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Submit as many original ideas as you can think of, and in 1 week the winner will be announced plus 2 runners up!

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Kills xx

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Comment by Justin Moran on July 14, 2010 at 11:41pm
Blackout. A simple quote appears in plain white text.

"I don't use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough." - M.C. Escher

Fade out. Fade in. A shot of a drug store located in a run-down area of Los Angeles. Several kids are playing on the street corner. Alcohol signs fill the small shop's windows, as well as thick steel bars. Paint is peeling. The glass door is cracked. A white Firebird pulls up, and parks abruptly. An unreleased Natalia Kills song is playing through the car's speakers, but is muffled to the viewers. A shot of silver skulls dangling from the rear-view mirror. Now that we are "in" the car, the track is playing loud and clear. Kills turns the car off. Silence. Shot of her reapplying red lipstick in the mirror. Shot of Natalia's silver-studded black stilettos, as she steps out of the vehicle. A shot from inside the drug store, capturing Kills' entrance into the shop. She looks around. A shot of a tall man dressed in drag. Fishnets, stripper heels, and a painfully cheap wig. Filthy glamour at it's finest. A shot of Kills approaching a large bucket that holds about a dozen technicolor water guns. She looks towards the man behind the register.

"I'll have them all." She says this with a blank stare.

A shot of the man behind the desk. He has an eye patch and gold teeth, which further displays the hard edge of this neighborhood. Kills doesn't quite fit in. Yet, she does.

"What're you gonna do with alla those?" He asks with a hoarse voice.

White noise. A shot of Kills. She is staring off. Thinking. Her red lips turn to a smile. She removes her sunglasses, and looks right into the man's eyes.


The film takes on a dreamy quality, as the scene fades out. Fade in. The following scenes are in fast-motion. Kills is sitting in her apartment. Shot of her hands, grabbing a music box and opening it. Its eery music fills the silence. Shot of Kills dumping all the water guns onto her bed. Shot of Kills grabbing a can of black spray paint. Several quick shots of Kills spraying every gun black, covering any remnant of color. Shot of Kills' hands covered in black paint. Shot of Natalia spray painting, "Kills," on the side of every water gun in white using a paper stencil. Fade out. Fade in. This is still a scene from Natalia's fantasy while standing in the drug store. Its dream-like qualities are still evident in the film style. These shots are in regular speed, allowing the viewer to recover from the fast-paced images they have just seen. The music switches to a more rock-driven Kills song, filled with angst and edge. A shot of an empty desert. A shot of a coyote. A shot of the horizon, where the sun is just rising. The heat of the desert is creating an interesting effect on the film's quality. A black figure comes into view. Followed by several more black figures. The sun is distorting their shape. A closer shot of the figures, revealing an army of people. Kills is walking in front, holding her black water gun. The rest are wearing full black, body suits. These reveal no skin, covering both their face and limbs. No one can be identified. They all look the same. They too, hold black spray-painted water guns. Black vultures circle over head. A birds-eye view shot, revealing the, "Kills Army," triangular formation. Natalia is at the point, leading the escapade. A front view shot, again. All are marching with matching foot patterns, while Natalia is simply working her natural strut. She has business to do, and this mission is clear in her facial expression. The army comes to a halt. The vultures land beside them. The camera pans from the front, and circles around to the back. An unknown city is in view, ahead of the, "soldiers." It's enormous buildings are visible from the dry desert. There is no knowing what Natalia has in store for this city. A shot of Kills shooting a little gasoline out onto the sand. She smiles. A shot from behind of the army. They start marching again, but slowly disappear from view as they are walking down a steep hill. When all are out of the frame, the camera pans up to the sky. The sun creates an intense glare, until the film reaches complete blackness. Several seconds of complete silence. Suddenly, sounds of screaming, glass smashing, and flames blowing envelope the white noise. Fade out.

Love Kills.
Comment by Logan Cypher on July 14, 2010 at 8:15pm
Fade in. Barren strip of land. Hot and muggy. A lone police squad car sit in the distance; deserted.

Slowly move in. A cop; each hand hand-cuffed to the front of the squad car. From the looks of it, he's been here for awhile; dehydrated. His sunglasses display a lipstick smeared "X" on one lens, and an "O" on the other.

A van approached in the distance, leaving behind a wake of dirt swirling behind. It stops, then reverses; the back of the van now facing the man (a good 20 feet away). The front door opens. High heels appear, followed by Kills. She holds a baseball bat and begins to walk towards the man.

She approaches him, prompting him to look up; he face glared by the beating sun.
"You." He says.
"Me." Kills responds with a deadly grin.

She leans forward, lips to ear. "I've got a secret. Wanna hear? I'll tell you anyway. You *beep with censor bar across the mouth* with the wrong girl."

She winds up the bat, swings, but stops before impact; causing the man to flinch. She smiles then begins to walk back to the van.

"Why are you doing this?" The man yells.

