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Before 7th hour today my brother pulled me aside and showed me a text from my dad. It said that my grandpa died. I thought my brother was being an a** so I went to my 7th hour and asked to use the phone to call my dad. He said yes and I called his cell phone to see if it was true. It was. T__T If you follow me on Twitter then you would already be aware of this an hour ago or so before this. I cried during the whole 7th hour. What shocked me was that no one said anything except a friend of mine. The class is mainly full of douche bags anyway. My friend kept asking me if I should go to the counseling center and I told her that I would but I couldn't afford to miss this class (Math) because I was failing it. (It's the only class that I'm failing but the rest of teh grades are good!) *sigh* I thought it would be a nice weekend. Instead of sleeping in I'm going to a funeral on Saturday. It sucks because I can't stand funerals! I cry all the time and the last funeral I went to was September of last year which was for my aunt and I was haunted with sadness. This however might be even worse...

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