lyoko to help stabilize the other 4 realms…A Virus had infected the system and took out some of my files. It called itself “X.A.N.A” . I do not know why this…Demon had infected my systems…But it was looking for a way out. So I trapped it with a line of code I had called “The Code of Light”. I’m still wondering what it could do if it was unleashed. Would it destroy the world? Or would it help Mankind if it was reprogrammed? No one knows. So I’m using another code called “The Shadow Code” to see if I can fix it. I couldn’t. It absorbed the code and became stronger. But anyway, This “Demon” as I shall call it somehow has the power to go into the Mortal realm and infect both Man and Machine. But only by activating a tower in one of the four realms. When Deactivated, The power to return shall be granted. The Final way is to accidentally fall into the Digital Ocean. The Digital Ocean is nothing but Liquid Data. When something falls into it, it is automatically destroyed . So if someone falls in, They can be brought back. But I have worked on a Fourth way. It’s called “Rematerialization.” With this Code, The controller can bring back one or Many people back.”

At the bottom of the page, there was yet another line of Computer code, Written in Red ink. Georg carefully tore it out and placed it on the keyboard as Bill kept reading.

“Maybe soon, Someone will find my research and complete my work. For I am unable to finish. The Government has found it out and I’m going to have to do the unthinkable. I shall Virtualize myself and my Daughter into Lyoko…Hoping they will never find us again. I hope to see the one who finishes my project and share it with the world. I created Lyoko as another World. For if a War were to ravage the United States…Or even the world…People would still be able to live in my Virtual World forever. I hope to see it happen very soon. Goodbye and Good Luck.

Franz Hopper”.

Closing the book, he placed it down and looked at Neko.

“So, You think we should try this? Or should we go in with Tom and see what we can do?”

“I Don’t know. Who knows what may happen when you go in? You might be lost in the virtual ocean or worse!!! I‘m not gonna let you three go in and do this….I forbid it!”

“We’ve got to take that risk. Tom may be in Danger!” Gustav said, taking his glasses off and polishing them on his shirt. “You’ve got to let us go in and get him.”

“No. I’m not gonna let you three go in and risk losing your lives. I love you four too much to let you guys go in…And risk losing your lives in the process….I would never forgive myself if that happened…I would die before I would let you guys get hurt….” Neko said, crying a bit…her makeup then running down her face, black streams of paint running down her cheeks…..

“You’ve got to. Tom is my brother….I would do anything for him. Even if that means losing my own life for him. Don‘t you have a brother that you would sacrifice your life for? Don‘t you have a loved one that you would do anything for?!” Bill said, putting his hands on her shoulders, looking into her green cat-like eyes with his own Sexy brown eyes, full of ambition…A fire burning within those beautiful amber orbs of his...

Neko’s green eyes shimmered a bit, thinking of her own brother…Younger than her, Yet she would do anything to keep him safe. Even if he hurt her feelings…She loved her brother.

“You’re right….I too have a brother….that I would do anything for…I would protect him from anything that would kill him…..” Neko said, her fists clenched as she wiped the smeared makeup….”I’ve decided….You three get into the chambers…I’ll start the procedure.”

Bill, Georg and Gustav all stepped into the chambers, the doors closing in on them as she said “You three ready?”

“Yes. I’m ready.” Bill Replied.

“I’m ready too. Let’s go.” said Georg.

“I’m ready as well. Start it up.” Said Gustav.

“As you command. Lyoko Virtualization process starting now.” Neko said, her fingers on the keys and her earpiece in her ear. She started typing in the codes for the procedure….Long lines of code that programmed in the timer for the chambers.

A Golden light appeared around each boy, scanning up and then down….Producing a Virtual Silhouette upon the screen….Their Lyoko forms taking shape as she typed in…

“Scanner….Bill.” She mumbled….As Bill’s body started to glow with a Digital light….His form becoming digital as well…




And when she said that word…All three men were then virtualized into Lyoko. Their human forms becoming Data….Traveling into the mysterious Cyberspace…

When they re-virtualized in the Forest Sector, They opened their eyes to reveal…Their forms had changed!

“Whoa….What a trip….Gustav….Georg…Were you wearing that before we walked in?” Bill said confusedly , shaking off the virtual Jet-lag as he stood up, looking around the virtual forest.

“No…Why?” Georg said, Looking at his new outfit, observing every inch of it carefully. “I like my new outfit! But what does my weapon do?”

Georg had his hair up with a long Spike-like Ponytail charm attached to it, Along with a Black Tank top and Silver-colored Pants with a pair of Robotic like boots…But his outfit made him look like a Futuristic Cowboy. On each side of his hips was a holster with a gun, but when he took them out, they looked more like Halo-Needler guns….than a regular gun…He checked it out by aiming at a random rock, and firing an explosive needle at it, blowing it up on contact.

“Whoa. That was so cool….I love my new weapon! What about you, Gustav?”

“I look like a dork. But I look kinda cool. I wonder what my weapon is?”

Gustav had on what looked like a Dark-red Lab-coat, Long Black Pants, Steel-toed boots, and a White Shirt with a set of gloves on….But these weren’t ordinary gloves. Once he looked at his belt, he noticed there were tiny orbs on each, containing a different element inside.


“What do these do?” He said, observing the tiny orbs.

He picked up one of them and his hands became Hard as Stone, and then when he walked over, he ended up punching a h*** through one of the trees.

“Holy crap….That was so cool..”

More will be added later.

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