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Cherrytree London: Part 3/Final

When they finished, we only had one more act to wait for, and even between acts, there was a lot of fun. I had met a girl called Karine who was next to me, and we fangirled hard over what we had seen, and also pleaded the technicians for a water bottle to pass around, and felt hard as nails when they complied (why, exactly, I can’t figure out). There was also a girl on the other side of me who practically wanted Skyblu’s babies, and she was fun to gossip too, as well. Shout out to DJ Air who I didn’t know before and is hot as anything – guy’s got guns! He was also flirting with the audience making heart shapes and waving, and another member of the Party Rock Crew was hurling glowsticks here, there and everywhere. It was probably the longest wait, but because we had a lot of stage goings on and the fans at the front were all talking to each other more, it flew by. Rec’cers are such a good community!

Finally, LMFAO came on with ‘Rock the Beat’, and Skyblu was there now! As a side note, earlier Karine and I had saw him messing with a fire extinguisher, which only meant one thing! They carried on with ‘Get Crazy’, and that’s exactly what the fans were doing. Cherrytree London had gone absolutely mental. It was off the hook, they were killing it, and I could go on! During Party Rock Anthem, I have to say I was totally thrown. You have not lived until you have seen the Crew shuffling on stage in the flesh. They are such good dancers, and their vocals have improved since the early fancams I saw of their shows. I need to mention Q here as well, because he was right in front of me for most of the set, and that guy can move like nobody’s business! He was also wearing a wicked amount of shirts – he must have been hot until he got down to the last layer, assuming he did! Chamagne Showers with Natalia Kills was exactly like the video, with her playing all tsundere! I just wish Redfoo had come over to my side of the stage more, but we hogged Skyblu to ourselves, so I at least know my new friend was happy! Throughout LMFAO’s bit, we had fire extinguishers, beer, champagne and all sorts being fired off, and I remember feeling the need to defend my mother’s cardigan for dear life, and failing miserably. Sorry for party rocking!

The finale to the show was preceeded by Martin coming up to do his thank yous and shout outs. I can’t express my love for that guy. Funnily enough, the Party Rock Crew then wouldn’t let him get off stage – they wanted him to stay up there! Finally he managed to escape, though. Shame. The other artists of the night returned to wild out for Shots, a song which is a guilty favourite of mine! It ended on such a great note, and I have to put my thank you here to all the artists for giving me the night and gig of my life! However, we’re not done yet…

After the show, there were fan signings, but to my surprise, many people left! I’m guessing this was because people were desperate to catch the last train home. I tried to hide at the side by backstage, with no intention of hounding the artists whatsoever, just to avoid the stampede. However, not only did security b**** at me about my pass, but they then denied me even after checking that I had access! Problem much! I decided to go and help out at the merchandise table in the meantime, laughing at Dean’s fit over finances before realising Colette had taken a shirt, and I helped them pack everything away. Thank you to Kelvin for the free Rocketeer t-shirt!

To my disappointment, even though I had spotted Space Cowboy earlier, he had left before I could speak to him! I truly regret this, and I also regret not speaking to Frankmusik, who didn’t hang around, either! On a lighter note, Kev Nish made my love grenade explode again, when he touched my arm and apologised for making me cry during Rocketeer, and also for me not being at the soundcheck (I had to go and hand out pizzas so I missed most of it). Proh pointed out I was there for a second. Both guys were super cool! Colette thanked me and said I was good at the front row since I joined in and knew most of the words, and again Natalia Kills thanked me for coming from so far away! I don’t know whether Redfoo was tired or just wanted to hurry out elsewhere, but he seemed to be zoning out during the signing. Too cute! And Sky laughed at me when I wanted another hug – looks like dreams do come true, Martin! :P

After thanking all the staff for the wonderful opportunity, taking my last dig at Dean and getting my photo with Martin, I made my way out of the venue at 12:15 with champagne, beer and foam in my hair. This didn’t stop me getting a picture with Kev Nish before going home, though! All in all the night was amazing, and I wound up looping most of the setlist in the car all the way until I got home at 2am! I can’t stress enough that it was one of the best experiences of my life. The artists and staff are so amazing, they have such talent, and I can’t wait for them to come back again! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Better late than never, that was my extremely long Cherrytree London coverage! A few photos can be found on my Twitter, and of course, I shall carry on being a Rec’cer!

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