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Thanks for tuning in to "Love, Kills xx" each week! Enter my competition for a chance to win a "CALL ME KILLS" hand made tee shirt as seen in episode 7. Submit your wildest, most creative idea for an episode of "Love, Kills xx " below and the winner's idea will be used in an episode in season 2!

Submit as many original ideas as you can think of, and in 1 week the winner will be announced plus 2 runners up!

Good luck!

Kills xx

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Comment by Kiba Kabukimono on July 16, 2010 at 11:15pm

Its 3am,rain is pouring outside,and Natalia is sleeping...
Suddenly,her phone starts ringing.
Natalia wakes up and picks up the phone...

Jane:He cheated on me...(crying)
Natalia:Who is this?
Jane:That bastard cheated on me...(crying)
Natalia:Hello...Whats going on?
Jane:Im sorry miss Kills for disturing you...its boyfriend lied to me.(calming down)
Natalia:Calm down,can you tell me your name?
Jane:My name?...Its Jane...My name is Jane...
Natalia:What seem to be the problem?
Jane:Its my boyfriend...I want him to pay for cheating on me!
Natalia:So,why did you call me?
Jane:Well they say that youre really creative when it comes to...well...that.
Natalia:I see,can you give some informations about your boyfriend?
Jane:His name is Tom,his phone number is xxxxxx,make him pay!(hangs up)
Natalia:Wait!Who gave you my number,hello!?

-The next day Natalia calls Tom from a phone booth...

Natalia:Hello is this Tom?
Tom:Yes,who is this?
Natalia:My name is Natalia im one of Janes friends.
Tom:Oh,nice to meet you Natalia...
Natalia:Listen im here with Jane,can you meet us at that old gas station right outside of the town?
Natalia:Its a surprise...Be there at 1pm,okay?
Tom:Okay,see ya...

-Later,Natalia parks her car near the old gas station,and gets out of the car.
She sees on her watch that Tom is late...
Toms car approaches the gas station,he parks his car near Natalias and gets out of the car.
As he turs around,like a ghost Natalia appears in front of him...

Natalia:Youre late.(serious)
Tom:Oh,sorry,youre Natalia,right?
Natalia:Yes its me,you can call me Kills.
Tom:Okay...Kills...So,wheres Jane?
Natalia:She didnt felt so good,so i took her home...
Tom:Really!?Is she okay?
Natalia(whispers):Like you care...
Natalia:I said,shes okay.
Tom:So...what are we going to do now?
Natalia:Well,i said we have a surprise for you,didnt i?
Tom:That right,what is it?
Natalia:Did you ever wonderd what death sound like?
Tom:What do you mean?
Natalia:Close your eyes...
Tom:Are you serious?
Natalia:C'mon,trust me,youll be amazed.(smiles)
Natalia:Dont peak...

-Natalia takes off her headphones that were around her neck,after that she pulls out a tube of super glue out of her pocket...

Tom:Im waiting...
Natalia:Just a sec,its gona be great.

-Natalia opens the tube of super glue,and puts some glue in the headphones.
After that she puts the headphones on Toms head...

Natalia:Well do you hear it?
Tom:Hear what?
Natalia:The sound of death.
Tom:I hear nothing,are you sure these headphones work?

-Tom realizes that his eares are glued to the headphones,after he tryed to take them off.

Tom:What the hell is going on!?!

-Natalia blinds Tom with mace,then takes out here mini gun from here second pocket,and shoots Tom in the forehead.
She drags him to his car,and throws him into the trunk,and before closing the trunk,she says:Thats hear nothing.
-Closes the trunk,darkness...

Comment by Logan Cypher on July 16, 2010 at 9:47pm
Fade in. Dark room. A lone light hangs above a single table; piecing through the darkness that lays around it. A suited man sits alone at the table; mysterious, sophisticated.

Cut to: A car pulls up to the outside of a barren factory. The driver's door opens. Two heels appear from under the metal car door, followed by a mysterious woman - Kills. Music begins to play. She holds a metal suitcase; hand-cuffed to her wrist and her eyes hidden behind shades. She begins to walk towards the factory's doors.

The man, now smoking a cigarette, blows smoke into the stale air. Metal door's slide open, prompting Kills to enter the room. She approaches the table and sit down on the other side, directly facing the mysterious man. He grins. They know each other, but for what reason?

The man pulls out a deck of cards, placing it onto the table. Kills places the metal suitcase onto the table, opening it. A single poker chip sits inside. She places the chip onto the table; prompting the man the reach into his suit, pulling out a single chip of his own and throwing it onto the table.

He deals the cards. They both are tense. They both lay down cards, and grabbing the amount they discarded. They both stare at one another, a stalemate. He lays down his hand.

"Three aces, king pairs." He states, grinning.

Kills moves the hand to her mouth, kissing the cards calmly. She places them down on the table.

"Royal flush." She admits.

Cut to black.

"You lose." Her voice echoes.

A gun shot fires out.

