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It all started five years ago when a man had a dream and it soon became a international success story. But only a year ago did this success story bring a special group of people together in a place they would love forever. This is their story of their summer. A summer of magic and music. A summer at

Camp Cherrytree.

Vanessa's Point of view

'Just a few more hours Vanessa.. Keep it all cool.' I told myself as I sat on the bus on my way to the last day of school.

I was so egar for the school day to be over so I could go home and repack my bags for a seventeenth time this week.

After school I would have less then an hour to get ready before I would be hopping onto an eleven hour flight to the red wood forests of California.

Home of the camp that my cousin Kate and I started going to last summer.

Camp CherryTree.

This time last year I was a new kid on the scene, just a small fourteen year old girl with a dream of seeing the world. I had applied to go to the camp that opened the doors for me and the other kids who went to the camp.

When I got to school the first person to greet me was Jake who was smiling holding his girlfriend Kira's hand as they were both close friends of mine. Tamara and Nathan not far from them as always Chatel was behind them being the shy one of our group.

I ran to Jake as he picked me up, the giant he was he stood proudly at six four and towered over us all.

"Excited about camp?" He asked as he noted my necklace was glowing. I had three chains I couldn't move without.

My mood necklace, my stereos necklace and of course my cherrytree camper tag. I never took that one off.

Consider it the dog tag that all campers were required to have as it showed everything about them. Cabin, Name and of course the camp's logo. It told the difference between campers , counsilors and artists.

"How did you guess" I giggled as he spun me arround before we all headed up to our lockers.

"Because, one your smiling." Jake laughed.

"Two your necklace is glowing like crazy." Kiro pointed to the sparkling that was my necklace that was rainbow colored as my mood was over the top.

"Three your wearing color." Chantel pointed to my purple silk shirt.

"Four you wont stop texting your cousin and repacking your bags." Nathan smirked taking my cell showing everyone my conversation with Kate about camp.

Okay so I was a little excited.

When I got to my locker the only thing I remebered I had to get my copy of my drama teachers book so I could read it on the plane.

Ms. Aiden had writen a book called Melinda's Dream. It was now out in hard cover.

I ran to the drama room as she met me at the door.

"Hey girly, I just got off the phone with Martin he said Tony is going to be meeting you at the airport in LA." She smiled, Ms. Aiden had helped me get into Camp Cherrytree last summer and had worked with Martin on a video shoot for one of the artists.

Martin was the boss man, he created the camp and the lable. Tony was the one who mixed and recorded the songs with the artists and the others of the staff. Well you will meet them soon enough.

I was excited that Tony was picking me up because he was the one I had bonded with last summer and had given me the nick name that I now had on my tag. RockGirl.

Simply because I was from Newfoundland Canada known as The Rock to most of North America and all through Europe.

"Thanks, I can't wait to get there." I giggled as we walked into her office she handed me the book with a picture of me on the cover. I had done a photo shoot and made the cover of her novel. I was promised if it was made into a movie I would play Melinda.

"Here you go Melinda." Ms. Aiden smiled as I took the book in my hand hugging her tightly. "Thank you. I'll email you when I get there." I smiled as the bell went off signaling the end of the day.

We only had an hour today as we just had to come clean out our lockers and say goodbye.

"Okay, tell everyone I say hello and have a safe flight." she smiled as I turned for the door nodding.

Running out into the back parking lot I spotted Nathan who had agreed to drive me to the airport sitting on the hood of his car with Tamara and Chantel beside him.

"Come on, we want to go to Timmies for iced mochas before you go." Nathan whined a little as I smiled hopping into shot gun.

In a matter of less then an hour I had my back pack, purse and suit case packed.

To say the least out of most of the campers at Camp Cherrytree I packed lightest.

When we got to the airport we got iced mochas and waited for my call.

"Flight 240 to LA California final boarding call." The woman spoke over the speakers as I got up hugging my three friends.

"Have fun." they all smiled as I walked onto the plane setteling down for a restless night flight.

This summer was going to be a blast!

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Comment by DJ ElectricThorn on June 26, 2010 at 1:51pm
I like it a lot. *)
Comment by ZombiesLuvOreos™ on April 11, 2010 at 6:35pm
this is great! ^^


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