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    After discovering Chairlift, I know I'm late!, through Virgin Media's Rock playlist on the telly I decided to go onto spotify  and have a listen to some of their other songs. (I posted about their latest single, see my blog!) 'Bruises' definitely stands out the most for me, it sounds very different to 'Amanaemonesia' as it's slightly slower and more...relaxing I'd say. It's definitely softer and even the singers vocals sound different, you get to hear more from the male's vocals also which is good because he is very good!

  I did some research and it turns out the song was actually on an Ipod advert which explains why I definitely recognised it! It's a great indie-pop song (did I make that genre up or...haha!) which is dangerously catchy....Although i am yet to find out what the song's about, I have heard very disturbing things..

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