Comment by NataliaKillsITALY on July 16, 2010 at 4:34pm
Episode opens with Natalia who is in a fairy house. She's looking at herself in the mirror. She puts the red lipstick. She says: "Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" and her reflection smiles. She turns and she sees the photo of her and her ex-boyfriend. Slowly she goes near the crystal table where there is the picture. She holds tight the frame in her hands and she sneers. She takes off the photo from the frame and she starts to rip it.
(At each rip there is a flashback where Natalia remembers when her ex cheated her with another girl in her house. She saw everything.)
Then the scene turns black.
Natalia's walking slowly down the stairs. It seems the house's cellar.
The only sound comes from her heels and the only light is a lantern in the middle of the room.
She starts: "Kitty.. Kitty.. Where are you?"
She is going around the room when her ex appears under the light of the lantern with a tight rope around his neck. He's a prisoner. HER prisoner.
He's down on his knees and he's begging Natalia to let him free.
She don't say a word..
She's only let fall on the floor a bright red apple which rolls in front of the man. Natalia crouches, caress his head and says: "You must be hungry, sweetheart."
He starts to eat the apple immediatly. When he bites the apple, Natalia smiles.
She puts on her sunglasses and his ex collapses on the floor.
He's dead.
She slowly goes up the stairs. She walks near the mirror and stares at her reflection.
Natalia says: "I'm the fairest"
Comment by John on July 16, 2010 at 3:28pm
Its is late at night, Natalia Kills walks into a club. The club is booming and as Kills sits at the bar drinking, a waiter come up to her hold a drink and says "That gentleman over there sent you this" the waitress point and Kills smiles and takes the drink. Later the man who sent Kills the drink walks over to her and asks to dance.

The night continues while Kills and the mystery man dance. Kills is have the time of her life. She thinks to herself "wow, i think i kinda like this guy." As the night goes on the man takes Kills to her house and Kills asks if he would like to come inside. The man answers "yes"

Kills holding his hand leads him to her bedroom. They kiss, then he stops and said "Wow, to think i was only going to do this as a bet, but i kinda like you." Kills giggles then thinks to herself "well, what'cha waiting for" and then grabs the metal lamp by bed and smashes it into the back of his head killing him.

Kills then leaves him on the floor and walks out the back door smiling as the real owners of the house walk in though the front
Comment by Kristian on July 16, 2010 at 9:28am
It's 2 a.m. on a Friday morning;
Natalia's got a sadistic mind. She plans her next plot and victim.
With the irrelevant incident that had just occurred two nights ago, she studied him reluctantly.
She managed to narrow down her options. One: she'd poison him. A martyr killing, no one would know. She smiled at the thought of getting away with it. Keeping a low profile was what she did, silly girl.
Two: she'd cause a scene where, obviously, he'd end as a casualty. There was a chance she may be seen in the disaster, but revenge was the only concept.
She didn't believe in a hit man; no she wanted to do things herself. She didn't feel complete if she didn't...

Kills knew where to find him. She'd ran these exact streets when she was with him. A well known speculation of the city.

*whispers*"Where are you hiding..."

She watched from her car across the street as he seems to be purchasing something from the nearby pawn shop.
Maybe a pistol, maybe trading something in. She wouldn't know; she'd never seen him trade an item of possession.
He made his way toward the door, eyes glued to the ground. With a guilty conscience, he appeared to be struggling to keep himself together.
He opened the car door and noticed something.
Kills smiled once again, started her car, and left the scene...

She waited in an ally, surely awaiting his arrival.
She knew he'd follow her, predictable boy.
There was a scene down by the river, perfect time for vengeance.
His toe-steel boots pattered against the wet asphalt as he got closer to the beautiful sadist.

"Kills?" he called across the ally.
"Yes?" she responded, venom in her words.
"What are you doing here?" he asked as her silhouette stood patiently, waiting.
"You know why I'm here."
He stopped confused by the metal object that slid from her hands to the ground. He all-of-the-sudden felt the urge to run, but no such luck. A black car now enclosed him to the ally, to Kills.
"Are you ready?" she asked criminally.
He swallowed hard and took a step back. "What are you going to do?"
She paused, causing agony to seep in slowly.

"It'll hurt just a little."
And as those five words came to shore, she started forward and finished her dirty work she'd planned...

