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Blakes point of view.

I skipped around my room piling clothes into suit cases, knowing almost everything had to go with me. Two suit cases of different clothes and a whole suit case dedicated to hair
and make up. I packed my clothes in no order, since from day to day I decided
what gender I would be. Today I was a boy, like I was most often, but who knows
tomorrow I could be in frilly dresses and a ringlet wig.

I went into the bathroom spiking the back of my platinum hair like a 80’s glam rock band. I straitened the front of my purple bags, and like always I left smelling like hairspray. I
quickly did my make up then jetted out the door. I got a ride to the train
station (since I don’t like airplanes)from my mom almost a hour early. I don’t
like being late, but don’t mind being early. I waited at my bay pulling out my
binder full of my German homework. Since my school was small it didn’t offer
German, only Spanish, so I taught my self in my free time.

When my train arrived I got on saying my good byes to my sweet, sweet Oregon. I found my seat quickly noticing I was sitting near a woman. Through out the ride we talked about various things
and played a bunch of card games. The train ride was very long, over 16 hours.
I didn’t mind, since I took the same trip by car a few summers ago to go see my
favorite band play in concert for there first time in America.

When I arrived at the gates a taxi was waiting for me, set up by my very protective mother, this taxi was my way to camp. The car ride wasn’t very long, not compared to the train
ride at least. But I remembered my bored legs wanting to arrive and move and
run and tackle everyone I knew. ‘I cant wait’ I thought.

When I arrived at the camp I immediately saw my friend from Oregon, Jumbie. I screamed at her “TOUCH MY BASKETBALL” getting odd looks from various
staff. Me and Jumbie hugged and like usual I wouldn’t let go of her arm. Then I
heard a voice, it was obviously foreign. I looked over seeing D, one of my many
obsessions. I told D, when ever I saw him I would plant my revenge, and
probably tackle him. I knew at this point id spend most of my time trying to
take my revenge. But I stood there latched on to Jumbie trying my hardest not
to tackle him, but for some reason my gigglish fan crazed self wouldn’t allow

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