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So this time last year, I had been named as the Brit's Critics choice award winner. I guess the Brits are the closest thing to the Grammys? Definitely a British version. At that point I had released a video for Under the Sheets (here it is), on a small release with Neon Gold Records, I had done some small little shows, mainly acoustic, and a few photo shoots here and there. So I was shocked to have been given something so big. I remember doing a strange shoot for Vogue with a few of my friends, including Marina and the Diamonds, and everything I wore just looked bad, and I suddenly felt a horrible, dark feeling come over me in my gut as though something was telling me I wasn't supposed to be there and I felt terribly insecure. That's why when I heard the news of winning I collapsed in a heap on the floor crying because I knew my life was about to change, and I had worked so hard. It epitomised at the time how I felt about fashion and music. Fashion was a by product of what I was about to become but my voice and my songs alone had become recognised, and inside I was beaming. Of course now I adore fashion, but it was only after I concentrated on being a musician first and strengthening myself as a performer. Felt like it has been a year of progress.. nothing is ever complete or accomplished.


       Got nominated for two Brits, which is awesome... I think the artists in the category for Breakthrough would be in my dream show (XX,tinie, Mumford and Sons) So am happy to be in a category with these artists.  Also got Best Female! I am a female after all! In fact, would love it if you could vote for me here in the Best Breakthrough!


Very happy for Jessie for winning this years Critics Choice. About time for her to have her year. Her voice continues to astound me, and not only that, she is a strong, intelligent and hilarous person.. I had the pleasure of a TV night in with the girl recently. She is a perfect ambassador for British talent. Hope she has the year she deserves.


I have had the bloody showbiz life this week, spending time at Film studios. Pinewood to Shepperton. Rumours going around I'm the next Bond Girl. I wish! Can you imagine? I would love to do a TV one liner role though- but only if Julia Davies is in it. One of Britain's best comedy actresses. America, find "Nighty Night" on Amazon or something, pure genius!


Pinewood was to record a song for a film, which premieres soon at Sundance Festival. The film is called "Life in a Day" and it blew me away. Made up of footage from Youtube. One of the most emotionally loaded things I have seen- its a rollercoaster. You walk out wondering if you've ever really lived. So I am so, so proud to be part of it. Here is a link to the trailer and a picture of me in the booth:



Lastly, I recorded Your Song for "Dancing on Ice" at Shepperton. I got to swing on the worlds biggest swing, wear a Paris imported Grecian Dress, and hang out with Torvill and Dean, skating legends. Oh, and the whole audience saw my a**. The dress was lacking material at the back... No one seemed to mind though!

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Comment by Kate Peck on February 6, 2011 at 11:39am

You are my inspiration. I love you so much.

I am so thankful for your music, you have such talent.

Comment by Katie Prime on February 6, 2011 at 4:00am

lol that's quite funny actually. I saw you on Dancing on Ice, you're so pretty.

Hope you win another Brit, you deserve it, and is Life in a Day going to come out in England? It sounds good.

xxxxxxxxxx =P

Comment by Ashley on January 21, 2011 at 5:44am
Stupid excited for your release here in the States. =)
Comment by Saranda Sadiku on January 21, 2011 at 3:57am

I Love You <333

i love when you sing your song<3333 it dosent matter what you wear you are wonderful:)<33

Comment by lamedescription much on January 20, 2011 at 4:39am


BTW, I heard remixes in your website and I really liked the Wish I Stayed and Starry Eyed remixes. Can I know what the names are? :D

Comment by Emma Wilson on January 19, 2011 at 8:44pm

You know what it's so good that you have started this blog. I love that you share your thoughta, opinions, feelings and endevours with us *your fans* personally. I feel I can really connect with you this way. I'm so happy you won that Brit's Critics Choice award. I've been waiting for someone like you to hit the mainstream and possibly break it and turn it into something worthwhile caring about, I care about music so much and I don't believe it's appreciated as much as it should be. No originality, no versitility, no meaning. Nothing to make me feel, nothing to inspire me, nothing to help me through a rough day. Then you came along and demonstrated your talent, your music, your voice. To me British music was nothing before you came along. I took to your music like a moth to a flame. It was like instinct, so natural. You brought me to life again Ellie. You made me feel like there was hope again for the British music industry. It was dull, boring, tedious, repetitive, empty and completely scarce,of any originality what so ever, You changed that for me Ellie. I live in the UK and I have never bothered to buy an album by any British female artist, But I had to have yours. I didn't know what to expect other then what I had heard of you already and that was just Guns and Horses which is so amazing. I just had this gut feeling that this was something worthwhile hearing. I went with my heart. I bought it and I am so ever glad I did:)


I always say the song matters more than the singer but it was your voice that pulled me in closer, that made me want to reach for more, Your unique and beautiful voice captivated me. Sure your not the strongest singer around but you are an original one and that's what stuck out about you to me. Your uniqueness, your style, You're not a bad song writer either. You know what you wanna write about and your honest with your music. You have your own way of doing everything. Everything about you is so... Ellie! I can't compare you to anyone else because your incomparable, So different with the way you sing, write as an artist. That's what was missing from music the most. The ability to be ones self and not any other, The ability to be ORIGINAL. You are a talent like no other Ellie and I hope that never changes. If anyone tries to change you, be it your record label, your boyfriend, your family, your friends or even your fans. Do NOT let them. Always be you Ellie Goulding. That's what I love abour you.


You really open out to us in these blogs of yours. Maybe you should write a book, a biography of sorts. I just want to say thankyou for caring about your fans so much to let us into your incredible, creative mind. Keep it coming. We wanna know about everything. Whatever your willing to tell us, we'll be here always. I'm sure you'll win plenty more awards. Not just the Brits. The Americans too. Eventually you will take the whole world by storm. I just know it because you are exactly what is needed to save this forever falling music industry. You cannot fail. Music needs you!!!



Comment by Emily Monaghan on January 19, 2011 at 1:57pm
Haha look at you with the American lingo it's not your "a**" is your "arse" love! Loving these blogs though. I have everything crossed for you to win another Brit, you really do deserve it. <3 xx
Comment by LilyHunter on January 19, 2011 at 11:46am

All the EllieFans are so proud of you! You are amazing, and each of us love you so much..!

Welll Donee Beautifull x

Comment by Emily Schoenlein on January 19, 2011 at 11:22am

Thanks for the new blog, Ellie! It's so awesome that you've been nominated again for the Brits- I'm sure you'll win. ;) And I'm really happy to see you mention Marina and the Diamonds, and that you two are friends. That's so cute; I love the both of you so much! <3


You are so generous and down-to-earth to share your thoughts with us. I love reading your blog, and can't wait until the next installment! Thanks again so much! :D

Comment by lois bartle on January 19, 2011 at 11:04am
ellie you are the most amazing girl in britain ok <3 your voice,looks,personality is stunning and you desserve to win any award your nominated for ok you got that just remember that im a 12 year old girl from wales who belives in you ♥♥ x


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