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I sat on my bed with my cell phone in hand. I was speaking with my three friends Akousa, Lana and Giselle on three-way. “So you’re going all the way to Cali, Chan?” Giselle asked. “Yeah, I’m like, packing right now.” I responded. “Noooo, Don’t leave us.” Akousa cried through the phone. “Y’all it’s only a summer, I know I’m not going to the same schools as y’all but it’ll be fine, it’s not like I’m movin’ out there or nothin’.” I say rolling my eyes. I love these three and all but they worry so much. “Besides Gigizzle, I’ll be back in time to help you survive that hell h*** of a School. I’m applying for IB the following semester so expect me right next to you ‘kay?” I say laughing. “Yeah, Whatever.” She sighs. “At least we don’t have to hang out with pimply guys” And we all laugh. “Hey, when I finish packing, y’all wanna head down to the air port with me?” I ask the three girls. “Can you come pick me up?” Akousa asked and I agreed before asking my mom, knowing that with my leaving the last few moments with my friends should last. “I’ll pick all y’all up in say…. 20 minutes? ‘Kay?” I ask the three and they agree. “Guuuuuhhhh, I hate how much I’m gonna miss y’all. I mean it’s not like I’m gonna be all ‘ohai lets go to the mall tomorrow’ like last year. But y’all, I’ll be sure to call and stuff.” Considering it’s my first trip to California, I had no idea what to pack, So I pretty much packed what I would wear here in the blazing summers here in North Carolina. Though I’ve been know to wear long sleeve Thermals and Skinnes while the temperature is 90 degrees with 110 humidity, and feel comfortable. I packed a few tanks and skirts, (My latest obsession) along with my regular attire of thermals, ¾ sleeves, T-Shirts, jeans, Bermudas and shorts. I pack my favorite pair of classic Chucks that are torn and tattered and are practically falling apart. I also pack tons of extras that I probably will regret later on.

I knew I was going to have fun, when I got an invitation to go to “Camp Cherrytree”. The offer sounded too good to be true to be honest. But being able to fly from Dingy North Carolina all the way to Sunny California is absolutely fantastic. Also getting to see the rec’ers and seeing the artists that worked with Cherrytree and Interscope Records. I really wish I could have gone last year… but with me just turning 14, I finally qualified. And with that I slammed my suitcase shut pulled my shoes on and hopped in the car, ready to be there at
any moment.

We arrive at the airport the designated two hours earlier. My friends and I were sitting at a table by the Starbucks in the airport. I had a Venti Java Chip Frappachino Since I knew I as going to be there for a while. “Dudes!” I say to them. “What are y’all gonna do besides sit at home and in Giselle’s case, clean the house? Oh and go to the mall and all that J***?” I ask. “All that J***, stupid.” Giselle says laughing at me. I roll my eyes at her. “None of y’all venturing to your country of origin?” I ask. They shake their heads. Stupid America and its stupid recession. “Awww you guys, that’s so unfair!” I say to them. “It ain’t fair!” Akousa says to me. “Girl, you better brings me back something I don’t care what it is but I want something.”
“How ‘bout I bring you back a stick or something.” I laugh.

“Oh hush.” She replies rolling her eyes. “Oh, by the way… The French*.” All four of us looked at each other then burst into laugher at our inside joke. “Sorry, I don’t watch football.**” Giselle says and we all begin to laugh again. Nothing’s funnier than a wannabe “gangsta”’s stupidity in the classroom.

The time finally came to where I had to board the plane and leave my girls behind. I boarded the plane and waited for the flight attendant to say it was okay to us music players. Being that I just came from school, I fell asleep as soon as the plane soared smoothly and that’s when I knew these next few months were going to be the best.

*The French refers to my friends and I looking at someone's paper, The question asked "Who won the American Revolution- The Americans
or The British." The person answered "The French" hence, the

**Sorry I don't watch Football refers to the same kid, when the teacher asked "[classified kid's name], What do you know about the
patriots?" His answer was "Sorry I don't watch football" hence
Joke number 2


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Comment by Lalaberry:) on April 13, 2010 at 5:49pm
cute baby <3


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