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Thanks for tuning in to "Love, Kills xx" each week! Enter my competition for a chance to win a "CALL ME KILLS" hand made tee shirt as seen in episode 7. Submit your wildest, most creative idea for an episode of "Love, Kills xx " below and the winner's idea will be used in an episode in season 2!

Submit as many original ideas as you can think of, and in 1 week the winner will be announced plus 2 runners up!

Good luck!

Kills xx

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Comment by xtg on July 22, 2010 at 3:43pm
My Epiphany for you.

Natalia kills - love kills intro comes.
Quote awakens : ''I do what I do because I have do. It is my privilege, if you happen to be the cause of the incident then consider yourself the option.'' --XtinatheGina

Natalia kills monologue before the scene : Ever wonder what people would do without you? Would they be half empty, or half full? I leave that up to them to decide. I put that aside.

You wake.
You call your friend.
Friend picks up.
Friend: Nat, I need you. *hears a man yelling in the back*
Kills: Do you bring it?
*more yelling in the back*
Friend: Of course I did.
Kills : I'll be there.

----gets at Friend's place-------

Kills walks in with utter chic. Bold, thick glasses, and a machete.
Friend : It's over there.
Kills : *goes down to the basement, and sees a man she recognizes there*.
Oh, well look who it is...Johnny. *Gazes*
*he wiggles around subtly and draws blank stares*
Kills: I was thinking of presenting to you today, a present. He doesn't bite I promise.
Although, I heard you do. *Quickly, cuts his leg off. He yells*
Kills : That's for cutting her out of your life.
*cuts other leg*
Kills : That's for not telling her you were going to do it.
*cuts his balls off*
Kills : That's for thinking you had any.

*walks up from the basement, and winks at friend*
Kills : The deed is gone, but its messy. That was a fun playground.
Friend : *smirks*

Kills walks out. She takes out the list of names out again in the car, and scratches out Johnny.
She drives off.

(I hope you enjoyed that sweethearts!) You will go far! I see it in you, your artistry is strong.
Comment by Jake Simmonds on July 21, 2010 at 7:21am
My idea for a episode for Love, Kills xx

Natalia is in the middle of a factory. You hear the machines buzzing and computers buzzing. On the wall behind her is KILLS written in big bold graffiti with fake blood dripping off each letter.

A mysterious male figure appears in the shadows behind her. Natalia hears the door slam shut and hears the footsteps, each one getting louder as the figure gets closer. She quickly looks down at her list of men. She circles one and quickly puts it away in her pocket. She gets up slowly and turns around. The man keeps getting closer until him and Natalia are face to face and can feel each others breath. Natalia takes off her shades and stares into the man's eyes for a few seconds. She leans in, and whispers in his ear
"I knew you'd be here."

The man sighs. Natalia turns around and walks off slowly. She goes out of another door that is on the other side of the room. We hear her moving things around, trying to find something. She steps out the doorway. She has rope and duct tape in her hands. The man looks confused and worried. Natalia is walking over to him. He tries to back away, but another female had secretly entered the factory and then stopped him from moving. Eventually, Natalia is face to face with the man again. Behind her back she quietly and quickly gets a piece of duct tape and puts it over the man's mouth. The man struggles, he tries to get away but it's no use, the other female has him firmly in her grasp.

Natalia gets the rope and ties it tightly around the man's hands and feet. He tries to free himself, but it's no use. Natalia's friend gives her a briefcase. She opens the briefcase and puts it on the ground next to the man. Natalia's friend then gives her a cigarette which she smokes for a while and then drops into the briefcase while its still alight. Her friend finally gives her a box of matches she lights a load of them and drops them in the briefcase. She quickly whispers in the man's ear,
"Break Kill's heart, Kills breaks you."

Her and her friend quickly run out of the factory and jump into their car. They drive off. Inside the car we see Natalia get her list back out and scribble out the name she circled early.
"Another one bites the dust."
In the background we see the factory explode and then the video fades out to black.
Comment by Poly ☆ on July 20, 2010 at 4:58pm
Opening: Three people may keep a secret....(the rest of the sentence fades in) if two of them are dead...Ben Franklin.

(No Music) Kills in the center of the bed, camera pans over a person lying next to you and out of focus, your lying looking up...face in focus..let out a sigh...maybe hear static..or a fan..maybe pan to a weird object and is black and white. Its well lit from the sun in the room.

