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Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 6:54pm
Love kills logo is shown, followed by this quote

"A promise is only a temptation away from becoming a lie'' - unknown

The screen is dark. We can hear a loud crash and scream as the scene cuts to kills and a woman bursting through a glass door. Cut to a closeup of kills face, sitting at a table in the sunlight. THe scene then goes back to the woman on top of kills, punching her. We then see a closeup of a womans face, also sitting at a table in the sunlight. The scene then changes to show kills on top of the woman, choking her with the womans own hair. The scene then cuts to show both kills and the woman from the fight sitting at a table in the sunlight, on a balcony of what appears to be a fancy house. Kills is holding a wine glass, sipping what appears to be champagne. Kills removes her glasses, revealing a black eye. She looks the woman in the eye, and we can see that her face is badly scratched and her neck red. "I'm sorry for any damages I may have cost'' kills says. "No no don't worry about it.... it was my fault. I... he was mistaken'' the woman says. ''Surely there must be something I could do to repay you'' kills says as she sips her drink. "After all, a promise is a promise. We may have been both at fault but, I think i'm especially in debt to you'' Kills says, gesturing towards her neck. '' that I think about it.. there is something we could both benefit from.'' the woman says. the scene changes to the parking lot outside a house at night. Music starts playing as kills struts towards her car. The trunk is open, but we can't see whats inside. She looks at it, smiles, and shakes her head disprovingly. She drives off, as kicking can be heard from the trunk. Scene slowly fades to black.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 4:53pm
Cut to love, kills logo and this quote

“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.” - Unknown

Cut to black. we hear the sounds of water bubbling and a muffled scream. The scene is then black and white, a flashback, and We can then see kills being held under in a tub full of water. A hand grabs her by her hair and pulls her up. As the scene changes to color and the present, the man pushes kills back under as we see that the man who held her under is now kills herself, and she is holding the man under. The past/present flashes go on for a few moments, until finally we see kills steadily holding the man under. She pulls him up for one last gasp of air, as she whispers in his ear ''I'll never forget. Did you?'' She then proceeds to hold him under: this time for good, until he stops moving. She stares at him questionably for a few moments, until she takes his head out of the water, throwing him back and letting him plop onto the floor. She carefully leans over to drain the tub. As the water is draining, she takes a white lace handkerchief and elegantly dabs the excess water from her face. She kisses the handkerchief, leaving a red lipstick print right in the middle of it. She then carefully places it in the mans pocket. "Never forget... *chuckles* i'm sure you won't." kills says, as she turns to leave the room as the scene cuts to black.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 4:04pm
Cut to love kills logo, followed by this quote

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” - Benjamin Franklin

Cut to a darkly lit apartment. A man sits on a bed, reading a text message that reads ''Can u keep a secret? xx" The man shakes his head confusingly, places the phone on the night stand, and goes to sleep. The scene slowly fades to black, as we hear a phone ringing. The scene changes to a view of the man, and then to a view of the phone lying on the bathroom sink. The man awakens and instincively reaches for the phone, but finds its not there. he cautiously gets up and follows the ringing to the bathroom. He picks up the phone and reads the text message he just received ''Guess not... xx'' the man gets a strange look on his face, as the camera pans to an image of kills standing in the shower, directly behind the man. the scene cuts to black. We then see kills sitting in a car in a near empty parking garage, with the man in back tied up. The phone sits next to kills in the passenger seat. It starts ringing and she answers it. "Hello?" "May I ask who i'm speaking with?" "*laughs* he can't talk right now... hes a little tied up at the moment'' She hangs up. She turns around to face the man. ''If you can't keep a secret, then I can't keep you" she says. music starts playing as She turns the car so its facing a wall, and drives forward, stopping before hitting the wall. The then puts the car in reverse, and backs up as fast as she possibly can. We see them quickly approaching the back wall. Right before they hit the wall and the man is crushed, the scene cuts to black as a loud crash is heard.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 3:27pm
Cut to love kills logo, and this quote:

