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Duuuude!! Being an independent (and very determined) artist ain't easy!! It's not so much the workload that is difficult, it's how time-consuming it is to do what some people may call viral marketing. When you don't have a label behind you, it takes a lot of time to try to get your music and face out there.
But I'm not complaining! I just started blogging my experiences as an independent artist (hopefully) soon-to-be signed or known. If anything for my own sanity, so I can keep track of all the stuff I'm doing and also to perhaps help out other singers out there who would like to get started but aren't sure quite how to.
Well now I'm spreading my music thru: facebook, myspace, reverbnation, sellaband, various online music blogs and now Cherrytree. (I think I remembered them all..)
I made my 1st music video in Danish (I live in Denmark) so I decided to first go local. So far so good! Hits on youtube are going steadily up!
Now I'm playing around with my macs iMovie program and will most likely upload of homemade videos of mine to youtube as a promo. Don't underestimate the quality and potential of such a tool! Plus practise makes perfect =)
Today I'm going to finish off my upcoming single which I will be releasing and selling on iTunes and other music outlets in the near future. That is the next step in my learning process. I'll keep you posted!

Much love

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