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Camp Cherrytre Chapter Two Arrivals :)

Chapter Two - Arrivals.

Walking off the plane I felt the warm glow of the Californian sun it was beautiful out and it felt like I was finally home. Though it was nine in the morning and most of the city was sleeping. It still felt nice to be back.

If I were back in Newfoundland I would still be asleep right now I was quite awake. Between sugar rushes and the constant checking of how many minutes until landing I had allot of time to sleep on the flight.

On the plane I had changed from sweats into black skinnie capris, a tank top, studded belt, leather fingerless gloves and my long dark brown hair was straight as I was wearing my cherrytree converse. Last summer we had all painted the logo onto our shoes to show what we represented.

I walked into LAX picking up my suitcase as my backpack was on my back, I had tucked my purse into my backpack to save myself the bulk.

I was on my way to starbucks for a iced mocha when I felt someone grabbing my free hand as I turned to see who it was I let out a scream starteling and waking up all of LA.

"Kate!" I screamed as we both jumped at eachother her short hair falling arround her face in a soft mannor as her makeup was flawlessly done as always. Her outfit similar to mine except she was wearing a blue tank rather the black.

"Nessa! Gott I missed you!" Her voice was happier then it usually was as she was just as excited for camp as I was.

I looked next to her as I could see four cases worth of clothes and god only knows what else. I was now glad camp only had metal detectors rather then the cavity searches my old camp used to have.

It would take you a week just to go through one of Kate's suitcases let allone all four.

"Pack light much." I laughed as she gasped looking at my bags.

"You only brought two bags? Ness we are here for two months!" she pointed to my suit case and back pack in utter terror. I rolled my eyes as I let go of her grabbing my suit case heading to the cafe inside of the airport that was big enough to be a small island.

I was about to sit down when I heard a voice calling.

"Rockgirl do you ever stop with the caffeine? God you picked up some horrible habbits from camp last year including not calling your director when you got off the plane."

I turned arround to see the grammy nominated producer looking at me and Kate with a smirk on his face.

We both giggled.

"And Jumbie, your starting to pick up her habits too. What are we going to do with you?" he laughed ordering himself a coffee. Looks like were not the only ones who need a morning perk up.

"Taking us to camp would be a good start Tony." I laughed as Kate and I got our bags together.

"What did you do put your entire house into your bags?" he laughed again as we began for the black covertible with the logo on the hood as I could see a blond haired man sitting in shot gun.

"It's two months! I needed clothes and shoes and make up to look pretty!" Kate whined in a girly tone as I laughed.

"I look great and I fit all my stuff into one bag , although I do have four grand on my visa in american dollars. Thank god for my job." I laughed as we jumped into the car.

"You two stop bickering and lets hit the road. Red wood is a an hour away and you need to get set up. You two are the first here." Dean smiled getting out of the car giving us both a quick hug.

"Welcome back girls." he smiled as we all got into the car as Tony began to drive.

"Thanks Dean." we said in sync as Tony began to drive I put my head back on the seat.

It felt nice to be back in LA.

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