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” - Malachy Mccourt

Cut to kills, sitting in a darkly lit livingroom. A tv can be seen on, but showing nothing but static. She crosses her legs, and takes a phone out from her purse, slowly dialing a number. The conversation is as follows. "Hi Honey" "Are you gonna be home soon?" "I made you dinner. Your favorite" "*chuckles* okay. Hurry home. Its getting cold'' She then hangs up. The scene cuts to black, and changes to the kitchen of the house. Natalia can be seen standing over a pot of food, as she reaches into her purse taking a bottle full of chunks of glass. She stares at it intently as the scene fades to black. We then see her sitting in front of the tv as before, as a man enters. ''Hi honey.'' Kills says. "Dinners ready'' she says. "I made it special. just for you" Scene cuts again and we see kills sitting on a small table with the man, sitting directly across from him. The man has a bowl of food sitting in front of him. "Bon apetit" kills proclaims, with a smile on her face. The man begins eating, and slowly his face of pleasure changes to a face of despair. "Theres something *cough* wrong *cough* with the *cough* texture *cough cough cough*'' he says. ''What can I say? I used my special ingredient'' kills says. The man sticks his fingers in his mouth and takes them out, to find them covered in blood. The man then collapses to the floor, heaving and screaming in pain. Kills then gets up. Crouching to quetly tell the man something. "You know james... sometimes the truth is a little hard to digest." She laughs, as the man passes out on the floor, blood coming from his mouth. She kisses his cheek with a smirk, before shoving a small piece of paper in his mouth, as the scene cuts to black.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 2:35pm
The love kills logo is shown, followed by this quote:
“An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Cut to kills, driving in a black escalade in the passengers seat. A man can be seen driving. he is staring blankly at the road, ocassionaly eyeing kills from the corner of his eye. Her legs are propped up, partially out the window. She is loudly chewing and smacking on a piece of gun. Kills turns to look at the man with a smile. ''You know, they say forgiveness is the best revenge. And maybe thats true. But this: this isn't revenge sweetheart. Its karma.'' ''Stop here.'' The vehicle is stopped in front of a long dark pathway, leading up to a run down old house. Kills then exits the vehicle and heads to the trunk. Out of it, she pulls a man, mouth duct taped, arms and legs bound. He is beat up, drifting in and out of consciousness. She drags him around the corners to the drivers side and roughly tosses him to the pavement. ''I'll be back. And don't even think about trying anything funny.'', she says, as she lifts up her skirty to reveal a switchblade knife attached to her leg via a garter. She turns to walk away. Suddenly, she stops and turns around towards the man again. she approaches him with a smile on her face. ''I'll be needing those'' she says as she points towards the keys in the ignition. He hands them to her. "thanks sweetheart'' she says, as she pulls her gum out of her mouth to stick it on the mans face. ''Up. Now.'' She says as she pulls the tied up man up, grabbing on to his arm as they walk towards the dark pathway towards the house as music plays. She approaches the house and knocks. A young woman answers, with a big smile on her face. "I wasn't expecting you so soon!'' "What can i say, i'm a fast worker'' Kills responds. ''Hes in your hands now. Take care of him" kills says laughing. She throws him violently to the ground. Kills then hands the woman a bunched up sheet of paper. She places her pointer finger over her mouth. ''Shhhh'' kills says. The woman nods, as kills turns to walk away. As she nears the car, she realizes the man is gone. Frantic, she turns around all over looking for him. ''S***!'' She yells. ''Come out come out wherever you are'' she exclaims, fingering the knife in her garter. Crunching of the gravel can then be heard, as kills stops moving. Her eyes widen, as the scene cuts to black.
Comment by Enrico on July 17, 2010 at 9:57am
The episode begins with the image of the headlight of Natalia's car, then the images show the wheels and finally we see Natalia driving the car through a dark street in the night.
She is dressed with a white mini-dress, a long necklace with a microphone, black stockings with suspenders and big black sunglasess.
Next to her there is a big box that says FRESH DRINKS. The line is printed at the sides and above.

The scene change and the music starts. This scene is in black and white and the actions are divided by a black fader.
Natalia gets out from the car, she opens the opposite door and takes out the box.
From the pocket of her dress she pulls out a key and opens the old rusty gate of an old disused factory.
As she opens the door, she enters in a huge room, but - at the moment - the only light comes from large windows at the top of the room and so we can't see much.
She opens up a cabinet beside the door and switches on the lights and the electricity.
The huge room would have been completely empty if it had not been for a open dispenser of cans in the opposite wall to the door.
After turning on the lights, she opens up the box with a knife and she fills the dispenser with the cans. Then she closes the door of the dispenser.
The last images of this scene show Natalia turning up the heating to 42 degrees and leaving the room.

