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Cherrytree Records article in Juice Mag

Check out this 'Label Junkie' article on Cherrytree Records from Juice Magazine. The article gives an overview of the history of Cherrytree Records, how it was named and how Martin 'Cherry Cherry Boom Boom' Kierszenbaum began his career that lead to the creation of Cherrytree Records.

Click the picture on the left for the larger version. Transcript of the article posted below:

Juice Magazine “Label Junkie” article
Text by Renee Lorentzun

Cherrytree Records

The founder of Cherrytree Records likes to call himself Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, but most of us prefer Martin Kierszenbaum. And, while one might naturally assume the label is named after that cute little tree that grows in summertime, it’s a bit simpler than that: “Kierszenbaum” is German for “cherrytree.” Founded in 2005 and based in Santa Monica, California, Cherrytree Records is a subsidiary imprint of Interscope Records where Kierszenbaum is head of international operations. By day, Kierszenbaum devises global marketing plans for big name artists like 50 Cent, but it’s on his mini-label, Cherrytree Records, that he gets to focus on growing new artists and testing creative boundaries.

Though the record label boasts many talented artists, it is perhaps Kierszenbaum who has the most talent. A music student and an ex-band member himself (his bilingual rap group, Maroon, ended as soon as college did), Kierszenbaum is also a songwriter and producer. Breaking into the industry as a publicist at A&M Records, 43-year old Kierszenbaum has been in the business for over 20 years and has collected quite the skill list. But, Kierszenbaum’s true skill is his knack of finding talent – in the past five years, he has brought us Robyn, Feist, Tokio Hotel … and a little artists named Lady Gaga. And though some might turn up their nose to “just another teen band,” Cherrytree Records has made Tokio Hotel into the biggest act to come out of Germany in the past 20 years. And if his skill of finding talent continues, Cherrytree Records may just be the place up-and-coming bands seek first. He recalls meeting with Lady Gaga and immediately signing her as he could feel “extraordinary potential.” And that’s putting it mildly, we suppose.

With artists ranging from indie rock to tried-and-true pop music, Cherrytree has a strong focus on new, unknown artists, particularly international one. Through his work in the international music market, Kierszenbaum strongly believes that artists don’t always have to start in the States to break into the industry – rather, the American public can discover international acts through word-of-mouth and – you guessed it – the Internet. Kierszenbaum first tested out this theory in late 2000 with Interscope’s new artist, Russian duo t.A.T.u. Kierszenbaum took t.A.T.u.’s pop anthems to the karaoke-loving audience in Japan where their debut album, 200 km/hr in the Wrong Lane sold 1.7 million copies. Soon, buzz spread and the band paved the way into the USA, Europe and the rest of Asia. Today, this is the case with Cherrytree’s successes in Swedish singer Robyn and German band Tokio Hotel. Both acts started with a solid fan base in Europe and branched out to the States and later Asia through remarkable buzz from the online world.

“Nothing’s easy,” Kierszenbaum told the NY Times. “[But] we’ve got to start a fire somewhere.” And as long as Kierszenbaum is there, we’re confident this cherrytree will keep burning.

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Comment by Bri on September 29, 2010 at 7:54am
so good
Comment by Norma on September 28, 2010 at 5:33pm
Tokio Hotel yeahhh
They are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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