“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”
Comment by Keith Jackson on July 16, 2010 at 3:28am
Episode opens with Kills sitting inside a car outside a building texting.She texts a unkown person saying " I Never Liked Hide And Seek".She Then Goes into the glovebox and pulls out a stunglove.After she puts it on, she gets out of the car and goes into the building. It is then reveald it is a Dentist Office.She goes up to one of the dental assisstants named "jane" and says "i always liked the name jane" and knocks her out.She Then Steals Her Clothes And Walks Slowly Down The Hallway.A Dentist See's Her And Asks his assissant who she is and the assisstant says she thought he let her in. When Kills Finally reaches end of hallway she walks into an office thats in the middle of a procedure and she stares at the patient with anger.The Camera zooms into her eyes and We Are Taken Into A flash back of Her , while her boyfriend's class ring being stolen from her (by the patient She is staring at ) .Then him having it melted down and made into a gold tooth.The Scene Goes back to the present where kills is still staring at man .Neither Dentist or patient has noticed she has walked in. She silently grabs the dentist with the glove and electrifies him with the stun glove.Then grabs a needle from her pocket with her other hand and injects the patient with it . While he is yelling for help she starts laughing and grabs a tool from the unconsiounsce dentist and and rips the patients gold tooth out .she looks at it , smiles , and walks out of the room .As she leaves a male dental assisstat walks into the room and starts yelling for help.She slowly keeps walking out of the building and gets in her car.She then texts the unkown person again and says " Found it".
Comment by Justin Moran on July 15, 2010 at 8:04pm
Fade in. A shot of Kills sitting in a recording studio. She is messing with several knobs, and sliders. Dracula sits in a chair next to her, staring ahead. A shot of an empty room, with a microphone hanging from the ceiling. The room is dark, except for the light of several candles, and the glow of buttons from the sound board. An unreleased Natalia Kills song is playing. Kills has a blank stare. It appears she is in the room alone. The camera pans to the left. 5 men are revealed. Each are tied to a chair behind Natalia. Their mouths are covered with a white cloth. A quick shot of each of their faces. The mens' eyes are bloodshot, revealing their fear. Sweat drips down their cheeks. Shot of a cd popping out of a laptop. Kills' hand reaches to pull it out. She grabs a black marker.

"Love Kills, xx." She writes.

Shot of Kills standing up. She walks over to the men, and stares at them. Dracula begins to growl.

"I told you I could do it," She says in a serious tone.

Shot of Kills blowing out each candle. One by one. Shot from inside the black room towards the door. Light from the hallway pours into the room. Full-body profile of Natalia walking out, holding Dracula. Only her outline is visible. The door closes. Blackout. Small white text appears.

Perfectionist n: A person who strives for or demands the highest standards of excellence in work.
Comment by LOVEKILLSXX on July 15, 2010 at 6:01pm
The episode opens with Natalia pacing a room. Natalia starts to speak. She says, I have been calling you, you havent called me back? You have been playing hide and seek with me. How about we play a little game of hide and seek now? You can hide, hide anywhere you want and I will seek. Natalia covers her eyes with hands and before she begins to count she lifts her hands off her face and says, I promise not to peek. She puts her hands back over her eyes and begins to slowly count.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Ready or not, here I come. She then begins pacing the room in a circle around something saying where oh where could Johnny be? The camera then reveals Natalia is standing in an empty room with a man tied up to a chair in the centre of the room. The man is only wearing undies and he is wearing a white mask with a large black question mark upon it. (The question mark and mask is used to hide the identity of Johnny). Natalia then says to Johnny, I dont play hide and seek. She then pushes the chair over resulting in Johnny landing on his back. She then puts her heel over his neck. Just before Johnny loses consciousness Natalia wakes up and she was dreaming. She then hears a knock on the door. She runs to the door, opens it, and finds a white mask with a question mark on it with a letter underneath it. Music with heavy bass begins and Natalia packs her things and the episode ends with Natalia driving away wearing the mask.
Comment by Josef Dillon on July 15, 2010 at 1:44pm
I love art so art is a relative theme in my concepts

The episode starts with Natalia staring at a hand mirror while trying on various colour wigs (with an almost 60s feel to the film) and whenever natalia changes wigs she is reminded of a man who has done her or a friend wrong and with the blonde wig where she uses her sheik melina heels and raises up one heel and shoots a sleeping man with them then leaves the heel on top of his chest after writing "kills" on his chest. (this is all done in about a minute) and then it flashes back to her changing wigs to a red wig when the moment the wig goes on she turns into a Dali inspired cartoon where she travels thru a White background with a match and burns the picture she is in which is learnt to be a mans portrait of her. Then returning back to the mirror scene natalia reveals her black hair and a quick flashback of season 1's events involving men quickly and at the end she winks revealing a cross marked on her eyelid depicting the pain she has been put through by men and that half of her personality lives on "killing" guilty men.
Comment by Jos Cheng on July 15, 2010 at 8:14am
Revenge is the theme of all my ideas.

Kills is going to take revenge on the men that hurt girls and their hearts. Kills has nothing but a gun that is held in her hand, is chasing a man, when the man is forced to a corner, Kills holds up the gun then, bang, kills him. And Kills writes a note ‘Amanda says hi to you, and RIP.’ That means he hurt a girl called Amanda. The log is placed right next to the man.

That was the first one only.

There’re lots of bad men out there. Kills dresses to kill. A man is coming out from a bar, he is drunk, he doesn’t know what he is doing. Kills comes to him, and picks him up. The man thinks she wants to go to a hotel with him. Apparently, that’s not true. Kills hold up the gun, fired to his head. As usual, she writes a piece of paper.

It’s like a mission, Kills is going to kill all those bad bad men. Kills smiles to the camera every time when she killed a bad man and writes a log to tell us which girls he hurt.

But this idea can be only use to … like… 2-3 episodes. So the next idea will be…

Kills killed many men. She knows, she can’t stop all the bad men who don’t respect love. She decides to take the final stage of her mission. She finds all those girls who were hurt by somebody, then teaches them to be special killers.

Finally, they become The Team Kills.

the end

this is all about to respect love, just use a revenge way to show this.

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