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Thanks for tuning in to "Love, Kills xx" each week! Enter my competition for a chance to win a "CALL ME KILLS" hand made tee shirt as seen in episode 7. Submit your wildest, most creative idea for an episode of "Love, Kills xx " below and the winner's idea will be used in an episode in season 2!

Submit as many original ideas as you can think of, and in 1 week the winner will be announced plus 2 runners up!

Good luck!

Kills xx

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Comment by Keith Blancett on July 12, 2010 at 7:20pm
Idea: Natalia walks into a club filled with people who are having fun listening to a bad singer/performer who is singing songs with preppy and very stereotypical lyrics... While Natalia sneaks on stage and pours a liquid on the sound equipment... As she walks back down to the dance floor everyone in the club vanishes and Natalia is left standing there alone staring at the terrible performer and watches as the sounds equipment goes up in flames... Then Natalia turns and walks out the door as the performer keeps performing as if nothing is happening... and Natalia locks the door on the outside inferring that the singer/performer won't escape.
Concept & Meaning: This would resemble the death of music that is nonsense. The people in the club vanishing would symbolize that people are soon going to realize that the music and artistry of these performers is no good. And Natalia locking the door would symbolize that the few REAL artist of today such as her are going to leave the fake artists behind with nothing.
This is my idea... I hope you like it.
Love, Keith
Comment by Zerღ Lღve on July 12, 2010 at 7:19pm
[continued from my previous post]
you stalk through the night, into the city
you're instinctively drawn to one of HIS favorite haunts - drawn there by some inexplicable force
and there he is
you see him
entering his favorite night club
the camera focuses in on your hand, tightly clenching and unclenching into a fist
you start forwards, and enter the darkened club
the camera focuses on his laughing face, he's cavorting with his entourage' - certain that you're good and dead when the shadowed figure of a shapely woman - her face hidden by the darkness - approaches
runs a hand across his front, down his arm and takes his hand in hers
draws him away from the throng
leads him in a dance
his arms wrap so tightly around her waist
he buries his face in her neck and recognizes the scent of the perfume she wears far too late as a needle is drawn from a garter and stabbed into his back
the serum does its work and the last thing seen from his perspective is your stolid face
he awaken, wonders why its so dark
why he cant move
feels the wood above his head...realizes his fate...and howls
the last thing seen is your retreating figure as you disappear into the night
vengeance exacted
Comment by Logan Cypher on July 12, 2010 at 7:07pm
How are we supposed to submit the ideas?
Comment by Nora M. Mermaid (Nora Bird) on July 12, 2010 at 7:04pm
My idea involves dream sequences. The Little Mermaid, something we're all familiar with, she feels lonely all her life until she sees the human, the object of her affection. In this scene, the mermaid is vampiric-like, yearning for human blood to help her live. The mermaid attracts the human with her siren song, but soon, the human's wife appears when the mermaid and he are making out with a gun and shoots her dead, which makes u wake up from ur dream, and gives u an idea on ur next crime!
Comment by Zerღ Lღve on July 12, 2010 at 6:56pm
my idea is the following [since i honestly can NOT get Zombie out of my head]
the setting is in a graveyard, the camera moves slowly between the headstones, panning in on a lonely patch of freshly disturbed earth.
some of the soil shifts and a hand erupts from beneath the ground, followed quickly by an arm and shoulder - fingers claw at the dirt
another hand erupts, swiftly followed by another arm and shoulder
the head slowly emerges from under the soil with a gasp, eyes rolled back in their sockets, whites exposed
the irises and pupils roll forward as another struggled breath is heard
a flash of what may be a memory
a man - showering your face in kiss
pupils constrict
another memory as the upper torso strains to free mud sodden legs
his arms wrapped around your shoulders, planting kisses on your neck
another memory as the body writhes on the ground, inhaling gasp after gasp of air
a struggle, so violent - a necklace torn from a slender neck; an object rushing towards the screen [your face]
white - all white; nothing but blinding light - the sun
the struggled gasps now slow, controlled breathing as you rise to your feet unsteadily
clutched in your hand, a ripped bit of fabric
another flash - his smirk
camera pans in on your dirty smeared face, your dark...narrowed eyes; slowly a pair of sunglasses rise to shade them, as you walk away from your premature grave, through the headstones of the fallen to seek your vengeance


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