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As i was getting ready for my last day of school i stopped to think about my Summer. I was going back to my favorite camp ever!
I had grown so attached to everyone! They were like my Family away from home. Best thing is, my cousin was going this summer! I had
Told her all about it and begged her to go! Me and her had a lot of the same taste in music. We went to concerts all the time.

"Jumbie! Tome for school! Last day!" my mom yelled at me.
"Okay mom! Almost ready!" I put down the broture for Camp Cherrytree. I grabbed my things and headed out the door.

"Hey Lacey! Excited for the last day?"
"You have no clue! What are your plans this Summer?"
"I'm going to Camp all Summer, you?"
"Really? Damn! Im going to miss you like crazy! Whoes house am i suppoed to water balloon with out some help?"
I laughed, "Ask Damian, he'll do it! Maybe!"
"Ya right, Damian? He hates me remember? I took his girlfriend!"
"Oh ya, thats right." The rest of the bus ride was decent. We got to school and the principal and the vice principals were giving out
our Yearbooks.

"God i look like s***!" I pointed to my picture
"Its not that bad! Usually Senior pictures are the worst! That and Freshman year!" we laughed. The day went by very fast. All the Seinors cried saying
goodbye to all their friends. I cried the most. I made so many friends here, and now were off to start our lives.

I got home and mom my had some of my things packed for Camp.

"Jumbie, now you have to finnish this off, I got all the things you'll need for sure."

"Danke Mutter!" I smiled. I ran to my room to quickly pack my things. I Leave tomorrow for the ariport at 7 am. to meet my cousin, Nessa.
God i loved my cousin to death! I couldnt wait to see her!

It took me 3 hours to pack everything i needed. 4 cases of cloths. Well this was a SUMMER long camp too.

That night was hell to try and sleep, I was just so excited to finally be back at Camp!

I woke up early that morning. About 4 AM. the Air Port was about an hour away. And i had to eat and get through security and that would take FOREVER!

Me and mom stuffed all my belongings into the car and we drove off to the air port. About an hour and a half later we were there. I had to rush in through
security super fast so iI woldnt make it in time to California, did i mention i live in New Mexico?

We finally got there to the air port and through the security just in time! The plane was going to leave in about 25 minutes. The flight
attendent took my belongings and put them away. I went to my gate and i head on the loud speaker "FLIGHT 225 TO LOS ANGELES NOW BORDING" i ran to my gate and quickly
got on.

This was just the beginning of the best summer of my life.

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