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Cherrytree Records is one label that everybody’s heard of, whether they’re aware of it or not. Known for allowing their artists freedom in how they promote, the sounds they make and having many connections in the music scene, they carry established acts from Tokio Hotel to the upcoming Natalia Kills and hide-and-seek Space Cowboy. June 13th they held an event in London with an impressive line-up, and I was lucky enough to bag a ticket.

It was their first Cherrytree party gathering in Europe, and so I felt pretty cool about making it in. Colette Carr, Natalia Kills, Frankmusik, Far East Movement and LMFAO had all come to Kings College Students Union for the night. Although, it was noted they had two venue changes because of the demand; at first it was to be Hoxton’s Bar and Grill, then Islington, and finally they found a place that could fit their audience in!

I hadn’t realised beforehand how amazing this experience was going to be for me. I was just a regular member of the audience. I had come from Wiltshire, though, so that meant skipping the first day of school so that I could make it in time – and I did it first class, by the way, like a boss – and navigating all the silly underground places. I was much more confident about it than when I travelled to see Natalia Kills October last year, and rarely referred to the directions. I was even confident enough to take a side trip and pick up a Freewired album for my younger brother in Oxford Street and catch lunch. Controversial!

I arrived at the union at about four, and in my usual anxious ways, I was having a panic. There were students loitering about outside and I was too scared to approach them, and in the end, I tried to navigate the building myself. Anxious I was going to walk into something I shouldn’t, I got directed by a student to the fourth floor. It was pretty sweet. I was ridiculously ahead of time, and there wasn’t much of a queue. In fact, I had stumbled upon a bunch of people moving expensive boxes about, and freaking out as always, I was about to text Joao who was helping Cherrytree out as to where the hell I should be going.

Fumbling about with my phone, I was found by Andrea of the label, and she offered me the opportunity to help out! I think the excitement showed, but I managed not to explode on the spot.
Martin and Dean were both very cool to meet, and there was also somebody else, but I didn’t get his name! Who was he?! I need to find out, because he was very cool, too. But the sheer coolness of these people aside, I went upstairs and helped put up posters, and fixed the ones in the lift. I reunited with Joao of Natalia Kills UK again, and proceeded to spend the entire afternoon making marriage jokes about he and Natalia Kills. Little did I realise the subtle, but effective payback I would receive.

Hanging over the balcony, we spotted Frankmusik, and I couldn’t help but laugh when he called all of the Americans noisy! He seemed like good fun, but everybody was occupied and I didn’t know him well before the event, so I stayed back. Instead I went with Joao and another guy to go and hang posters in the hallway outside. Eavesdropping we discovered LMFAO was held up in traffic (the mental images of a van blasting music with them partying in a deadlock filled my head), and I started putting up as many FM posters as I could sensibly fill the walls with. Freewired head represent! We had a blue tack emergency which poor Dean had to run out and resolve, and when he returned, he returned with a receipt! Because, of course, Andrea stressed the severe importance of receipts! Oh, company expenses.

The trio that seemed to have formed went outside, and by the lifts we saw the Party Rock Crew (minus Skyblu)! I think Joao and I were a little starstruck, but he was confident enough to pass on a message from his friend who wanted Red’s children, and I decided to man up. I had earlier tweeted how I dreamt that I asked Red for a hug at the fan signing and got laughed at, and Martin tweeted back to make it come true. So I did, and I got a hug, and I was buzzing for the rest of the day!

This wasn’t the only encounter, though. After sorting the hallway and folding t-shirts (badly – sorry everyone! I tried!), we headed to the ground floor to do more posters. There Colette Carr made an entrance in a stunning dress with lots of shiny stones and a pair of red converses, and we assured her we were ready to go Primo!

Natalia Kills came, too, and the two future husbands fanboys made a big fuss of opening the door for her. Natalia was really sweet – she started squealing and gave us all a hug, and promised to speak to us later, which she did in a lift. I was really touched by the fuss she made over the distance I had come, which wasn’t much by train, but still seemed to impress those that I spoke to. Downstairs, we only had Far East Movement to wait for, and the boys were nice enough to wait. But after a while, they didn’t, and I gave up hope of fussing as they came in. We went back to the hall.

“You do realise that they’re on the stage right behind you?”
“… Yes. Yes I do.”

I did not live that down. That will teach me for teasing the guys earlier! Apparently FM had slipped by us or come in another way (I DON’T KNOW HOW KEV NISH COULD SNEAK PAST ME THOUGH SO I PREDICT ANOTHER DOOR WAS USED), and they had been present for an hour and a half! My fangirl heart was going crazy, and even though Dean was willing to introduce me, I was too much of a mess. Kev Nish was being all cute centre stage with his bass, and I was dying by the merchandise table. After the boys prompted me over and over, I eventually went over. So glad I did, and even just remembering it makes me blush. Kev Nish is even more handsome up close (I cannot stress enough – and his voice just kills me), and he knew who I was from Twitter, as I had booked tickets for three FM shows that got cancelled. He was fine with me watching his sound check, and so was Prohgress who greeted me afterwards! Handshakes, high fives and he’s so cool! Proh’s also very cute in real life, and in fact, all of the guys were awesome. I never spoke to JSplif, but I could tell from his stage attitude alone. Amazing stuff!

Cherrytree Records are so devoted to their fans, as I noticed from the pizza we were handing out to the queue outside. Those at the back seemed convinced we were trying to poison them, which we weren’t. Although, if there were any rival Kev Nish fans I’m sure I could have tried… Anyway! We were a little delayed, but people were let in, and I went straight for the front of the stage, a spot I maintained for the entire night! There wasn’t long to wait, either, and we had a surprise act to kick the whole experience off…

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