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Canadian Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour - Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ON. 11/14/11.


This was my first time in Canada and it was wonderful.  Getting to see all the Cherrytree talent on one stage was an amazing experience and worth the trip.  I knew that with an all Cherrytree roster on a single tour, it would be extra special with artists doing guest spots on other sets and culminating in a huge party and it definitely delivered.

Cherrytree Records  Preshow Meet and Greet.

Prior to the show an email from was sent out for a Cherrytree Preshow Meet n Greet.  The M&G consisted of Far East Movement and LMFAO.  There were roughly 60 that RSVP'd so great group of rec'ers. 


Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour

I was late getting to my seat so I happened to catch the end of Frankmusik's set as he and Natalia Kills performed "No Champagne".  Natalia then performed "Free" and "Mirrors".  I had never seen Rye Rye and I loved her song actually but as usual security made me stop filming so I went down to the floor.  Kay came out and performed the Robyn part in "Never Will Be Mine" equipped with a "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" t-shirt.



Once I hit the floor, the Far East Movement were performing a blistering set containing "Girls on the Dancefloor", "If I Was You (OMG)", "So What?", "Jello" with Rye Rye, "White Flag" with Kayla Kai, "Like a G6" with Natalia Kills, "Go Ape" with Collete Carr, and "Rocketeer" with FrankMusik.



Just Dance Meet and Greet.

Prior to the LMFAO set, the Cherrytree Family did a meet in greet at one of the gates.  They were very gracious to the fans and it was a pleasure for me to witness everyone's happiness meeting their favorite artist.

LMFAO hit the stage and brought their full set of props and backup dancers for a 1 hour plus party.  Many LED screens were part of their stage set up, flashing footage and various pictures as well as some hilarious images.  The highlight of the set was "Shots" featuring Colette Carr, Rye Rye, Kay, Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, and FrankMusik.  Natalia Kills also performed "Champagne Showers" which we were all sprayed with champagne.

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Comment by AmyPond on November 18, 2011 at 12:20am


awww Poly!!!!

It was really Sickkkk.

Biggest show in Canada!


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