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I honestly can’t remember what time the concert started, because when you’re in such an environment, time whizzes by and you honestly don’t care what time it is (if anything, having it stop or loop around would be great, Doctor Who style if you please), but Martun started off by thanking the audience and the artists, and other labels Island Records and Universal Music for helping out. Then, he announced Ellie Goulding would play us a song! She came and sat right in front of me with guitar, and explained how she wanted to represent Cherrytree and how happy she was to be there. Her music isn’t so much my taste, but I liked what I had, and she has a soft voice. Afterwards, the crowd demanded one more, but unfortunately there wasn’t the time!

So, on came Colette Carr, all fun and sparkly! I didn’t know her music before the show, except for Primo, which hadn’t really caught my attention before the live. But Back It Up was easy to sing along to, and I absolutely loved her energy. She had a cool DJ behind her, too, and it was fun with how she interacted with the audience – including me a couple of times, which was really sweet. By the end of her set, I was a convert for sure, and that wasn’t the last of her for the show, either.

Natalia Kills followed up, and while I expected total badassery, that obviously didn’t go to plan. The microphone was too high for her, and she struggled to adjust it, and then made it too short! After asking us to return her accent ‘to this address’ if we find it, I was blown away. I have to say the highlight for me was when she got down on her knees to the guy next to me and sang in his ear and basically was all over him. I was jealous as hell – wished it was me! I imported her album from Germany a while ago, and so when she played ‘Free’, I couldn’t complain because it grew on me! Other favourites included Mirrors and Wonderland (my hometown, hence why I like it. ;D)

To me, beyond Do it in the AM, Frankmusik was the real unknown. I was intrigued, but had absolutely no idea what to expect, and safe to say I’m a convert there, too. He had this crazy mic stand which rolled about, and because he’s so jumpy I wound up freaking out! He kept swinging the mic as he sang and jumped around and I was terrified it was going to crash right on me! I went out and bought his album following the concert, and I’m anticipating his new one ‘Struck by Lightening’ and ‘No ID’ featuring Colette Carr were super cool. And as Colette knows from my tweet, I can’t help seeing them as some sort of ideal couple. Fandoms collide! I was blown away by Frankmusik’s impressive vocals, and how he seemed to be hyped up on the stage. My only complaint was that, unlike the others in the line-up who wave, make eye contact and hand hold, Frankmusik was the only one not to interact with the audience at all! Totally gutted, there!

Do It in the AM was the last of Frankmusik’s set, and part way through, up came Far East Movement! The whole place just went absolutely wild, and I remember going into frenzy with everyone else. I have not been so crazed or insane at a show in my life, and the moment FM came on, I was gone. It was unbelievable, and that set my anticipation up for when they came on for their own section. Interesting point is that in the soundcheck of this song, Far East were nowhere to be found! Andrea kept trying to look, but in the end, told Frank to give up! Poor Frankmusik! Where were you, guys?

Obviously, Far East Movement were next, and for me, they were the top artists of the night. The whole event gets three fingers up – but damn, Far East Movement! Something I noticed was that DJ Virman’s Dres have bits on the side that change colour, so when he came on first to set up, I was mesmerised by the headphones. I loved the fact that Natalia Kills featured in ‘Like a G6’, and I need to stress how much better she is than Dev. When live with Dev, she brought the whole energy down as I saw on their channel and in fancams, but Natalia totally matches with them and has better vocals, and she doesn’t need to jump around with them! Frankmusik returned for Rocketeer, and again, his voice is absolutely brilliant. I should also admit that I cried during Rocketeer. Kev Nish’s fault entirely, I clearly have fangirl issues.

Colette Carr showed up again for ‘Go Ape’ – there is no getting rid of this girl! Go Ape’s the only song I wasn’t really familiar with, and it’s so high energy! DJ Brass Monkey was there, too. I want to hug him! Obviously I’m going in no particular order here, but the stage version of ‘OMG If I Was You’, which had been played earlier, is super cool. OMG’s my favourite song, so there we go! Though I didn’t get to speak to Jsplif, he held my hand a few times, as did Prohgress! But Kev Nish, you tease – always right beside me and never right in front of me! Should have treasured that soundcheck opportunity! Another highlight was when they got their FM merchandise t-shirts, covered it in sweat and threw it to the crowd. I totally wanted Kev Nish’s, yet when Jsplif threw his I was much calmer! Haha!

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