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The event ended with the whole acts on one stage, giving out shots to everyone as they played along to LMFAO’s shots. Making the crowd go even wilder, trust me. And paid a tribute to Cherrytree’s Martin who have made it possible for all of them. It was one night.

As a closure, there was a short meet and greet at the end where we managed to get our posters and albums signed. Talked a bit with FM, knowing that they are tired and all. Blabbed about trying to bring I.S.A. to London if they can and asked them to take a rest with all those crazy schedules.

We are proper happy, man. We went home on the last train and cab and was still chatty ever since. Cherrytree London was one, if not the best, gigs I’ve ever had in my entire life. It wasn’t just a mere gathering of stars in a concert – it was a mind blowing party.


-OhGelie's Blog



WAPS put on the glad-rags last night for the London launch of effortlessly cool US label Cherrytree Records, home to Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel, Robyn and many more.

We were promised that punctuality would be rewarded, and while everyone waited patiently outside KCLSU munching on the free pizza kindly ordered by Cherrytree, we thought, ‘This was totally worth being on time for.’ (Not joking, by the way.)

However – it quickly transpired that the real surprise was Ellie Goulding, who opened the show with an unbilled acoustic number before handing the mic to Cherrytree’s latest signing, 17-year old Malibu native Colette Carr.

Colette and her DJ blasted through several surprisingly muscular hip-pop tracks before closing with ‘(We Do It) Primo’, the most commercial song of the set and also her current single. Colette was quickly followed by the super-confident Natalia Kills, who opened with a gag about her trans-Atlantic  accent (“I am English, despite what you may have read – so if anyone finds my accent, please return it,”) before delivering an impressive acoustic performance of ‘Free’. Kills was then joined by two dancers for fully-charged renditions of ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Mirrors’.

During Carr and Kills’ sets, Frankmusik could be seen bopping away at the side of the stage, and when it was his turn to take to it he did so with gusto. The London-born electropopper kept the energy levels up with a mix of old and new tracks, including ‘3 Little Words’, ‘In Step’, ‘Confusion Girl’ (mashed with Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ and White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation army’), ‘Better Off As Two’, ‘No ID’ with Colette Carr (which sounded AMAZING and we demand is a future single) and finally a Daft Punk-sampling mix of new single ‘Do It In The AM’ (out this Sunday, June 19th), for which he was joined by Far East Movement. (He later returned the favour by joining them on ‘Rocketeer‘.)

Far East Movement and LMFAO closed the evening with bouncy sets including huge UK hits ‘Like a G6’ and ‘Party Rock Anthem’ respectively, and we went home wondering why all showcases don’t start with pizza…cheers, Cherrytree!

-We Are Pop Slogs Review

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