Flash to scene with music...Kills in a club or on the street, man is watching her looking sinister..sees the opportunity to approach and strikes up convo. Camera views are over the shoulder looking at other audible dialog but there is a convo with smiles and laughs. The man motions to off camera, a woman approaches and begins kissing his neck, looks at Kills and joins convo.....

Music stops because its a scene back in the bed, again from the side looking past the man on the edge looking at Kills face (profile)..she says...was it good for you??...she turns her head towards him...Kill's face now goes blurry as the camera focuses on the apparent sleeping man's face.

Scene with music and no dialog maybe a uptempo whirling kinda screen but then illuminates because a door to a well lit room at night opens and your now looking in the room from the hall over the shoulders of Kills, the man, and the woman..You all spill into the room. Camera cuts to in the room, Kills takes off her jacket and we can tell she is telling them to make themselves at home as she leaves the room...when she does the man and woman quickly huddle together and open her purse. Next scene is 2 drinks close up...the one on the left has a powder poured in and stirred.

(Music stops...cuts back to Kills in bed looking straight is now on the opposite side of the bed with a figure out of focus...Kills says...."And you?". Kills is now out of focus because the female's face is now in focus apparently sleeping. Again old time fan or static from TV is the only sound.

(cut to a scene with music) Mainly showing sheets with bodies moving under them, maybe a female hand on the bed coming out of the sheets and a male hand creeps up her arm...same with having the camera on a female hand exposed out of the covers and then having a female hand emerging up the wrist holding the hand...passion.

(Cut back to bedroom and showing kills looking up again...maybe an angle where the camera makes her look vertical but she is laying trick, like she is laying against a wall.

(cut back to frantic music) the man and woman are frantically going through drawers, sifting through clothes, he is on a cell phone obviously in a panic speaking to someone, pointing to direct the female to look in a certain place....they find a cuts to the side looking at the room...the door is on the left, the man and woman are in the middle of the room..she walks to the left side of the room looks back at him, he is hanging up his cell phone..nods to her...she inserts the key then the door flies open, again we dont see in the door but we see it open but not the contents, the door is on the left side and we get a panoramic of the room, she falls towards the man away from the door, horrified at what she sees and they are clearly wanting to escape to the other side of the room as they look the direction of the open door...she is frantically grabbing him trying to get up they are panic...then BAM!!! music stop, screen is black....

Back to Kills and black and white again in bed...body on the side of the bed is out of focus...she gets up .....crawls down to the bottom of the bed....then music starts and we get an above the room view looking down to the man and woman both in bed ... both with cords around their neck...they are dead... of course :)
Comment by Zuleika Philips on July 19, 2010 at 4:41am
Potential concept for episode of Natalia Kills...

The waitress places two ice cream sundaes down in front of the couple sitting opposite each other in the diner.
She is the oldest waitress in the establishment, her grey hairs hidden well under her white cap uniform and would much prefer to be at home drinking hot chocolate and watching 'House' rather than on her feet at 11pm at night.
But her husband had died a few years ago, the pain of the loss refected heavily with the lines across her forehead and she suddenly had to find a means to keep living as they had produced no children to assist her in her old age.

But she was wise and had life experience and even she could see that the couple in front of her did not suit well together.
The girl was stunning and looked out of place sitting in the booth of the diner in the middle of nowhere.
She was so beautiful that the waitress tried not to stare and her hands shook as she placed the sundae beside the girl in case her earlier observations had been noticed and she would be chastised for it.
She had jet black hair that was tied up messily that a few locks fell next to her neck.
Her skin was a light olive brown, and as she turned her head the waitress found herself looking into her deep dark oval shaped eyes, as her red lips formed the words 'thank you'.
She was dressed all in black and her leg swung out under the table showing her black killer shoes with silver studs embedded in the heels.

The boy opposite the girl didnt acknowledge the waitress as she placed his sundae in front of him. He seemed as memorized as she was, and could not divert his eyes away from the beauty smiling in front of him.
He was a pale white with dark hair, wearing beige trousers and a checkered shirt done up to the neck.
He wore glasses, and was continually moving his shaking hand up to the rim above his nose to push them back up to his eyes.
The waitress walked back to the counter, only looking over her shoulder one last time at the couple to wonder if she had seen the girl on the cover of Rolling Stone recently, before shrugging her shoulders, her mind moving back to the fact she only had another 15mins before her shift was over and she could return back to her cat and Hugh Lawrie.

