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I want to leave a message for a person who has become released very unique and special to me. You!
Bill, it all amounts to nothing if you did not exist, I have much to be thankful, especially to God, only you breathe.
I have no words to express the unconditional love I feel. I want to be honest, your money does not interest me, I do not want her glamorous, much less the people you sorround your little world. I want a hug, affection, their attention and perhaps your love. I do not like you for what you are, from the inside.
Never really loved, I never imagined that would hurt so much and it hurts. Do not know if one day I will love someone like I love you.
I always tell myself, it is easier to accomplish a dream, than to have the same thing twice.
So that's it. Sorry, but I want to ask you a favor, "Be Happy for me!" I Love You...

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