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Closer to 'Hurricanes & Suns'! World Premier!!!

This is just in, the official Tokio Hotel fansite has stated that the new Tokio Hotel's single 'Hurricanes & Suns' video will be world premiering on the 2nd of December 2010! And it's tomorrow! It is already past 12 o'clock midnight here in Malaysia but while in Germany, they are still counting down the hours to blow us up with this upcoming new most awaited HOT video!

Tension running high, anxiety of excitement started to boost up, Oh don't you just feel like you wanna PUSH that play button on the site and make it magically work so that your eyes would have a lustful pleasure on watching and not to forget, singing along to..."Come pain, Come hurt, See the Halo, Ha-Ha-Halo "! ;D

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