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I try to understand what makes me love you so much. Every time you try to forget you, I learned that it is impossible to live without you. But you were never here, but my heart was in my mind. In my dreams I see you, I feel you. My only desire is to be able to hug you. No one, ever understand what that means, just tetam turn into obstacles. And these obstacles, hurt me, but I do not give up. When the sun is setting, and the darkness falls under the ground, try to ignore his image fading that will, over the course of hours. You are in everything I do, I see and what I feel. I'm killing my own life to live his. A life wandering in the rain, searching for eternity in a smile. I'll never be good enough for you, you'll never in my arms, solitude is everything I have. Sometimes, I try to think of something to make me feel special to you, but even so, I have. Its shadow, I try to follow, when the sun goes down. But I lost in the darkness, and you lose with every breath. I scribble the wall of my room with chalk, then I write his name. But everything ends, because the next morning, someone goes out. 24 hours a day, I spend 12 hours, thinking of you, 9 hours, fighting for you and 3 hours, planning our future. A future that did not exist. When I start to write, try not to focus my thoughts in his eyes, because whenever this happens, I realize I am writing a love letter. How many sheets of notebook paper, I scratched with our initials. How the media have not tried to use to tell you what I feel. But unfortunately, none of the right. You'll never know a feeling like mine can change everything. I'll never know the taste of your kiss, nor the sense of touch. Only pain that destroys my heart. Words can not prove anything, but you know the truth to me.

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