The music stops and the scene change again.
Natalia is outside the factory, lit only by a streetlight, and she is talking at the phone with a man (meanwhile, close-ups of the open box and of the dispenser are shown).
"Hi Rick. I'm waiting for you at the same place. Come here." and she hangs up.

One second of black screen.
Another car arrives and parks next to Natalia's car. A man gets out from the car (he's dressed with mimetic trousers, a tight white t-shirt and yellow sunglasses).
At the same time, Natalia re-enters in the factory and the man follows her.
When he enters in the room, he meets up with Natalia and when he's about to speak, the screen turns black and we cannot hear anything.

When the images appear again, a close-up of the man's hand drying the sweat from his forehead is shown opposite to the image of a single sweat drop falling from Natalia's cheek.

"It's so hot in here" the man says "Can I have a drink?" asks.
"Of course you can" answers Natalia, with a smile that reveals her real intent, and she adds "I'll pay".
From the pocket of her dress this time she pulls out one dollar and she gives it to the man.

The man crosses the room, put the money in the dispenser and select a beer.
He drinks it at once.
When he's about to say something and to come back, he stops and coughs (and the music starts again).

Images of the man coughing and of the empty can of beer thrown on the floor flashes through the screen.
Natalia is watching the scene impassively. And, after a while, the man collapses on the ground, dead.

The last frames - in contrast with the horrible scene - show Natalia going out of the room quietly (with a close-up of her hand holding a tea bag with the line POISON printed on it) and locking the door.

Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 1:48am
The love kills logo is shown, followed by the signature quote before every episode.

''“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” - Leonardo Davinci

The camera pans to kills, in the same hotel room as she was last time, this time with the same mans corpse on the bed, tied, but with three gunshot wounds in his chest. Natalia walks over to his body, with a sly smile on her face. She chuckles, ''Boy oh boy, just what am I gonna do with you" kills says. She turns around, elegantly sitting in a chair opposite the bed, and crosses her legs. She takes out a phone and dials 911. The conversation is as follows.
''Yes.. i'd like to report a murder''
''The man has been shot three times. Twice in the stomach, once in the heart'' Kills smiles. ''(insert hotel name here)'' ''Room 4b.''
"My name? *smirk* call me kills''
She then hangs up the phone. Pulling an envelope and 3 photographs out of her pocket. she lays the three photos out on the bed, staring at them intently. The three photos are one of a man, one of a gun, and one of the mans liscense plate. She neatly gathers them together, and places them in the envelope. With sharpie, on the envelope she writes ''Catch me if you can - xx'' and places the envelope on the mans pants. She is then shown leaving the motel, approaching her car. Before entering, she turns around to look at the motel, and blows a kiss and waves in its direction. She enters her car as the scene cuts to black.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 1:21am
Cut to love, kills logo and then the quote we see before every episode

''Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, pain of love lasts a lifetime.” - Unknown

Cut to a dark, dirty motel room. A man lies shirtless on a bed tied up, bound and gagged.
The frame then pans to kills standing in the bathroom, staring at
herself in the mirror. She applies makeup to her face, suddenly stopping. She stares at herself for a moment. before elegantly blowing a kiss at her reflection. Kills slowly exits the room as her reflection remains frozen, gently waving and smiling at her.
Kills then seductively strides to the bed, sitting on the lower corner of it. She leans over, gently caressing the mans face. She carefully removes the blindfold. She leans in to his ear, whispering ''Do you trust me?'' The man nods, with a slight smile on his face.
''Do you love me?'', Kills asks. The man nods. Kills then stands up
''You shouldn't'' kills proclaims. She then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a knife. The man starts to twist and turn violently, as kills raises the knife above her head as if shes going to stab him. She plunges the knife downward, stopping right before the knife enters the mans chest to laugh, as the man is whimpering. She leans over and whispers in his ear ''its not gonna be that easy''
Kills then takes the knife and gently slices across his chest with the knife, slowly raising the knife to her lips as she licks the edge. ''Don't you just love the taste of betrayal?'' Kills proclaims, chuckling to herself. She rubs her thumb against the cut and wipes the blood on the mans lips. ''taste it'' kills exclaims. Laughing, she whispers in the mans ear yet again ''Do you wanna play a game? Catch me if you can'' She then places the key in the mans mouth, and exits the room as music plays. The man begins twitching violently (the film is sped up to make the process quicker) and eventually he breaks free from the chain on his left arm. He spits the key out and uses it to unlock his arms and legs. Frantic and confused, he cautiously exits the hotel room, on the lookout for kills. He then proceeds to enter an elevator, pushing the button for the lobby. He gets off the elevator and walks down the hall way, halfway he stops with a scared look on his face, and turns around slowly to see kills facing him. ''Its not gonna be that easy'' kills says, as the scene cuts to black as a gun shot is heard.
Comment by Kiba Kabukimono on July 17, 2010 at 12:59am
Dance Lesson

