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Carbon Airways To Release 'Black Sun' EP March 28 on Cherrytree Records







The history of rock is full of accidents, great destinies, anecdotes and triumphs. When it comes to CARBON AIRWAYS (Engus and Eleonore Fernese), it can be said it’s been a dream journey, a great trip and already quite a long career (three years) for a group so young within a musical sphere that was not prepared for them. Now, the brother and sister duo who hail from France will release their U.S. debut EP Black Sun (Cherrytree Records) on March 28.

Already available in their native country, CARBON AIRWAYScritically acclaimed Black Sun will be made available for U.S. music enthusiasts in advance of their Coachella festival debut in April.  The EP will include the title track with remixes by the likes of Kill Paris, Paris Blohm and Betablock3r for an assortment of dance floor styles along with three other original tracks: “DNA Providence,” “Conquest” and “Grace and Virtue.”

The video for “Black Sun”—directed by Tony Truand (Skrillex, Foreign Beggars)—gives the American audience their first visual of the band with Eleonore and Engus pummeling out their vocals in English while jamming on synths and machines. View the video now at:

There are not enough adjectives to describe their Black Sun EP: violent, dark, danceable, maniac, rhythmic, intense, melodious, fascinating, jammed.  Says Engus, “We chose to gather together those four tracks because they represent our universe.” The titles speak about precise subjects. Adds Eleonore, “Black Sun is about fanaticism, about people whose despair gets manipulated and who are brainwashed. It’s the story of someone who does not want his rage to be exploited. What interests me is to describe key moments, these moments when a person needs to make a decisive choice. Inspiration comes from movies scenes or TV. I see my texts as pieces of a puzzle, leaving a part of mystery.”

In the beginning, there was a brother and a sister. He is a violinist, she is a cellist. There was one computer in the household and Engus tinkered with sounds while his sister drafted her first lyrics. It could have stopped there, but both decide to create a group based on their common passion for driving industrial acts like Ministry and The Prodigy at an age where siblings usually fuss and fight.  They call it CARBON AIRWAYS based on carbon as an original component behind everything that is alive on the planet and airways meaning the feeling of escape they get from their musical experimenting.  Their early concerts received great support all over France, playing their first live show at Off de Bourges, the big stage of Les Transmusicales de Rennes at Hall 9 in total excitement. The media talked a lot about their young age and a police commissioner even tried to forbid them to perform.  They went on to perform at Ultra Music Festival in Miami where Cherrytree spotted them and Polydor signed them.  They’ve also performed at HARD Summer and all the biggest European Festivals. Their Coachella performances will mark their third time in the States.

Track listing for CARBON AIRWAYSBlack Sun EP is:

  1. Black Sun
  2. DNA Providence
  3. Conquest
  4. Grace and Virtue
  5. Black Sun (BetaBlock3r Remix)
  6. Black Sun (Kill Paris Remix)
  7. Black Sun (Paris Blohm Remix)

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