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Some people place to much importance on what other people think of them. To many people let others dictate what they do, say, or even look. The only true path to happiness is through our dreams but in order to realize those dreams or to follow through on them is by staying true to oneself. If you are not true to oneself then you are just a sheep and will be lead off the side of a cliff one of these days. Vanity is a weakness we all have and we all struggle with. Whether it is because we think we look good or because we think we look bad. They are both forms of vanity. One is where we primp and touch up and the other is where we look to others to tell us that we don't really look that bad. To put things bluntly we as a species are the most masicistic of all species. We do things to ourselves to please others whether or not it is painful or potentially harmful. We just have to realize to become comfortable in our own skin. I am happy with the way I am. Yes in some peoples opinion I should probably loss some weight but even if I did I would still look the same. I have broad shoulders and big hips there is nothing I can do about that. So why bother if I am healthy and happy. I am who I am. If a man or anyone for that matter can not understand that then they can go follow the rest of those sheep off the cliff. I am no sheep and I never have been. I have always been like cat. I do my own thing. Later

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