The boy seemed nervous as he lifted his spoon to the ice cream, and his voice kept breaking as he tried to speak.
'I appreciate you letting me take you out. I dont usually get to spend that much time with.. wom..people.. Misty takes up most of my life if i'm not helping out my mother- its usually just the three of us. You helping me how you have done today. You are like a guardian angel sent to me.

I'll need to go to a phonebox soon to call her and just let her know where I am in case she gets concerned. I'd hate her worrying'...

The girl smiled at him. He was so different from the kind of guys she was used to, she was a dominating, powerful girl who was used to powerful men, and this boy seemed so vulnerable she automatically wanted to reach out and help him.

She touched his hand lightly 'I love dogs. I cant imagine how you must be feeling right now losing your Chihuhua. But we really have looked everywhere that we can and the fact Misty is Microchipped as soon as anyone finds her you will know about it.

So cheer up and eat up.'

She slides her cell across the table at him and laughs as she says 'You can call your mother from my phone. You really really need to invest in one of these'..

The boy blushes and he reaches out to take the cell, his fingers touching hers. The physical contact sends a shudder down both their spines and he allows his hand to linger there before picking up the cell and stepping away to make the call.


The girl is in a deep sleep, dark sheets wrapped around her body as she begins to stem from unconciousness awakened by the shrill of a telephone.

With her eyes still closed her hand instinctivly moves towards the dresser, finding her phone and switching it off before dropping it on the floor and the ringing ceases.

The full room comes into view, and beside the bed on the chair rests the checkered shirt and beige trousers.

The ringing of the cell starts up again, and the girl opens her eyes, with a confused look on her face.

As she rises her eyes scan the room and the dent in the bed beside her before focusing on the trousers where her ears are telling her that the noise is coming from.

As she lifts herself from the bed the noise of running water comes from the bathroom, but she ignores it- instead making her way over to the chair and putting her hands into the deep pockets.

The cell phone is still ringing, and she notices it is one of those i-phones that identifies a caller with a picture. The photo is coming up on the screen of a woman kissing the cheek of a man a familiar man who is smiling head on to the camera.

This man isnt wearing any glasses, and is pretty good looking.

The girls eyes look beside the dresser at the resting glasses before she moves quietly to the bathroom door.

There is steam in the room from the heat of the hot water, and as she looks at him from behind, his eyes catch hers in the mirror and he smiles a cocky wicked smile before picking up the wedding band from beside the sink and placing it on a finger that she is now sure has felt the weight of that same band for sometime now.

He looks different, maybe its the wet hair combed back or the sudden confidence he's gained.. but he reminds her of the guys she has loved and lost before, handsome, arrogant.

He sees she's both angry and confused and it excites him.

'It wasnt all false. My kids have a cat called Misty'.

Scene 3

The girl looks into the same mirror that had caught the eyes, her face and hair as perfect as the night before in the diner.

She picks up her red lipstick and applies it to her lips before writing on the mirror 'Love Killsx'..

The camera follows her back as she walks to the door, picking up her small hand luggage.

It follows her bare feet as she walks down the carpetted hallway, following her body up past her legs to her hands where she carries her metal studded killer heels.

Some of the studs are red with gunk on them and they are dripping blood.. a trail of spotted blood leads a path down the hallway to the door she has just left behind.
Comment by Mikhail Boho on July 19, 2010 at 1:53am
"Hell is empty and all the devils are here." - William Shakespeare

Opens to Kills sitting in a park bench at night, cigarette in hand. There's a homeless man rummaging for garbage in a nearby trashcan, but Kills isn't distracted for a second. She pulls a cell-phone from her pocket, checks the time, looks up to an empty park. The only sound that can be heard is her breathing, and the man's rummaging for survival.

The obviously homeless man stumbles over to Kills. With a sweet, but damaged smile he asks for anything she can give. With a caring smile, she removes a diamond ring from her finger, and flings it towards him without a word exchanged. He begins to stumble off, she checks the time, and flicks her cigarette.

Suddenly, a large crash is heard, and kills non-nonchalantly looks towards the direction of the noise. In the distance, she foggily sees the man whom she'd given her ring to being beaten by a group of thugs. They harass him, spit on him, and throw him to the ground.

Kills whispers - S***...
and looks out towards the distance of the park, obviously waiting for someone. Still, she decided to stand up, and pulls a brass knuckle from her pocket. Carefully, removing her lace glove, she slips it on.

Close up of the man being kicked in the gut, with Kills approaching from the distance. As she draws close, the camera switches directly to her.

