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"Woo back on tour!" Bill cheered happily jumping around the living area of the hotel room.
"Cool but go back to sleep," Georg told him sighing as he walked in from the bedroom, "It's 3am."
"But I'm not tirrreed!" Whimpered Bill bouncing up and down like an overly happy puppy.
Georg sighed, "Go to bed! I'm older then you! so go!" He ordered trying to be stern as possible while pointing towards the bedroom.
"Noooooo!!" shreiked shrilly Bill making Georg cover his ears with his hands, "If you older then me I should be able to act immaturely!" Bill decided throwing a cushion at Georg laughing madly.
"Oh god," Georg sighed knowing this would either be a long day or just plain mad.
"Look blame Tom," Bill sighed over dramatically sighing, "He gave me coffee!" Georg's eyes widened breifly before he went of to find the so called Twin and beat him up with a big stick as Gustav walked into the room. "Hehe," Giggled Bill happily as he spotted Gustav whos eyes were wide with a sort of fear at the overly hyper Bill. "We has an interveiw later!"
"Tonight?" Gustav asked him walking further into the room so he was next to Bill.
"No at like nine so.... six hours from now!" Bill told him jumping up and down again and almost hitting Gustav in the eye . Gustav went to find Georg and grabbed the stick of him then proceeding to beat Bill with it. "OWEEEEE!" shreiked Bill half dramatically half actual pain, "HE'S HURTING ME!"
"NOOOO!" shouted Tom running in from the balcony where he had been trying to get signal on his mobile, "Not my baby borther!" He glared at Gustav pulling Bill into his arms to protect him.
"Owweee," muttered Bill angrily, "STICKS HURT BAD GUSTAV!" he shrieked in Gustavs direction who looked like he was actually trying not to laugh,
"Oh go to bed you," Georg sighed walking into the room running a hand through his hair lookign exhausted, "I don't want to get bags and have unruly hair!"
"And?" Bill asked giggling, "I won't!" He pointed out happily.
"Well I care about my h.."He started but stopped short when Bill collapsed snoring onto the carpet, "okay..WHAT THE HECK!" but all he got fromBill was a snore so he went back to bed along with the others leavign Bill on the floor snoring his head of.
Three hours later the others woke up and got ready to leave, but Bill was still fast asleep on the floor. "BILLL!" shouted Georg right In bills ear to wake him up.
"Piss of," Muttered Bill covering hos ears against the shrill shouting, "I'm tired and I don't feel well."
"You shouldn't have drunk all that coffee," Chided Georg in a motherly way before sitting on the sofa and turning the tv on to a random cartoon channel.
"I feel sickyyyy," Complained Bill as he sat up and turned several shades of green and coughed a few times.
"Oh noes," Tom all but shreiked as he hugged Bill again, "Now I have to stay with you Billa!" He decided firmly as Bill turned a deeper shade of green and Georg rolled his eyes at the plain stupidity of the whole situation seeing as it wasn't like this hadn't happened once before, or twice for that matter. Then Bill ran of to the bathroom with his hands over his mouth and emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet.
"Don't turn funny colours Billa!" Called Tom worridly. A few minutes later Bill came back out the bathroom and layed down in the middle of the living room area with his eyes closed still looking sick as hell. "Poor Billa!" Crooned Tom sitting beside him, "What do you need?"
"A drink," Sniffed Bill curling up on the floor slightly closing his eyes, "and sleep."
"Okay," sighed Tom Looking worried as he called out behind him, "Georg get Billa a drink!" Earning him a sigh and a glare from the said person.

Half an hour later their manager david arrived to see the boys and was greeted by a curled up slightly green sleepinhg Bill and a worried looking Tom who was trapped under one of Bills arms. "Bill's sick David," Sighed Georg as he walked over to them while he brushed his hair yet again.
"Oh," Sighed David the scene before him suddenly making a hell of a lot more sense then it did a minute ago.
"He's also pinned Tom to the ground and is asleep, he had a coffee rush last night," Explained Georg, "And now hes been sick."
"You mean like he was last tour?" David asked looking down at Tom who was looking up at David frowning.
Tom nodded before carefully sitting up and pulling a sad face, "the poor fans!"
"Er how about poor Bill?" Muttered Bill opening one eye to glare at Tom from his curled up position on the floor.
Tom wrapped an arm around Bill and kissed his cheek, "yes Poor Billa, but the fans watsed their money," He pointed out to Bill who just pouted sulking.
"Come opn guys!" David said clapping his hands to get their attention, "Interveiw time,, Bill just try your best okay?" Bill nodded still half sulking, "If you get to sick just tell one of the others and we'll cut the interveiw short."
"Yeah and don't throw up again eh?" Georg told him hugging gustav who had just walked into the room, "Lets go gustie!" He grinned at the short man and wrapping an arm around his shoulder they left for the interveiw.

When they go to the interveiw it was a simplely decorated living room style room with a long creme coloured sofa on oneside of a glass coffee table and a brown leather arm chair on the other which sitting on it was the interveiwer, who was a blonde in her forties that had a massivly fake plastic smile on her face that said "I hate you guys but the camera needs to think i love you." They all sat down on the long creme sofa bearing themselves for the interveiw ahead, or in Bills case just trying not to throw up again. As the camera started rolling and the interveiwers grin got faker and faker the guys couldnt help but wander if they'd need earplugs after this interveiw or not.
"Hello Guys!" The interveiwer grinned in a overly happy voice.
"Hi," Mumbled Bill as the others said Hello as well though slightly louder then him.
"How are you all?" She grinned madly and as loud as she possibly could at each of them then back at the paper on her lap obvisly just following a script because she didn't really care how they were at all.
"god, we're right here no need to yell," Groaned Georg rolling his eyes earning himself a dirty look from her and a look of relief from the others, especially Bill, but the relief was short lived.
"This is my show, I can yell if I want!" she told Georg in somehow an even louder and squeekier voice then continueing with the inerveiw scripted questions.

About forty minutes later the interveiwers squeeky was had given them all headaches already and Bill had turned an odd shade of green. "Throw up on her shoes Bill," Tom suggested to his brother gesturing at the interveiwers bright pink leather boots. Bill groaned hanging his head a bit which seemed to break the interveiwer out of her fake happy land and she looked at him with a look of disgust.
"Are you sick??" She asked Bill in her squeeky voice as she backed up a little, "Im a germaphobe!"
"Yeah, " groaned Bill as he turned a darker shade of green.
"Please Bill, just throw up on her!" egged Tom who had had enough of the interweiwer and had decided it was time for payback.
"I feel like Im gonna," admitted bill retching slightly.
"Go ahead," Snorted georg as gustav nodded, "She's a b****!" No sooner had he said that then Bill had emptied the contents of his stomach everywhere including, much to Toms happiness, all over the bright pink boots.
"EWWWWWWWWWW!" shreiked The interveiwer jumping up and as far away as she could from Bill and the sick in the small room, "GET HIM OF MY SHOW!" she demanded
"I'm going," muttered Bill wiping his mouth and headign to the door followed by the others.
As they were about to leave Tom couldnt help but make one last comment, "You know something," He said to her.
"What?" she asked glaring at him angriliy.
"Your boots are dirty," He smirked happily and walked of with the others and was glad to hear a smash as something hard was thrown at a wall in anger.

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