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Brightest Young Things Review of We Are Serenades

Sometimes I just don't understand how Sweden can churn out such good pop music relative to their size. Did you know that 21.8 Swedens could fit in the US? They boast the likes of Robyn, Jens Lekman, The Knife, Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn, & John. We've got... "Yung Joc" and "Train."

Well, time to flirt with throwing a new band into the pool of Great Swedish Indie Acts. We Are Serenades are a duo of singer-Swede-songwriters, playing Monday May 7 at the Black Cat, that manage to make some big, magisterial arrangements using reverb laden vocal harmonies and bouyant, bombastic pop arrangements. Their album Criminal Heaven sounds like pure springtime. You can hear the f**king flowers bloom all bright and full of life. It's like putting your ear up to an exotic red flower, like the roaring sea in a conch shell, and listening to mother nature make pop music while bees nuzzle in your ear and make honey but it doesn't give you an infection because it's magic honey from Sweden.

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