Kills: Guys, leave this guy alone. He has enough problems to worry about.
One of the thugs looks up, and gets a wicked smile on his face.

Man1: Mm, and what do we have here? What a sweet young thing.. all alone where no one can hear ya' scream.

He approaches kills with a sick grin on his face, and tries to massage her cheek. With one uppercut, he goes down like a sack of bricks.

Man2: S***! F***, Tony... grab her!

The man who she thinks to be Tony comes towards her, but with a swift punch to his temple, he falls to the floor. The third man runs off.

Kills lifts the homeless man up to sit comfortably on the floor, as she turns back to Tony. With a devilish smile, she walks over.

*Film Reel Missing*

The homeless is covered in blood now, and looks at Kills in horror. Suddenly, Kills realizes why she was there in the first place and looks back at the park bench she was waiting at. A man is standing there, in utter shock. As their eyes meet, his filled with horror, he begins to run. She looks up towards the sky, whispers something that not even she can understand, and takes off in pursuit.

Once she realizes she's lost him, she pulls out her list of men. She looks at it angrily, before taking her pen from her pant pocket, circling a name on the list.

With a sigh, she pulls out a cigarette, holds it in her bloodsoaked hands, and lights it.

Shuts to black. END.
(Wrote/Thought of this at 2 in the morning! Hope Kills likes it, as I am becoming a huge fan!)
Comment by margarita colmenares on July 19, 2010 at 1:00am
It starts with the quote 'Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creature is amusing in itself' - James Anthony Froude

Kills is in a barely lit apartment room standing over a table in front of broken mirror with a photograph of a guy standing in front of a painting taped to it, sunglasses on the table along with lipstick, mascara, brass knuckles, black gloves, two cell phones, and a razor. Kills is dressed in red jacket with a black top, black skirt with fish nets and red heels, black rose shaped earrings (like the ones at hot topic) hair down
Shes looking down and then looks up directly into the mirror the camera focuses in on a guy tied up on the bed with tape over his mouth. Same guy as in the photograph. She fixs her hair into a ponytail and puts on lipstick. Picks up one of the phones checks the phone for missed calls all are of kills.

Kills- "So why haven't you been answering my calls?"

Phone rings

Kills- " Well at least i know your phone works. I hear you've been spending time with someone else. I guess thats her calling?"

Guy- Mumbles

Kills- "Want me to take off the tape so you can answer?"

Guy- Shakes his head up and down

Kill- "Well too bad because whatever you say we both know will just be a lie. Won't it?

Kills takes off her jacket puts it on the table and begins to put on the gloves, grabs the razor and turns it on as she walking towards the guy.

Kills-" They say that in life everyone will hurt you no matter what so you have to make sure theyre worth the pain. You remember the day we took that photograph? Do you remember the promise that went along with it? That use to be one of my favorite days, too bad it was all a lie."

She smiles at him.

Kills- "I'm feeling pretty creative right now. Would you like to be my canvas?"

Guy- Shakes his head back and forth

Kills- "Don't worry I'll be gentle"

Kills cuts his hair leaving patches here and there

Kills- "Not so bad right? So quit shaking before I get upset."

Kills steps back

Kills- "You look so pale you really could use some color. Here lets fix that."

Walks to the mirror taking off one glove and slipping on the brass knuckles. Walks back smiles at him leans down and kisses him on the cheek leaving a red lip imprint

Kills-" You Know a broken heart hurts, but memories Kill."

Music begins to play. Stands straight up, kills is about to punch him when it goes black. END
Comment by Junior on July 18, 2010 at 10:51am
"I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly." - Winston Churchill

The sun is hiding behind the clouds, and the rain is pouring hard on your windshield. The radio is on, and one of your songs is playing in the background, but it's a tad fuzzy. You have on your killer heels, skull ring, hair poof, heart shaped sun glasses, and a pair of black Dr. Dre Solo beats in the seat next to you along with some cash and one of your killer weapons. You take a stop in a busy city, where the lights are shining, fashion in every corner, and those street workers trying to make a couple bucks to support themselves. You have on your beats headphones, minding your own business and as you stroll down the sidewalks of the crowded city, you walk pass a dark alley. You see violence, you see hate, you feel their fear, however, you do nothing, as you are only an observer, not a contributor. You keep walking on, as if nothing had happen. You see a homeless man, begging for spare change, you take a glance, and keep walking. The sun is going down and night is approaching, so you go to your closest pay phone. You make a quick phone call, but no one answers, you leave a voicemail. You hang up the phone slowly, and as you do, you hear a scream, you see a boyfriend beating up his prize possession. His woman... you pull out your most dangerous weapon, you approach him from behind slowly, you grip onto your weapon, and everything goes black. You hear police sirens, you kiss the man with your bright red lips, you smile to his woman, and you say "I hurt him, not his heart, as it appears to be missing." and you take off quickly.

