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What can i say.. I LOVE THIS SONG! It's sooo brilliantly done and i can here this song over and over again without getting tired of it (you can't it's impossible). I think the song is so full of energy and it makes me happy to listen to or even just thinking of it gives me a big smile on my face :D It gives me goosebumps when im thinking about how it's going to sound at the LIVE concerts when all fans are screaming the song with Bill and the boys are rocking at the stage! im sure that it's going to be an experience there would stay in my mind for the rest of my life.. I have never heard or seen them in real life before so i can't wait to it's going to happend(some day it would)! ^^

- Is there any of you out there who has been to one of their concerts before? im verry curious and i would really like to know how it is? so if you like to then please comment on my blog and tell me about your experience cause i would really like to know how it was.. ^^

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Comment by Natasha Mira Todd on November 6, 2009 at 7:42pm
hey =) I've gone to two of tokio's signings and got two of my guitars signed by them =) Ive been to one concert and there was a mini concert at one of the signings i went to and they seriously are incredible. They just know how to own a stage and have the best way of connecting with their fans. The show i went to was rather small compared to how huge their venues in europe are, so it was a great experience! Dont worry, you will see them live one day, it was one of my dreams to see them live and to meet them and it came true. If you really believe in it and want it to happen it will happen, you'll find a way =)
i also love tokio's song automatic!! i recorded, mixed, and arranged my own version and its on my channel! i would love to know what you think about it! here's the link on youtube too,
i hope you like it and rock on! =)


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