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This is by far one of the hottest photoshoots ever. EVER. In the history of mankind. But first, the article and small interview. "Office worker? I would perish" is the headline on the Stern website.

He's the biggest teen star in Germany, feels like this country away in the Big Brother house and will not yet: Bill Kaulitz. The new star of the Tokio Hotel singer talks about fears, his great desire - and Angela Merkel.

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz is afraid of assassination. In the new edition of the phenomenal on Thursday the 20-year-old star admits that it had already given situations, which had "bodyguards pull on the red carpet men who stood with a knife and had disguised himself as a fan." Without bodyguards, he would never leave the house. "Attacks?" I do believe that something could happen to me," said Bill Kaulitz to Stern. A normal life is no longer possible for him. "Germany is for us something like a giant Big Brother House. Always watching us the people." Nevertheless, the native of Magdeburg do not want to leave his residence Hamburg. "Here, my family lives here, my home. I could not bring myself to turn back on Germany."

The pop star, who is currently on a European tour with his band, is adored by millions of female fans around the world, but is still single. "This is the big gap in my life. Since I was 14, I was no longer in love," says the Tokio Hotel singer. "I am looking for a girl with whom I share a spiritual kinship." Groupie sex disgusted him against it. The constant rumors about his alleged homosexuality, it would now be surprised and amused. "The people must be bored but slowly to death."

The Chancellor has Kaulitz loyalty. "Yes, I like Angela Merkel a lot," he confesses in the Stern. He still had a "very great confidence in them," even though she was recently criticized "quite often been". Kaulitz: "I believe in them."


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