Your music begins, and you are back on the bright lit city streets, looking for what you came for.

Love Kills, xx
To be continued...
Comment by Dayvon on July 17, 2010 at 9:55pm
“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.”- David Bowie

Suddenly you see a bright light. The next shot is of a man sitting on a tattered chair in a bright plain room. His face is dirty and a handkerchief in his mouth to prevent him of screaming. He then looks around scared. Next shot. Is of frying bacon in a pan. Then we see Natalia’s face (her frying the bacon) her face monotone as usual. In the background the man still looking around confused. Kills then turns around and we see a full shot of the room. There is a long table (the man sitting at the end) and on both sides, life size children dolls (sitting in chairs) both dirty, torn, and stitched up. She then walks over to him seeding down the plate of bacon (Natalia in a gothic version of a 40’s “happy homemaker” outfit). Then we see a shot of bugs crawling threw the bacon. The man looks up confused. She then picks up some of the bacon with a sharp barbecue spatula. And says, “Here comes the chew chew train”. And she jolts it in his direction. The screen goes black and u here him scream. The same man suddenly wakes up in his bed screaming. He then rubs his head realizing it was a dram. You then see him in his bathroom, quickly splashing water in his face. He then slowly looks up in the mirror, and he suddenly sees Natalia Kills behind him threw the glass. He then immediately looks behind him to see nothing there. Then he hears a window crash in his house. He then quickly runs to a phone to call the police. (Not hearing a dial tone) he swiftly runs to a closet shuts the door. After a few seconds of silence, He heres Natalia singing a slow lullaby version of “Activate my Heart”. She slowly walks down the hallway dragging a metal ball connected to a chain long chain. He watches her from a crack in the closet door (seeing a strip of light on his face). And as you here Natalia slowly come to the end of the song you see the light coming from out side the door slowly disappear from the mans scared face. And then the seen ends with the sound of a large boom.

Note: I thought it would be interesting to see Natalia Kills threw the eyes of her victim for once
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 8:00pm
Cut to love, kills logo followed by this quote

''“The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.” - Eugene Delacroix

Ther scene shows kills standing at a mini golf green at night. With a golf club swung over her shoulder, she smiles slightly. The camera then shows a man, tied to a windmill going round and round. Music starts, as kills can be seen placing a golf ball on the green, getting ready to hit. She smiles and says ''Come on Kills... its all or nothing'' She steadies her swing, before hitting the ball. The scene cuts to black, and we can hear a man scream. "lets make this a h*** in one she says'' as she swings again as we hear a scream as it cuts to black. the process is repeated a few more times. The scene then cuts to kills, placing the golf club up to her mouth, blowing on it as if it were a gun. ''Perfect'' She says, as she smiles. She walks over to the man, unhooks him from the windmill. ''And a h*** in one it is'' She says, raising the club above her head. Right before it hits his head, the scene cuts to black.
Comment by emiliano Luna on July 17, 2010 at 7:23pm
Cut to kills logo, then the following quote

''You can only run for so long, before you realize what you were running from was yourself'' - Unknown

As a black screen is displayed, we hear a heart beating slow, slowly getting faster. Once it reaches an impossibly fast speed, the scene cuts to kills running down a flight of stairs. Cut to black, we then see a man running down a flight of stairs. The scene cuts to black once again, and when it comes back we see that kills is being chased by the man. Kills bursts through a door at the end of flight of stairs, only to find she is still on the 12th floor. In a hurry, she dashes into an open elevator and presses the 1st floor button. The doors close in just enough time for kills to blow a kiss at her pursuer. The scene flashes from black to the main scene as we hear kills heart beat fast as she anxiously stares at the elevator lights. Nearing the first floor, the elevator stops suddenly. The doors don't open though, and the scene cuts to kills and a man sitting at a table in a restaurunt. "Can i trust you with a secret?''Kills says. The scene then changes back to the elevator as the doors slowly open, but instead of her assailant as expected, she sees herself. The scene cuts to black, as we hear the words ''Can i trust you with a secret?'' Repeated.


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