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He's my DREAM BOY . i wanna spend the rest of my life with him. but, he doesn't even know that i exist. I don't love him just because of
his physical appearance or his looks , but also, of what he is and his point of view when it comes to LOVE.
when i first saw him , i began to LIKE him . so i wanna know more about him . and when I already know more of him,
that's when i started to LOVE him .

How can i tell you that I LOVE YOU , if I'm not the ONLY ONE whose truly , madly crazy IN LOVE with you ?.
Every time i think of you , BUTTERFLIES in my stomach is somewhat dancing and giggling . I DON'T KNOW WHY.

I don't LIKE him , I LOVE him . I don't wanna wake up when in my DREAMS , we're MEANT FOR EACH OTHER.
Sometimes I wonder what will happen, if I'll wake up and found out that SOMEONE has already TAKEN the place
in your life EVRY GIRL has been DREAMING OF ? .

Before, I believe in the phrase " NOBODY IS PERFECT " but after knowing you , I now prefer the phrase

Until now, I'm still Hoping that one day , I'll be the ONLY person who will KISS you , HUG you, TOUCH you
and the one who YOU will share your LIFE with.

I envy girls that has given the chance to SEE you . TOUCH you and HOLD you even just for a while.
because for that little moment they have MY WHOLE WORLD right in front of them .

Every LOVE SONG make my HEART MELT . because EVERY LOVE SONG reminds me of YOU .

I want to SEE you. HUG you , TOUCH you . but , I'm AFRAID that you'll just IGNORE me . and think of me as
just a FAN .

If TRUTH hurts . what more can a LIE do ? . if having you is just a DREAM . i don't wanna WAKE UP.

" if LOVING you is like BREATHING , how can i stop ? "

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