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Thanks for tuning in to "Love, Kills xx" each week! Enter my competition for a chance to win a "CALL ME KILLS" hand made tee shirt as seen in episode 7. Submit your wildest, most creative idea for an episode of "Love, Kills xx " below and the winner's idea will be used in an episode in season 2!

Submit as many original ideas as you can think of, and in 1 week the winner will be announced plus 2 runners up!

Good luck!

Kills xx

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Comment by George Kinghorn on July 13, 2010 at 2:32am
To set the scene - A building rooftop, unknown location, city scape.

On the rooftop there is a table layout with tea cups, tea pots and a place mat. There are 2 chairs at the table and Natalia is sat at one. Camera focuses on her playing with a cutlery knife, stabing the table between her fingers in a rhythmic pattern. An unknown male enters the rooftop through the door leading up form the building, looking confused and weary. Natalia demands - "Sit, I've been waiting a long long time', with caution the man sits. The camera shoots close ups of both, and silently, Natalia pours 2 cups of tea, holds her up to her lips and holds the cup. She then demands 'Drink my tea, i spent alot of time making it for you'. The man then downs the tea, in a shot like manor. The man slams the cup down on the table, and the camera focuses on the cup, showing a message left in the bottom saying "Love Kills xx". Natalia then stands up and a sudden fade to black.

Comment by Marlon Turner on July 13, 2010 at 12:17am
The idea I have gotten behind love kills is the different situations in which they occur. A simple theme is something I was going for like you have continued to do. Your running away from something but us viewers do not know what exactly. As the pulsating beat comes in you stop around a corner and pause for a much needed breath. Then, the music stops and time is rewound. Now you are back in a room, alone, and you start to reminisce about a certain man that made you happy at some point along with a female friend that is like...a sister to you. As you grasp control of reality you look down and see him on the ground. He is unconscious or dead who knows. Slowly you pick up your signature red lipstick and trace an outline of his angled body on the floor. You bend to give him a kiss on the forehead leaving a pair of lips behind. Suddenly the door opens and its the girl that was a part of your estranged memories you were recollecting. The place where his body is lain is the hotel they met up at during moments time. The words "loyalty" "lies" "passion" and "honesty" fill the screen as you two stare at each other intensely. She belts out a scream (that the audience does not hear) and you grab something out of your latest victims hand. You then run out of the open window and she embarks upon you! The chase is heated but it ends with the demise of her (you choose) and the audience notices that she is wearing a ring as her body lays lifeless on the concrete . Fast forward to you in the alley where you are taking that relieving breath. You look dazed as you look at your hand. The music begins to play again and you take off into the night. a gleam illuminates the object you possessed from your subject. A deadly triangle that ended up hurting two lovers. The question is, who was the other woman all along...Love Kills
Comment by LOVEKILLSXX on July 12, 2010 at 11:56pm
Kills is running down stairs then she closes her eyes and flashes to a scene where she breakes a motel door down, walks into the room where two men are in the bed together. Kills starts to talk rather than sing the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty to one of the men
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again...
Kills then leaves the room with a smile on her face.
A new scene where Kills is walking down a street with old apartment blocks is introduced. Kills reaches for her phone, dials a number and smiles. Kills then simply says you know where to meet me, be here in 20 minutes.
New scene and Kills is standing upon the roof of an apartment block which is old and rundown. A man from the first scene, who was in the bed with another man imerges from a door on the roof. Kills has her back towards the man. The man then makes his way towards her and grabs her shoulder. Kills turns towards the man and walks forward until they are standing near the edge of the roof. The man says to her I am here. Kills doesnt respond. The man then says I am here, isnt this what you want?. Kills replies not entirely. Kills then says Love Kills and gives him a kiss on each of his cheeks leaving two red lip prints. She then pushes the man off the roof and he falls. It then flashes to the very first scene where Kills is running down the stairs.
Comment by Justin Moran on July 12, 2010 at 11:08pm
Fade in. The quality of the film is spotty. Reminiscent of a Warhol movie. A shot of a wooden apartment door. The walls surrounding are poorly painted white, as chipping paint reveals a layer beneath. A close up on the worn golden door plate. "Kills," it simply writes. The film skips, and follows with a close-up of several etchings into the faded wood. Three names are pictured. Each are crossed out violently. The camera slowly zooms out. It is out of focus for a split second, but corrects itself, revealing that the entire door is covered with these mysterious names. The underlying music picks up, similar to the tense buildup of, "Always a Catch," from the Dark Knight soundtrack.

