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     I came across this song when I stuck Virgin Media's Rock Playist on not long ago in which they play around 10 of the latest rock, indie, electronic and folk tracks. I must say, when I first saw the video I was slightly...disturbed. But after listening to the song numerous of times I really do like it, it is very weird and I have absolutely no idea what the meaning behind it is but it's great. I must admit I do enjoy screaming ''AMANANANAEEEEZYAAAA'' at the top of my lungs, you should try it.

    According to Wikipedia they are an American band which I wasn't expecting because this song has a certain sound to it which screams European at me and I'm not sure why but it doesn't change my opinion of the band or the song, why would it? I think it's the poppy, electronic sort of feel that comes across.

    You should check the video out on Youtube or on Virgin Media if you have it, you may be freaked out at first but will find yourself singing along later that day. Trust me.

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Tags: America, amanaemonesia, chairlift, electronic, pop


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