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ARTICLE: Ralph Siegel talks about Tokio Hotel

How good are the stars today, Mr Siegel?
What does music producer Ralph Siegel actually think about stars like Madonna and Lena?
BY CHRISTIANE HOFFMANN Hit giant Ralph Siegel, celebrates his 50th anniversary on stage and his 65th birthday tonight. BILD asked him to look at the industry pursue: How good are the music stars of today, really? Siegel on...

... Lady Gaga:

"Incredible talent paired with gigantic exhibitionism."

... Madonna:

"Greatest artist for the last 40 years. Absolute exception."

... Lena:

"Nice girl, who proves that you can win with a small voice at the Grand Prix."

... Daniela Katzenberger:

"Her SINGING? Impressive performance, that she has that double predecessor. Another Heino required for 20 years."

... Tokio Hotel:

"Crazy talented boys. Had two or three very good songs, but there is a lack of supplies. If there was a pop star on Mars - Bill Kaulitz, Mars would be the dream of every girl."

... Menowin:

"He had imbibed the tragedy from mother's infancy. If he had been developed without any lasciviousness about money, he could have been saved." *Thanks Emily Kay for the translations.*
... Dieter Bohlen:

"He started as a small composer at a publishing company. Like me. Today, he has become a star without a training judge and the highest paid man in the German legal casting TV. You have to admire him."

... His birthday wishes:

"I have three! 1. Stay healthy. 2. That my wife and I stay happy. 3. My dream is that my musical "Clown Town" would be listed on a U.S stage.

Translated by Särah K (Administrator) SOURCE

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