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Chapter Three Camp Cherrytree ::) Welcome back

The road to camp was long but I didn't mind it.

It was warm with no head winds as driving was nice. The morning was clear and it felt as if all of LA was out to welcome me back to my possibly future home.

"So how were your flights girls?" Dean asked as his accent flaring majorly as he was the Englishman on the staff and he was quite proud of it.

"Mine was long but nice, I had a window seat so the view was beyond anything I have ever seen.But the coffe DON'T get me started.." my face turned sour before I took a long sip of my iced mocha. Last summer I had become addicted to caffiene on a heavy note. Thank god camp had an onsite Starbucks.

Kate nodded as if to say the same but she had a flight that was less then two hours. Only the European campers and staff had a smiliar travel fate to me as being from an island surrounded by cool crisp water and horrible weather for the most part well don't get me wrong I love where I am from.. but there are some days I wished the sun shined as bright as it did in California. Maybe if I kidnapp a few stars Newfoundland will shine brighter... hmm I did hear of some George Clooney sightings in this area.. Nah too much work I have enough to focaus on.

We were almost to the gates of camp when mom called asking me how my flight was and how far I was from camp. The conversation was short as I started I was lmost there and promised to call later.

My phone was a black berry that was signed by Pat of the Stereos. I had a large obsession with band shirts as most of my stuff was from concerts or online shops that supported bands I loved. You can tell music is my passion. Out side of writing of course, I can always find a way to tie the two together. I guess thats what I am sort of doing now.

The gates of camp were opened as the wooden sign was hanging proudly as the smell fo fresh paint filled the air. The camp was very well laid out with cabins and trails, lesson buildings and our door classrooms, a bunch of little shops and of course a main stage by the lake that sparkeled each day of camp. It rarely rained.

Not only was this camp a get away, it had lessons that were either musically empowering or for the arts.

I was a singer, song writer and dancer as well as a small minor in guitar and piano. I liked to work allot and I had allot to prove.

This year I would be appearing on findal day wich was a nationally telavised showcase that happened at the end of camp. It was for all campers that were returning. Last year we didn't have one as everyone was new.

This year I am packing allot as I worked all year on my signing and my dancing. This is my year.

When the car stopped there were the main staffers waiting. Martin, Kelvin, PolyStar whoos real name was Tony but he hated getting confused with the grammy nominated Tony that had picked me up from the airport. Andrea and Floyd.

"Hey girls" They all smiled as Kate and I jumped out of the car smiling 'Hey'

They didn't look shocked when they saw how i had two bags compared to Kate's four as I jknew how to organize and make EVERYTHING fit three years of army and navy traning teaches you alot.

"So whos our cabin mates?" I giggled looking at the clip board in Martins hands before he shook his head laughing.

"You know the rules, this year you all have your own rooms and a celeberity staffer is going to be living with you all summer." Martin grinned as me and Kate screamed.

This was offically going to be the best summer ever.

"Now got o your cabin your on free roam until dinner." Andrea smiled as we headed towards Cabbin one which had the best rooms in all of camp.

I was goal oriented I was ecited and I was going to give it my all. This is camp!

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Comment by Lalaberry:) on April 20, 2010 at 11:19am
You two are always anxious about my writing ,, and jumberz you know whoo will be guiding us xD
Comment by Channy The Dino Monster Banana on April 19, 2010 at 4:47pm
Anxoius for the next chapter. :3
Comment by J u m b i e on April 19, 2010 at 4:47pm
i so call Lindi ^^


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