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-Your parents roll their eyes or drone you out when you go on and on about Tokio Hotel and random facts you learned about them.
-You tell everyone about Tokio Hotel even if they don't give a flying f***
-Have a wall dedicated to them
-You Know It's Georg NOT GEORGE!!!
-You Know It's Bill und Tom not BILL AND TOM!!
-You Know It's Lezzgo NOT LETS GO!
-You Know It's Ahmazeeng NOT AMAZING!
-You always hated children, never wanted to be a mother, but now you are re-thinking your decision. You want to have twin boys, and be a mommy like Simone.
-You suddenly have a thing for guys with dreads
-You're planning a trip to Germany next year.
-You giggle everytime you drink Coke, although it was always your favorite soda, before you knew about Tom.
-You giggle everytime you eat pasta.
-Sometimes, you only eat cornflakes cause they remind you of Bill
-You have daydreamed about every possible way you could meet them, and what you'd say
-You have that one best friend (you made into a Tokio Hotel fan of course) that you scream with and ask WHAT IF BILL LOOKED RIGHT IN YOUR EYES? and about 1,000,000 other 'What if' questions.
-You smile everytime you think of one of their cute moments. Or when you think of their smile :)
-You sit in class and think of all the funny things the boys have done.
-Everytime you here the word Tokyo or Hotel they pop into your mind.
-You now love guys with piercings on there lip, eyebrow, or tongue.
-You've always loved both vampires AND fairies, and when you found out that Bill does, too, you freaked out and declared yourself as Bill's official twin.
-You've thought about what you'd say to them, in perfect German, a million times in your head already
-You giggle over waffles.
-You giggle when you see teddy bears, and yell TOM! DEIN TEDDY!
-It's so amathing 4 meeeeee is something you say all the time now, just like Bill.
-You Say What Butiful veater nice nice nice every time you step out side no matter what's the weathers like
-You plan on meeting them and making your fave member fall madly in love with you
-You know the lyrics to close to all there songs in English AND in
-You can spend countless hours telling people things about TH that you've newly found out...
-You cry every time you watch 'Spring Nicht' and beg Bill not to jump
-You start noticing people with lip, eyebrow and tongue piercings when you'd never noticed things like that before
-You begin speaking what little German you know just to make yourself feel that little bit closer to them.
-You carry one or more of Tokio Hotel's CD around practically everywhere.

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Comment by Kira S... on March 26, 2009 at 1:36am
My mom just whispers "shut up" really low wen im talking bout TH.
especially bill. so to get me to shut up she says bill is gay and i scream and walk out.
and will do
Comment by alexsis on March 25, 2009 at 2:22pm
oh and by the way i think that you should add if this one
-you carry one or more of Tokio Hotel's CD around practically everywhere.
Comment by alexsis on March 25, 2009 at 2:13pm
heres the thing i bearly became a Major fan of them about3months ago and i'm already doing about50%of those things!!!LOL
Comment by Mari on March 25, 2009 at 2:09pm
Yup... I do about 98.9% of that list. And I have a tendency to say, "It's so amathing 4 meeee" to my roommate just like Bill every night. She now just roles her eyes, and mutters, "shut up Bill."


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