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If you have a girlfriend. "Georg from Tokio Hotel is from fixed to a girl"
We hope to have the fans of the successful band Tokio Hotel ready for this message: Georg Listing (22), has been captured. Since half of a bearish year settled down, as has been confirmed.

"Yes, I have a girlfriend," admitted the young star in the youth magazine "Bravo". "I met her while celebrating in Magdeburg, and now seems to be the great love."
Half year has been the bassist in the hands of the girl, as is now confirmed.

The name of his girlfriend, George does not want to say: "She is not known and does not want to be."

Lately the band had been in the headlines because of an injury to the head of his drummer Gustav.
The boy aged 20 was hit in the head in a nightclub in Magdeburg. He must have one to two centimeters long wound that was treated in hospital.

In April there were problems with the four youths. At a gas station in Hamburg came to blows one of twenty-one and guitarist Tom Kaulitz. (19)
She accused Tom of having beaten after she tried to snap a picture.

After the incident became known that the four boys from Tokio Hotel and their families had been harassed and hounded by fans for a while. Group members and their families had to constantly relocate.

In October finally be back in the music: With its third studio album 'Humanoid'

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