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Once I was told that life was sad, I said sorry, no life is not just sad she has not found your happiness!
I was told that life is not fair, I said: Just, it is so, because there's that old saying "TENQUE PRA POWER PLANT SCOOP." Many wait for free things, that pension will fall from her!
Now I tell myself that life is bad?!
I asked why life is bad? Knows what to say to me?!
Because sometimes time passes and you do not do anything in life, your life in your mind like a replay of everything you've done and you feel that never won anything, and when he realizes but no longer has time.

We always live your Today intentions but possible, because he just sits back and in the memory!
Live today like it was my last day of your life, do not let life steal what little you still have in this world because this world and only a journey and we do not samos ETERNAL.

'MY TEXT Altor'

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