A small pitch black room is pictured. A single chair is brightly lit by a hanging lamp that vaguely resembles a light fixture from the classic detective movie. It is subtly swinging from side to side. A shot of kills crouched next to a fuzzy television. She is ferociously attempting to mess with the antennas, in order to receive a better picture. A close up of her over-sized sunglasses sitting atop the television follows. Kills finds the perfect arrangement of the two bent antennas, and a picture appears on the vintage television screen. Frankenstein. 1931. A close up of her mouth reveals a dirty smirk. Next, a close up shot of Natalia grabbing a pencil and notebook. A close up of her black leather shoes clicking against the dusty ground. Kills sits down on the single chair beneath the light, and begins taking notes. A shot of Frankenstein playing in the reflection of Kills' sunglasses. The only white noise is the ferocious scratching of pencil on paper. Natalia is taking notes. Suddenly there is silence. "IT'S ALIVE. IT'S ALIVE." The infamous screaming fills the miniscule room. A quick shot of the outside. The screaming is still audible, but more fuzzy to the outside world. Suddenly, silence. A quiet subdued laugh is heard. "A life that is easily given, is easily taken." The film skips, and an eery white noise fills the silence. Suddenly, a new Natalia Kills song begins. The series of short clips are running at rapid speed. Fast-motion. A shot of Kills' shoes. Black stilettos with guns as the heels. She removes one of the guns. A shot of her pointing the gun straight forward. Her stare is steady, and strong. A shot of a man. eyes wide. Lit up in the bright lights of Kills' 1980 Pontiac Firebird. A shot from inside the vehicle showing the potential crime scene. Fog fills the streets, and the engine is purring loudly. A close up of Natalia's red lips. The corners of her mouth are bent upwards in an evil smirk. A drip of sweat falls down the unknown male's cheek. Bang, bang, bang. A pool of blood collects on the street. A shot of Natalia clicking the gun back onto her stiletto. Fade out. Fade in. Back in the small black room. Kills turns off the television set. The single light flickers out. The sound of Natalia's shoes clicking against the floor is all that's left. A door slams.