She stops at the van's back doors, grinning; an ominous gesture. Quickly she opens the door. Two snarling dogs run out of the back towards the man; prompting him to scream. Music begins to play. She gets in the van; driving away into the desolate wasteland, leaving a path of swirling dust.
Comment by Dayvon on July 14, 2010 at 11:04am
Suddenly you see a bright light. The next shot is of a man sitting on a tattered chair in a bright plain room. His face is dirty and a handkerchief in his mouth to prevent him of screaming. He then looks around scared. Next shot. Is of frying bacon in a pan. Then we see Natalia’s face (her frying the bacon) her face monotone as usual. In the background the man still looking around confused. Kills then turns around and we see a full shot of the room. There is a long table (the man sitting at the end) and on both sides, life size children dolls (sitting in chairs) both dirty, torn, and stitched up. She then walks over to him seeding down the plate of bacon (Natalia in a gothic version of a 40’s “happy homemaker” outfit). Then we see a shot of bugs crawling threw the bacon. The man looks up confused. She then picks up some of the bacon with a sharp barbecue spatula. And says, “Here comes the chew chew train”. And she jolts it in his direction. The screen goes black and u here him scream. The same man suddenly wakes up in his bed screaming. He then rubs his head realizing it was a dram. You then see him in his bathroom, quickly splashing water in his face. He then slowly looks up in the mirror, and he suddenly sees Natalia Kills behind him threw the glass. He then immediately looks behind him to see nothing there. Then he hears a window crash in his house. He then quickly runs to a phone to call the police. (Not hearing a dial tone) he swiftly runs to a closet shuts the door. After a few seconds of silence, He heres Natalia singing a slow lullaby version of “Activate my Heart”. She slowly walks down the hallway dragging a metal ball connected to a chain long chain. He watches her from a crack in the closet door (seeing a strip of light on his face). And as you here Natalia slowly come to the end of the song you see the light coming from out side the door slowly disappear from the mans scared face. And then the seen ends with the sound of a large boom.

Note: I thought it would be interesting to see Natalia Kills threw the eyes of her victim for once
Comment by Kevin Christian Casarrubias on July 13, 2010 at 11:54pm
Movie film rolls
screen focuses on kills heels.
*click clack* as she walks down the hall
camera stays focused on her shoes walking.
kills walks up a flight of stairs.
*click clack*
opens a door
blood begins to drip next to her heels
camera is still focus on just the ground level
she begins to walk again only faster.
blood keeps dripping.
walking speeds up.
starts to run.
kills falls
camera changes to bird view of kills, laying on the ground bleeding.
zooms to eyes
turn to flash back
Kills is rocking back and forth on a swing.
deserted playground.
phone rings.
kills-"talk to me"
voice-"turn around"
as kills begins to turn, 2 men cover her body in a black bag.
as the stuggle starts the screen gets fuzzy
back to the kills on the ground
it becomes apperant that kills is at a hospital and nurses rush to help
Comment by Justin Moran on July 13, 2010 at 10:46pm
Static. The following shot is shown through the eye of a security camera in a police station. A man enters surrounded by several policemen. They leave the frame, through a large prison door. Next shot. Several women are collected in a small room. A woman wearing a leather police jacket guards the door. She appears unwavering. The shot switches to regular film. Still spotty, keeping with the theme of Love Kills. The man, still surrounded by police stands in front of a window of glass. A close up of his hands shaking. Shot of 5 women entering a small room behind the glass. Kills is wearing black, heart-shaped sunglasses, and a single upside-down cross earring. Her hands are behind her back, as she stands with confidence. The other 4 women are wearing all black, and holding a mask to cover each of their faces. The mask is of Natalia's face. They show Kills in black and white, and wearing the same heart-shaped sunglasses. A shot of each woman holding the mask that covers their real face.

"Do you recognize any of these women?" The police asks, bored.

A shot of the window. All 5 women are visible, and the victim's face is reflected in the glass. He is staring directly at Natalia. A shot of his hands. They are shaking even more violently than before. A close up of Kills' face. She is smiling; her eyes piercing through the glass. Two words appear.

"Remember me?" A sing-a-long dot bounces over the two words, similar to episode 5 of Love Kills.

A shot of the victim's face. His eyes grow wide. A shot, displaying a single bead of sweat dripping down his face. He passes out. Suddenly, we are seeing through his eyes. The screen is black for a few seconds. Visions of the police-men crowding over his body fade in, and fade out. Darkness. His eyes open. This scene is a memory. A memory of the attempted murder committed by Kills. He is underwater, so the victim's vision is blurred. He blinks open, and closed. Bubbles fill the screen from his attempts to gasp for breath. He looks down, and sees a black weight. It is attached to a silver chain, which is strapped to his foot. He can faintly see a label on the black ball.

"Kills, xx."

He looks above, towards the surface of the water. Sun shines through. An outline of Kills standing on the edge of the pool fills the screen. The water ripples distort her image. A shot from above the water. The camera angle is behind Kills, showing her look down into the water. She is wearing leather boots, and a black leather swimsuit covered in silver studs. A sucker is in her mouth. She is simply staring at her victim. The pool is located in a motel, somewhere in the desert. Cheap metal fencing surrounds the pool, and trash is collected in the corners of the space. This is not a luxury location. A shot back in the eyes of the victim beneath the water. He is screaming, but the sound is muffled. He is shaking violently, and trying to fight the weight of the prison ball and chain. Blackout.

