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im just a complaining freak okay?! xD ehh; i know you can care less about what i have to say; LOL. but whos the one looking at it now? ;PP anyways:

i think that CINBIZ should have open air shows when they go on tour in USA again(: my opinions; but i think that more fans will come(: since of the recession or w/e x__x" there's gonna be willing fans to buy tickets [including me ^^] but there'll be some left out. :/ so i suggest to go for open air. :DD <3 [again; doesnt really matter what i say xD] since im living in minneasota. [WOOOOOOP!] xDD i'd say: go to the most biggest mall in the U.S. MALL OF AMERICA ;PP SHOPPING SPREE and you'd get youreself known(: yeah, there can be complications :/ like renting the place; ect. ect. and probably low chance CINBIZ will actually come to minneasota T__T". still; im posting the blog as a suggestion to do open air shows. ;PP comments wanted && accepted ^__^" <3


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