The end.
Comment by Valentino De Nil on July 12, 2010 at 10:09pm
A girl wants to take revenge on you so she goes with you to a party where nobody knows you two.
So she can have her way killing you.
The opening scene starts in a diner cafe where you guys meet up for a chat. When she tells you about this party that finds place in a club downtown, you are excited to go have a fun night. At this moment you don't know what she's going to do with you. So you two chat and make plans for that night (where, when,...)
The 2nd scene shows you and the girl walking to the club, you guys go into the club and once inside. The girl asks you what do you want to drink. You say what you want.
Third scene shows this girl at the bar asking two drinks, barkeeper gives the drinks and then we get to see a close up of the drinks and the girl doing something in your glass.
Some kind of drug, ofcourse you don't know a thing.
Fourth scene: We see you drinking and dancing, while behind you the girl is kind of giggling. Then she comes up to you and asks you to come to the toilets, you're a little wasted but you go any way.
Fifth scene shows you guys going into the toilet and while she goes, you're standing in front of the mirror. Everything moves and shakes, this is the moment you pass out. The girl comes out of the toilet and stands right above you (you're on the ground) and smiles. You're too wasted to react, your sight is so blurry you pass away.
6th scene: You wake up on the sidewalk, the people throw you out of the club. You wake up and realize that this girl tried to kill you so you stand up and go after her.
7th scene shows you stopping the car, you look in your car mirror if your lipstick is still ok. You get out and walk into the same cafe where you guys first meet. You're there to talk with her, she's late but you don't mind. You're being fake and friendly (you pretend like you don't know that it was her fault) You guys talk drink a cup of coffee. Then she says 'Sorry for last night , someone obviously did something in your drink but when you passed out. My cell ringed, it was my boyfriend saying that he needed help so I went straight home. And left you there, that was a horrible thing to do. I hope you can forgive me?' You say : 'Ofcourse it's no big deal, I made the mistake not to watch my glass all the time'. You guys chat and then she leaves.
You leave right after she left because you know she had to go to work. So you go to her home, to her boyfriend.
Next scene shows you ringing the doorbell, her boyfriend opens the door and asks 'who are you?'
You're being flirty and before he knows it you're inside. Little did he know that you're not there for a nice chat.
You get him drunk, secure his hands with some rope to a chair.
Ninth scene shows you pulling the chair(him) out of the backdoor.
10th scene shows you and him sitting at their poolside. You say: 'It's such a hot day, I would love a swim. I'm sure 'the girls name' likes to swim ?' He responds 'What the hell are you doing?' You say 'Well not so long ago your little girlfriend tried to abandon me to a place where I don't go , well not yet . So now I wanted to see what she would do when I took something from her and abandon it to a place she can't find it.' He says 'TAKE EVERYTHING YOU NEED' You say :' I don't want material things, I already found what i was looking for' He says 'Hu? ( scared)' And then the 11th scene shows you in slowmotion pushing the chair into the pool. He's drowning, you're smiling and then you walk away, write a note wich says 'You don't know me yet NK. xx' , we see you smacking the door running to your car and drive away.
12th scene shows the girl who's coming home, she finds the note and starts looking for her boyfriend. Then she finds him in the pool, dead. She falls to the ground and cries.
In the final scene we see a table where a cup of coffee is served, the camera's moving up higher as you lift the cup. We see your face and you smile. End !
Comment by Jose Hernandez on July 12, 2010 at 9:45pm
Kills is inside a wild party where people are wearing all sorts of animal masks or just plain regular masks and she finds herself a men to play with and purposely gets him drunk and sents him driving home and wakes up the next morning reading the newspaper and sees him dead or wounded on the cover.
Comment by aleik on July 12, 2010 at 9:14pm
a guy wakes up in a dark room, blind fold n tied up to the bed bewildered and scared- he says "what happend last night? where am i?" foot steps echo in the hallway that leads 2 the room, natalia kills enters with a golden gun, the man asks "who's there? help me!" Kills bends down and simply whispers in his ear "i had fun last night" BANG!!
Comment by Jose Hernandez on July 12, 2010 at 8:48pm
Natalia Kills starts out alone in the middle of great planes, wondering how she got there she tries to have visions of where she was the day or night before or even a minute before waking up to this encounter. This is not the first time this has been done to her so she becomes grasped into this tornado tunnel, almost like wizard of oz meets Gaga's "Paparazzi Music Video". She takes off these glasses she is wearing as if opening her eyes for the first time, and finds her self surrounded by every single one of the men that mended her heart and thought could get away with it. Kills then finds her self with possible ways to get rid of every single one of them one and for all. This scenario could either go into two different ways, first; she doesn't do anything after realizing how much she has spent wasting her time on them or second; shut down the switch that's preventing all these men to come to her life.
Comment by damklls on July 12, 2010 at 8:14pm
My idea starts in a forest, natalia is talking to someone, why she killed all the boys,but no one is there, she is crying, suddenly stop mourn, smile and says - this forest reminds me of my loneliness and how much I love it, then the camera focuses on a crow, turn the camera back and now looks a cross on the floor and a heel of natalia, natalia walk away from the scene going to a lake that is located near looks at her reflection and a tear falls on the lake move the water and natalia is not longer there - end!
Comment by Logan Cypher on July 12, 2010 at 7:29pm
Fade in. Dark room, lights break through cracks of the window like a knife to the darkness. A unknown male sits tied to a seat in his underwear and undershirt. A piece of duct tape across his mouth labeled "XX". He slowly wakes up.
Camera pans back, revealing Kills staring at him in a seat directly across from him. She smiles, a grin with much hidden intent. He panics, knowing why he is here.

Kills stands up, revealing a heart shaped pendant around her neck. She opens it, pulling out a cassette tape. She moves to the other side of the room to a old cassette player, opens it, and places the cassette inside. The man continues to panic.

The tape begins to play (Kills reading)
"Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away. When I came home last night at three, the man was waiting there for me; But when I looked around the hall, I couldn't see him there at all. Go away, go away! Don't came back anymore! Go away, go away and please don't slam the door. Last night I saw upon the stair, a little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today..."

Kills walks up behind the man, leans forward, lips to ear: "Oh, how I wish he'd go away"

The man's eyes widen. Black out.


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