A shot of Kills' shoes, as she walks out the door of the prison into the outdoor parking lot. Wanted posters cover the desert ground.

"Wanted," it writes at the top. Kills is pictured wearing a shirt with the infamous stenciled phrase, "Call Me Kills." These papers blow in the wind. A shot of one hitting the side of a vehicle's wheel.

Shot of Natalia bending down to pick one up. She stands back up, and calmly studies it. A shot of her red lips. The corners of her mouth grow into a wicked smirk. A low shot of her walking away with the poster crinkled in her grasp. The sun is setting, as her silhouette turns black, and disappears into the bright evening sun. Fade out.

Love Kills.
Comment by jacob durham on July 13, 2010 at 5:32pm
the next victim is walking out of a drug store at night holding a coke and a bagwhile going to his car when a car pulls up fast and suddenly stops in front of him so its blocking his car....the victim is in shock while kills steps out of the car looking amazing like she always does...the victim starts running in the oppisite direction while kills simpley steps on the hood of her car pulls out a gun take aim and shoots...then the episode ends gracefully
Comment by Colin Dawidziuk on July 13, 2010 at 5:02pm
One of the inspirations I had was Kills' reading of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. The setting is a dank and seedy strip club. The main focus is an ex-boyfriend of Kills', who is very much so 'enjoying' his time. A stripper saunters up to the ex, and a tattoo that says "Love Kills" is decipherable on her shoulder blade, but unnoticeable to him. She approaches him and whispers in his ear "There's someone who wants to...see you." He smirks and gets up, and follows the stripper to a private room. She opens the door, winks at the ex and lets him in. The door is shut with a loud BANG. Once inside, he is greeted by a dimly lit area, but the body of a woman sitting is visible. Her stiletto heels and fishnet tights are the only visible component of her body. The man looks confused. "Guess who." comes Kills' voice. The ex now stands stupidly, and replies "...Kills?!" Natalia comes from out the shadows. She is walking awkwardly - both of her hands are behind her back, a gun hidden in her belt/waistband. She approaches him slowly, She then says "And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted..." And swiftly, Kills brings the gun up to his head, and smirking, whispers in a sing-song fashion - "Nevermore!". A gun shot. The sound of a body falling to the ground. Kills' opens the door and stalls momentarily, looking back at her latest victim, and blows his corpse a kiss. End.
Comment by Oscar Valdivia on July 13, 2010 at 11:56am
i was inspired from one of many topics i saw in my psychiatry class...

it's the middle of the night in a desert-like place. The lights of the city can be seen in the distance. Kills is sitting inside the driver's seat of her car with her eyes closed. Some drops of sweat start forming in her forehead. Kills then starts having a flashback of her arguing with a guy, and of her throwing all the gifts he gave to her. She opens her eyes. Then, she pulls out a bussiness card out of the pocket of her jacket. It has the name of a doctor and two phone numbers, one of which is for emergencies. Kills smiles a bit, in an ironic way. Then, she throws the card over her shoulder to the back seat.
"OK, back to work" Kills says to herself.
She opens the door and steps out of the car, which has the front and back lights on. She then walks to the trunk, clouds of dust dancing around her feet. The trunk is already open, so Kills takes out her shovel, decided to finish the job. Kills turns around and starts walking again. She stops at the h*** she dug herself. She looks down and sees a guy laying there, all tied up and with a sock inside his mouth. He looks up at her. The light that comes from the car gives Kills a ghostly look. He tries to scream but he can't.
"You know, i finally went to the shrink, as you suggested" says Kills with a soft voice. "And he told me not to bury my problems inside of me"
After some silence, she starts talking again.
"But he never said anything about not burying the cause of my problems"
She smiles as she starts burying his ex-boyfriend alive.
Comment by Ethan on July 13, 2010 at 9:20am
So Natalia meets up with her old boyfriend who used to take her down into the city sewers so they could make out and do other things. She just leads him further and further in saying "i have a surprise for you. ect" and once she gets him far down enough she brings him to a room that locks. she leaves. and it fills up with water (maybe theres a thunder storm going on. or you just dam up the exit on your way out) then you make a mad dash out of there.
Comment by George Kinghorn on July 13, 2010 at 2:40am
Natalia IS sat on a public bus late at night, the bus is empty apart from the attractive female driver who keeps glancing in the mirror looking at Natalia, Natalia smiles sinisterly. Strangely Natalia is wearing black sunglasses. The bus pulls over and stops, the doors open and a man gets on and ignores Natalia, he sits some seats in front of her and the bus carries on. Natalia removes her glasses and drops them on the floor, she gets up, and sits on the seat behind the unknown man. Very slowly she leans in and whispers in the mans ear "Love Kills". At that very point the bus comes to a extremely sudden stop and the man stands up. Cut to black.

P.s - I'm from West Yorkshire, REALLY close to Bradford too :)))))


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