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The boys of BRAVO Neox have returned! You can't miss it! We make a surprise exam of physics and chemestry to the boys, will they pass?, we will also discover how the brothers of Tokio Hotel get along backstage, and we ended up asking the people in the street the urban tribes that are in fashion, do you sign up? .

Starts @ 4:43

Quote: aniinhas said

2009,june 01-BRAVONeox(Spain)-Bill Toms relationship

Translation by me. Sorry some mistake <3
H: Deep inside they love each other, they are as brothers. What happens is that they like to joke with each other off and on. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel are really look-a-like. Watch this video and see how I've reason.

-Bill and Tom, the brothers from Tokio Hotel have a totally different look, they are as morning and night and they still twins. They know each other so weel that they are always joking.
Bill: Look how beautiful I am! Is incredible!
Tom: If you know how to sing it would be true...

- There's always a reason to make jokes and have some good laughs. If Tom is all about conquests, there is Bill to make it not so hard. Listen...
Bill: The truth is that Tom is really conservative (shy).
Tom: Yes, I learned to plan everything. In the kindergarten with sic years old I had to plan all my dates with the girls because all them wanted to have a date with me. And since that time I've to plan all my life.
Bill: Despite everything you're insecure... You're a coward, a boring person.
Tom: That thing of "being boring" was cool...

- Do your remember this part of their performance in Munich? This was the Monsoon that they planned and a reason of discussion.
Tom: I had the rain idea in the show... How you laugh so much... It was mine!
Tom: It came from my mind... It was mine!

- Well, let them be there arguing, it seems that this will get worse. This is brother's love.

Thanx to LoveBill

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