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asking for help on getting to the school of my dreams..

My name is Jennifer Underwood.
The reason I am typing this is that I am trying to get to school for the music industry and asking for anyone who can help me by a sponsorship or donation.I know you don’t have to help but I’m asking if you would. I am not saying a lot but just a little is better the nothing. I’m just asking for a little help to reaching my dreams in to what I want to be in life.

I have went though alot to get were i am and i dont like to explain my past. Just that i became what i am today and thankful for it.So now i am trying to get to college and asking anyone to help me and see my passion and drive that i have. Trying everything to get to school.
My passion and drive is never going to stop but I do need some help in the financial way. My parents and I have put everything into helping reach my dream, but it is come up short. My dream is going to a school that I am been wanting to go to for the past two years and getting in arms length of it and not grapping it, cause of money problems. Kills me and most of all is killing my parents by not being able to give there children what they need to pursue there dreams, Hurts my parents most of all. My passion that I have for the music industry is by helping people that want to get there music out for people and support them in what they do and love. Because I am one of those people that music has touched. I was shy, never talked to anyone. I would only talk to very close friends and family members. I always thought that I would never find were I belong and actually just be me. But then I got into listening to music. Then exploring all tapes of music and got more into the music and then thinking I finally found what I was missing. When I went to my first real concert with one of my friends from work and had fun. The concert was amazing and during it I was talking to some girls that were there for the same band I was and talking about them and other things. I never would of gone up to people I don’t know. But I did after that I did more as to getting more involved with street teams that help the bands as to spreading the word of there music, so by that. The music has helped me open up to people and made me truly fill like a can be myself were ever I go whither it is just walking or even just going to a concert, I have no fear of just being myself. Because I know who I am and I am not changing for nothing.
If you can help it would mean the world to me.
The school is called
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Fl
The website is

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