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Well good morning, good afternoon or good evening to where ever you are :)

My name is Lalaberry to most of you, but to others I am Vanessa. Newfoundland girl, Lupercal's beloved and Lorgar's little sis.

Allot has happened since I last wrote here, so bare with me,

A year ago this place was my home, it was my reason to look forwards to after school and my reason to wake up everyday in the now summer time and chat away and twitter away happily with my rec'er family. A bunch of us eventually called this place like summer camp.

Camp Cherrytree

At camp I learned the value of music, "sassy but classyness" and how to be my own artist. To give nobody a reason to compare me to anyone because I am nobody but me. That confidance is gorgous.
These lessons, were very important to me and I am thankful I learned them.

I developed as a writer here, as I met and mixed with very well respected staffers and rec'ers, artists too. Who could possibly forget last summers near two hour video chat with Cinema Bizarre! Strify chewing that poor little picachu's ear was cute.

My first fan fiction and my now near finished novel. Cross Roads.

It is my child, I would love to thank you rec'rs who read it, to Martin, Dean and Scott for inspiring me to include them in two of the chapters.

I grew up here at Cherrytree Records, my memories will never fade.

The pins I wear on my jacket are with pride.

My Cherrytree pin, my union jack ( british flag ), Canadian flag and my scottish flag.

Since my first months here I have met many people.

Tamara Bond - Thank you for teaching me the value of clothing, how you can go into any store and find atleast five things you can make fabulous. Thank you for showing me how I can rock any outfit with the right heels which are now my favourite shoes to wear. And thank you for showing me how to be confidant with how I look and that I can let my personality shine through no matter what the weather or condition of the place I am in. That I can wear color and still love black. Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of second hand stores, I now have an even better reason to love strip malls near my moms work. Other then the awesome pizza place and the shoppers drug mart with all the cute gay boys who work there and who always know how to find a lip gloss that will suit everyday. I'll never forget our time together. Enjoy collage :)

Chantal Conners- I have known you since I was six, but only recently have I really gotten to know the girl beyond the skirts and dresses. Beyond the drawings of anime and who can actually speak. Thank you for being the soft hearted girl who has a view of the world thats worth listening to. Your mother would have loved to watch you graduate. Chelsey and I are very proud of you.

Tommy Conners- You are the most rocking guy I know. For a marine you sure kick a**. From trashing Argonaught with me as we both share the same hatred of that place. We also share a passion for military. I hope some day we will work together again. Other then the days you are my substitute teacher at school. By the way, I can still beat you at archery.

Taylor Hanlon- Where would I be without you girl, your always in my corner and you always have my back. I would never be able to survive without you.

Alex Berlen- Oh deary me what shall I say, your the most amazingist best friend ever. Even though your girlfriend and I are no longer sisters it doesn't mean you can't be my best guy friend ever! Thank you for pratically holding my hand through sad movies telling me Erebus will be home soon. Thank you for vowing to stick with me always and making me feel like things are alright when I am crying missing him.

Draco aka Mikey- Who else would I compare to myself who else compares himself to me. Your my twin brother I lost at birth even though your 19 and I'm 16 it feels bizarrely like we are family. You get me and always have a way to make me laugh. Thank you for being my hyper buddy <3

Esme Smits aka Essy- Dear lord, where would I be without this girl? Esme you never let me down, you always are there to listen. You always help and are always my go to girl. Thank you for being my best girlfriend ever and never leaving my side. I don't have many girls like you in my life. Seeing as how most of this is for boys you can clearly tell your my best! Thank you for being yourself Es, you truely are more then a 'dutchie' <3

Colin/Coco & John- You two are the most random guys and I love it! Thanks for being game for a run to atlas pizza in the pouring rain and skipping home room to dry off. We got one more year left of days like that lets make it rock!

Emz! Emily Bonia- My newest best girl! You understand me so well, I am glad I have you. I can't wait until you come home. God your leaving in a few days and it sucks we can't hang out before you go! I'm going to miss you allot this summer, you better text me all about your new boy. If he doesn't treat you well I'll kick him very hard and you know I can. Worst comes to worst I'll send my boys after him. We both know they love a challange. Thanks for being there when I need a hug and for enjoying walks with me on warm days of exam week. First day of school is going to be a blast if we figure out where to go for lunch in your new car. I'll miss you girly! Emz and Naz for lyfe!

Lorgar Lupercal- Oh my lord,, where do I start with this. Thank you for being the most amazing older brother possible. You truely make me feel at home when we talk. Of all the people in my life, you are closest to my heart next to your brother. You make me remeber I'm not just some dumb kid who's boyfriend is a marine. You make me remeber that I am an amazing girl who's heart belongs to a very great guy and his heart is mine. Thank you for staying up late talking to me, going on about random stuff and just being like normal siblings. You and I we were really meant to be related and hopefully some day I hope we will be. Until then lets keep rocking it and staying strong as one kick a** family. Were Lupercal's we stick together life wolfs.

Erebus Lupercal- I may be here for a while, trying to sum up my feelings for you. Over six weeks ago we began our journey. Together I feel as if we are invincable. Not only because you are one of the best marines Scottland has ever seen ( Congrats on the promotion to Sergent by the way baby ) but because you and I are strong together. A year ago I would never have been able to say I can wait for a guy at war well training.. Now I can say I can wait and I can survive because when he comes home life is going to be amazing. We are going to be an great family. I can't wait to see you when you come home darling. You make my think of how amazing the world can be. Every night the stars are out I go and lay in the hammock and look at them knowing that your looking at the same moon and stars. I better stop here becuase as I said before I could be here all night. I love you baby, thank you for believeing in me more then anyone and for giving me a love I never dreamt could ever be possible.

To all of my other friends thank you for being a part of my life just because I did'nt include you in this doesn't mean you are unimportant <3

Love always!


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