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Bravo (DE) - Bill and Tom speak exclusively to Bravo!

Tom and Bill have talked about all these incidents have been taking place and to be spoken in the last two weeks. Bill says "We're almost used to this type of situation, of being pursued and that, but when our family is attacked the limit is exceeded! They must think this is fun." Article talks about what happened in the fuel pump and says that the stalkers have even fans to attack them, to which Bill replied "I also heard that. I do not even know what goes in the head of the persecutors. But somebody should stop them. "
It also asked if they are upset or angry with their fans, Tom answered the Bravo "Of course not."

Says they should be in Los Angeles with her producer David Jost (36) to finish the parts for guitar and voice. Only when the police bring the stalkers are not closer to banda and their families is that the band will fly to the United States to work on their third album. The lawyer of stalkers has maintained contact with the lawyer of Bill and Tom agrees with this and not let the girls away from the band or their families. David Jost: "According to my sources, the lawyer of stalkers is only now just with a girl."

Bravo information: in fact, the album should appear in spring. But unfortunately, its publication was postponed until the summer (invented in Brazil). The name of this is not decided yet

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