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This interview happened in August 2006. Thank you to nicoletagenoveva for finding it and to HiKatieB for finding the translation
“377 days ago Tokio Hotel released their debut single “Durch den Monsun”. In between Bill (16), Tom (16), Gustav (17) and Georg (19) became the most successful pop band in Germany—and since Friday are ready with their fourth single “Der Letzte Tag”. BILD met the hit-quartet auf Sylt (island) for an exclusive shoot—and for talk on the dunes the four were up like sand fleas.”
Tom: We have sand everywhere- even in the tiniest cracks.
So would be the life on a lonely south sea island…
Georg: I could imagine a life in a Robinson Crusoe hut.
Tom: With out electricity and such?
Georg: Hmm… right. I would need a TV.
Who or what would you take on a lonely island?
Georg: Do twins count as one?
Tom: If I had the choice between a person or something material, I would rather take a person—that converses more than every television!
Bill: I would of course take my brother!
Tom: I would too, of course!
Would you take yourselves as a band?
Gustav: If I knew that I would come back, than I’d rather not!
If you were all four stranded together, who would undertake what tasks?
Georg: Gustav would worry about the fire, I would…
Tom: And I would…
Stop! Why should Gustav make the fire?
Gustav: Well, because first off, I am the only one who can do everything!
Georg: Gustav always has a little pocket knife with him.
Tom: Gustav is a little Robinson Crusoe, he is handy.
Gustav: That is correct!
Tom: … and he’s the only “Draußi” in the band. The rest of us don’t really like nature.
Gustav: Tom would be responsible for the lighthouse.
Tom: I don’t need a lighthouse—I am the sun substitute!
Gustav: Tom is simply out—and we all tan!
Bill: I’m not good for anything, and am definitely not handy.
Gustav: Bill can tend to the flowers.
On the island there is no McDonalds…
Bill: Maybe I would cook.
Gustav: You and cooking? Oh God…
Georg: Gustav and I would definitely build a raft with sails.
Gustav: … out of random stuff.
Georg: Gustav would be the hunter and us three the collectors. We would make the plan, and Gustav would see it through.
And as an experienced hiker Gustav could mime a scout!
Gustav: Actually, that’s a good idea, but because of my short sightedness I can’t see far. Do I need to take my glass to the island.
Bill: I would like to have the others serve me, it’s like that in everyday life—the others always carry my luggage.
Are you a little diva, Bill?
Georg: I wouldn’t say diva, but the word egotistical fits well!
Bill: Yes, I am very egotistical—that’s been so the last 6 years. The guys always have to get their stuff up on stage and put it together, I don’t know how to cable anything together!
Georg: You only walk around with you little microphone bag…
Bill: I never helped, I was always too lazy. I am happy that I always have my vocal cords with me and don’t need to bring anything else.
While the others are setting up, did you do your nails and style your self?
Bill: No, that was all already done, I sat and had something to drink.
And that never bothered you all?
(all talk wildly)
Gustav: If Bill touched my drums, I’d be really angry.
Bill: That was always nice of Gustav, the others always got annoyed.
Georg: Bill has the easiest job!
Bill: That’s so not true! You don’t have anything to do on stage.
Georg: No, ok, that’s true…
In September there are 3 birthdays: Bill and Tom will be 17, Gustav will be 18— how are you celebrating?
Bill: Tom and I kept our birthday free.
Tom: But 17 isn’t anything important, 16 is great, so is 18.
Bill: 17 isn’t nothing, but it isn’t anything great either.
Tom: Nothing new happens then. At 16 you get your ID, at 18 you can drive a car.
Now one can get their drivers license already at 17!
Tom: Yes, but you can only drive with your parents!
Georg: And only in certain provinces- in Sachsen-Anhalt that’s forbidden!
Bill: Tom and I want to start our drivers licenses so that we can drive away exactly on our 18th birthday!
And how are you celebrating reaching adulthood, Gustav?
Gustav: I’m starting my drivers course soon, but I think that number 18 is over valued. One is only a year older.

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