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another blog? *S****....OK...ten random thoughts

1. I just photographed NJAHS Annual Awards Banquet. I tried for the first time my 3' x 3' softbox with the Vivatar 283 flash set at manual. I brought my twist flex background, but I found I had groupings, so I put up the muslin background. Compared to my big 4x6 softbox, it's a lot more of a spot, whereas my 4x6 has a better wrap around lighting. Can't believe I almost left my lightstand. Good thing Pete called me about it.

2. I'm going to the film showing of A Moment of Time later at the Chinese Culture Center.

3. Brand Fury is closing. It really is a sad about the state of the economy we're in. All this energy and ideals that went into it. It just lost and lost money. What can you business = no business. The owe me a little for the notecards...but I am not gonna bother with it. They're in the red as it is....

4. We, JTA, helped out with the screenprinting at CCDC's Adopt an Alley's annual clean up. They did a one color t-shirt. I did the screen and Rich and Leon brought the board. CCDC bought a gallon of Aerotex Navy Blue. Jeanette cut out in the middle...I thought she was in charge.

5. The OL wants me to do all the managerials of her house.

6. I'm worried about the backstairs. Gotta fix it!

7. It looks like I will be doing one of those art in the storefronts...I just know it. better get all the paper work in on time. Not much money in it...just $500. And if I use's out of my pockets.

8. My left arthritic knee has been bothering me lately. I did the Lau Ga Kuen the other night and it was tough. Especially the twist horse.

9. Do I have a high tolerance for people that talk too much? Especially on the phone...

10. As I go through so many old photos of my own and the ones on WGUISFCT it's kinda sad to see all the RIP labels on so many people.

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