Like a shadow Natalia drives her way thru her old neighbourhood.
At the end of the street,Natalia parks her car,gets out,an unconsciuosly,almost petrified,
starts staring at her old house,where she and her parents lived.
An unespected flashback hits Natalia,she starts remembering how her house looked like when she was a little girl.
She cold swore that she heared her old music box playing in the background of her soundless,black and white movie memory.
Natalia snaps out of her haunting memory,and keeps her cool.
As the last ray of light vanishes into darkness,Natalia silently but sharply whispers:Somebody is waiting for me...
Natalia starts walking towards the house,opens the ulocked doors of the house,and walks in.
Surprisingly she remembers the arangement of the rooms in the house,probably because of the suffocating air that awakend all of her childhood memories.
Natalia feels uncomfortable,she doesnt want to stay in the house for too long,so she starts walking towards the staircases that are leading to the basement.
While going down the stairs,she becomes aware that he can probably hear her.
Her heart starts beating rapidly,that she could almost hear the echo of her heartbeats roaming thru the basement.
In the dark,Natalia notices a moonlight siluete standing in the middle of the basement.
She asks the mysterious apparition:Is that you...Dante?
He turns around,and turns the light on...

Dante:Yea,its that you Natalia?
Natalia:Its me...I see youve changed a lot...
Dante:You too Kills,you definitely dont look like that brat that use too beat up boys.
Natalia:Hm,i was never a brat Dante,you were the one that always bullyed me,and played with my emotions...
Dante:Yea right Kills...
Natalia:(staring at Dante)
Dante:Look,why did you called me,and whats up with this sudden reunion thing...We were never friends Kills,remember?(annoyed)
Natalia:I remember it very well,very,very well.But you know i always...huh,kinda liked you...(fake flirting)
Dante:Oh really?!Well who would of thought that the always independent little miss Kills,astually liked me.(laughing)
Natalia:(smiles viciously)
Dante:Anyway im outta here,your old place always creeped me out...
Natalia:No!(deadly serious)
Dante:Wow,why so serious all of a sudden,you know Kills you were always a bit crazy...

-While Dante is talking Natalia starts moving towards the light switch.
While moving her eyes are fixated on Dante,like a snake on its pray.
Natalia grabs the switch and says:time to pay your debts.
The whole basement gets swallowed by dark.
All of a sudden you can only see Dantes moonlight siluete panicing in the dark,while Natalia is hidding in the shadows.
Few seconds later Natalia grabs a shovel,gets behind his back,and hits him in the head.
The screen becomes completely black,you can only hear Natalias heels climbing up the stairs.
Ten seconds later,again Natalias heels can be heard,walking down the basement stairs.
After that the sounds of dragging,ductape,and cable connecting are getting more and more intense...
Natalia turns the light on,suddenly a shocking scene appears...
Dante is hanging on a rope that is aroun his neck.
Conscious and still alive,his arms are firmly tied behind his back,and his mouth are covered with ducktape.
Dante starts to sweat and panic.
He thinks he is choking,but then he realizes that he is barely standing on his toes.
Dante looks down and sees that he is actually standing on a electric barbecue grill(that has been standing in the corner of the basement).
Natalia starts to move towards Dante(he looks confused and mad).
She turns the grill on,and while setting the heat on maximum she says:wach out,play with fire and you'll get burned.(grins)
Then makes two or three steps back asking Dante:so,having fun so far?
Dante is paralyzed with fear staring at his feet.
The heat from the grill starts to burn Dantes toes,he tries to scream,but because of the huge amount of ducktape on his mouth he fails.
He lifts his feet up and starts choking,the burning pain that stopped reminded him that the grill is the only thing that keeps him alive.

