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Tchh, the Trend Antivirus on my laptop is f*****. I dunno why, prolly because I'm f****** awful with the computer. I think I messed it up ._.
Oh well, I love my laptop to death. I covered the front of it with band stickers :D
Mm, school's a douche.
So are the teachers and the kids there. Who else wants to go Columbine on people's a****? I'm just a little bit f***** up in that strange way.
Bill's dread locks are pretty cute.
Tom's black cornrows however...
I just like him with blonde dreads better.
I also like it when Bill has his long, black hair just naturally down.
Mm, Georg is now more fit and Gustav has taken on emo glasses.
So f****** great.
I'm obsessed xD But I don't want to be a fangirl. NONONO, my dears. I'm better than that.
I keep my panties ON, thankyouverymuch.
Maybe :)
Who could resist the Germans?
Currently in love with:
-Single Millionaires
-Curly Fries
-Drawing anatomy
-Venom energy drink
-Finding a new hairstyle for when I go to China
-Finishing homework so the Math Hag won't bust her balls screaming at my class.
-Taking more pictures for the Tokio Hotel makeup thing

I really want that duffel bag. F*** the gift card, i want that bag

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