Amused,Natalia asks:well,are you going to dance or are you going to die?

-Dante returns his toes on the burning grill,and starts to move with them so he won't get burned.

Natalia:Ballet?Excellent choice,but im not impressed,you can do better than that...

-Half consciuosly Dante starts squirming in pain as the grill burns his feet...

Natalia:Huh,dying and dancing at the same time,whos crazy now,you or me?

-Dante couldnt take the pain that grew stronger and stronger for each second that passed,so he lifted his feet once again and hanged himself.
Natalia puts her glasses on,turns off the grill and the light.
Again in the dark Natalias heels can be heard as she climbs up the stairs.
Reaching the top of the stairs she stops,her glasses are shining viciously in the darkness,she smiles and says:Dont come out of the basement until you learn how to dance properly,okay?
Natalia gets out of the basement,and slams the basement doors.

Comment by Kiba Kabukimono on July 16, 2010 at 11:15pm

Its 3am,rain is pouring outside,and Natalia is sleeping...
Suddenly,her phone starts ringing.
Natalia wakes up and picks up the phone...

Jane:He cheated on me...(crying)
Natalia:Who is this?
Jane:That bastard cheated on me...(crying)
Natalia:Hello...Whats going on?
Jane:Im sorry miss Kills for disturing you...its boyfriend lied to me.(calming down)
Natalia:Calm down,can you tell me your name?
Jane:My name?...Its Jane...My name is Jane...
Natalia:What seem to be the problem?
Jane:Its my boyfriend...I want him to pay for cheating on me!
Natalia:So,why did you call me?
Jane:Well they say that youre really creative when it comes to...well...that.
Natalia:I see,can you give some informations about your boyfriend?
Jane:His name is Tom,his phone number is xxxxxx,make him pay!(hangs up)
Natalia:Wait!Who gave you my number,hello!?

-The next day Natalia calls Tom from a phone booth...

Natalia:Hello is this Tom?
Tom:Yes,who is this?
Natalia:My name is Natalia im one of Janes friends.
Tom:Oh,nice to meet you Natalia...
Natalia:Listen im here with Jane,can you meet us at that old gas station right outside of the town?
Natalia:Its a surprise...Be there at 1pm,okay?
Tom:Okay,see ya...

-Later,Natalia parks her car near the old gas station,and gets out of the car.
She sees on her watch that Tom is late...
Toms car approaches the gas station,he parks his car near Natalias and gets out of the car.
As he turs around,like a ghost Natalia appears in front of him...

Natalia:Youre late.(serious)
Tom:Oh,sorry,youre Natalia,right?
Natalia:Yes its me,you can call me Kills.
Tom:Okay...Kills...So,wheres Jane?
Natalia:She didnt felt so good,so i took her home...
Tom:Really!?Is she okay?
Natalia(whispers):Like you care...
Natalia:I said,shes okay.
Tom:So...what are we going to do now?
Natalia:Well,i said we have a surprise for you,didnt i?
Tom:That right,what is it?
Natalia:Did you ever wonderd what death sound like?
Tom:What do you mean?
Natalia:Close your eyes...
Tom:Are you serious?
Natalia:C'mon,trust me,youll be amazed.(smiles)
Natalia:Dont peak...

-Natalia takes off her headphones that were around her neck,after that she pulls out a tube of super glue out of her pocket...

Tom:Im waiting...
Natalia:Just a sec,its gona be great.

-Natalia opens the tube of super glue,and puts some glue in the headphones.
After that she puts the headphones on Toms head...

Natalia:Well do you hear it?
Tom:Hear what?
Natalia:The sound of death.
Tom:I hear nothing,are you sure these headphones work?

-Tom realizes that his eares are glued to the headphones,after he tryed to take them off.

Tom:What the hell is going on!?!

-Natalia blinds Tom with mace,then takes out here mini gun from here second pocket,and shoots Tom in the forehead.
She drags him to his car,and throws him into the trunk,and before closing the trunk,she says:Thats hear nothing.
-Closes the trunk,darkness...



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